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    Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special

    OK. So my buddy and co-guitarist has an AVRI Jazzmaster in black which he never uses (he's a southpaw, and its a righty) so I grappled my hands on it, and love it. So much so that I've decided to sell my Strat and buy an offset of my own. I stumbled across these new Jaguars on the Fender...
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    Dod Fx17: Vco Info?

    Hey, I have a DOD FX17 Wah/Volume that I have gotten good results with, both as a wah and a volume pedal. However, I am interested to try out the Control Voltage part of the pedal. The problem is, I don't know what to get to use it. Do I get a VCO or did DOD make something to use in tandem with...
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    Nash and Warmoth combo? Does it exist?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to build a strat that has all of the spec of a vintage guitar, but I want to avoid Warmoth because of their use of Polyurethane. I wonder if there is any company out there who builds fender style parts in a vintage manner. I know Nash is where I'd like to go, but I don't...
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    Ok...My music. My songs, is more like it.

    Nothing on this really showcases my lead playing, but more my sense of harmony and melody through my songwriting. Please, comments are welcome (just not too harsh!). Thanks Guys. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=801374 -Colin
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    restoring my 67 Riviera/345...

    Hey guys. Im restoring a 67 Epi Riv 12 with a 345 neck, and Ive decided that I don't want standard buckers (as some idiot routed it for...). I want to go back to Minis but Im not sure if I want the original style NY Minis or more like firebird minis. I was hoping those of you with either could...
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    Hello from the Windy city

    It's been awhile since I joined and Im just getting around to this...oh well. Anyway, I'm Colin Helton. CA native, was raised here in IL, but now reside in Chicago. I am a music lover. Gear: Electric - Fender Frankenstrat (MIJ 54 Neck, warmoth body[swamp ash and LPB], MIM std p'ups and...