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    Portable walls / partition walls for music space

    So at our new house, my plan was to section off an area on the finished side of the basement with drywall and a door entry and form a nice little practice space. However, we've decided now that we dont want to section the basement off and want to keep it open -- for aesthetic reasons, and...
  2. Z

    I know it's a week late, but please explain the Grammys

    I have to admit, I know nothing about the Grammy awards - never really watched them in the past or paid attention to who was nominated, etc. Well I watched the awards this year and I am a little confused. Here are my questions: 1. How are the "best" this and that awards determined? 2. Who...
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    Over the Hills and Far Away cover

    Decided to include Over the Hills in a set we played a couple weeks ago. Haven't played it in a few years but the crowd really loved it. 53qqu0fLHbk
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    Jimmy Page playing like "true" Jimmy Page

    This is too good not to share. I was just remeniscing since it will be 16 years since Page and Plant blew the roof off of Cleveland's Gund Arena on July 3, 1998, so I figured I would re watch some 1998 Page/Plant on you tube. This was a time when Page was firing on all cylinders. This...
  5. Z

    The Earthquaker Devices pedalboard

    Got to mess around with the Earthquaker Devices Pedalboard this past weekend over at Guitar Riot in Cleveland. Could have spent several hours messing with this huge board. Would highly recommend checking out Earthquaker pedals, it seems like they have something for everyone! They put some...
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    Sneak peek at the new Zeppelin Remaster release (first album)

    This picture was on Amazon for a short time until they took it down. Must have been a mistake that they didnt want to release info yet, but it gave a release date of June 2, 2014. If you look closely, you can see that the "companion" disc to the remastered album is live at the Olympia in Paris...
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    The Freebird solo: why doesn't it get much love?

    Maybe I'm way off here, but I was reading that thread about which solos are best worth learning note for note -- and Freebird was one of the first solos that popped into my head. Why is it that this solo seems to be overlooked nowadays? Is it because the song is overplayed and cliched? I...
  8. Z

    Your favorite drum fill in rock and roll?

    I just realized that my all time favorite drum fill is at 2:56-2:57 during Achilles' Last Stand. Bonham sounds like he just brushes across the kit from snare to toms in a lightning second, then he lets loose on two kick/crashes to coincide with the guitar chords. What's your fav?
  9. Z

    Humble Pie - Honky Tonk Women

    YEP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8h0u2lhsVI
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    RMC6 Wah question??

    I have an RMC6 Wheels of Fire wah pedal that seems to be sounding weaker and weaker every year. Its like even on the extreme setting (low, volume, and Q on the highest) the wah is not very pronounced and as strong as it should be. I normally power it with a Voodoo Labs power brick, but I...
  11. Z

    Cleveland/Akron NE Ohio Amp repair

    Just wanted to post about a great experience I had with Mike Purkhiser of Akron who specializes in tube amp repair. Had a little issue (or issues to be exact) with my JTM45 clone and Mike figured everything out quickly and was able to dial this amp in to perform even better than it did brand...
  12. Z

    The Who: best DVD out there?

    Dont know much about what is out there for The Who -- what do you think is the best DVD to get someone for xmas? thanks.
  13. Z

    Led Zeppelin at the o2 2007 -- your set of songs NOT played

    At the o2 in Dec. 2007 (Celebration Day movie) here was the set they played: 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Ramble On 3. Black Dog 4. In My Time of Dying 5. For Your Life 6. Trampled Underfoot 7. Nobody's Fault But Mine 8. No Quarter 9. Since I've Been Loving You 10. Dazed and Confused 11...
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    Question about spilling liquid on pedals

    Ok let me start off by saying I was being an idiot. I am aware of that. So yesterday I am practicing and I am dipping tobacco like always. I keep my spit cup on a tall PA speaker next to my rig. Well I go to grab it to spit and knock the thing over and it spills on my pedal board and on the...
  15. Z

    Echoplex EP3 question about the FS

    I have used an old EP3 for a while. It is in perfect working shape but it has always kind of interfered with my other pedals that I have before it (my chain is guitar-wah-fuzz-OD-EP3-amp). The EP3 does not produce echo correctly if I have the fuzz or OD clicked on. It only works well with...
  16. Z

    I've had hand stiffness and pain (carpal tunnels?) for years now - getting worse

    Have had minor complications with my fretting hand for a while but now its getting worse, almost unbearable. I have never seen a doctor for this, but all of my symptoms are exactly the same as carpal tunnels -- serious stiffness of the palms and fingers, daily numbness and tinglyness, fatigue...
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    Need some outside input on band's website

    Hello -- we have had this site for a few years now, but only over the past year have we really tried to clean it up and make it nice and inviting. Please let me know what you think, keeping in mind that our purpose of the site is to: 1. Appear and sound like a band that promoters/headliners...
  18. Z

    Question about Y splitter cables affecting tone - help!

    My question is will using a proper "y split" guitar cable into two different amplifiers while one amp is in use and the other is in standby affect your tone? If so, how? I switch between two amps onstage and never use two amps at once. I do NOT want to use an amp switcher pedal. What I do now...
  19. Z

    Amp-to-speaker cabinet cable with Y splitter at one end?

    Anyone have a good recommendation for this? I want to run two amp heads into one speaker cab --- but I dont want to play both heads at the same time, but just switch between them so one amp will always be on standby. I figure since my speaker cab only has one input jack, I will need a...
  20. Z

    The Musical Box - wow!

    There might not be a more accurate "tribute" band out there, for any band, than The Musical Box (Genesis tribute). Saw them last night and I was completely amazed. They did the entire "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" album start to finish and it was about as perfect as you can get to the record...
  21. Z

    Jimmy Page on producing for Mayall's Bluesbreakers/Clapton

    From Page's website -- today's "on this day." Cool and interesting stuff. http://www.jimmypage.com/ Today sees the release of the single 'I'm Your Witch Doctor' and 'Telephone Blues' on Immediate Records, where I was a producer. It was recorded at Pye Studios with jazzer Hughie Flint on...
  22. Z

    Beatles Show!

    I forgot to post this, but I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago and my wife and I went to see the Beatles Show at the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood. WORTH EVERY PENNY (avg. tix were like 50 bucks). The band literally nailed every aspect of the Beatles -- I dont know how a Beatles Tribute Band...
  23. Z

    Jimmy Page. Les Paul master.

    Nobody worked the tonal capabilities of the Les Paul harder in one song than Page did. Perfect example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcSpIOTtWpk&feature=related
  24. Z

    Led Zeppelin -- 2007 rehersals soundboard

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2LdvGm33SM Sound quality is perfect. Enjoy!
  25. Z

    Tea For One - Zeppelin

    With all the previous Zep song threads going, I have been listening non stop to one of my all time favorites, "Tea For One" from Presence. Then I saw a thread about it in another forum. Call me crazy, but I might consider this one of Page's absolute finest moments on guitar. What do you guys...