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    Epiphone Masterbilt vs Blueridge vs Takamine

    Hi. I am trying to decide on a acoustic guitar around $500 new. I am trying to decide between Epiphone Masterbilt, Blueridge, and Takamine. Is there any one of these that are better than the rest? Thanks!
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    Found an amp and pedal setup...

    I was sitting in church this past Sunday and listening to the music and thought that one of the guitarists sounded awesome. What he was playing was very tasteful and his tone was great too. I spoke with him afterwards and he showed me his setup. This kid had a Vox AC15CC, TS-9...
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    Matchless HC30 vs /13 RSA 31

    Hi all. I currently own a /13 RSA31 and am thinking about ditching it for a Matchless HC30. I like the way the /13 sounds but I have always wanted a Matchless. I think the /13 might have a bigger bottom end where as the Matchless would be less with emphasis on the mids and highs. Has anyone...
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    Amp suggestions $600-$700

    A friend asked me about helping him find an amp for his church. The budget is about up to $1,000...but hoping to keep it around $600-$700. They are not concerened with tone but with reliability. They also need something mobile and light. Most importantly is that they want to plug in two...
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    Tokai vs Edwards 335 type guitars

    I am thinking about buying a 335 type guitar and I have narrowed it down between the Edwards 125 and the Tokai ES120. Is there one that is better than the other or is quality the same with each? Thanks!
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    Cigarette smoke stinking up my amp...*ack*

    Does anyone have any good way to remove cigarette smoke from an amp? I bought a used one recently and didn't realize the smell till I brought it home. The smell is almost unbearable. I have read maybe Simply Green spray or Ozium. Help!
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    Budda 18 vs Bogner Shiva 6L6

    I am trying to decide between the Budda 18 combo or Shiva 6L6 combo. I know the Budda has EL84s and the Shiva 6L6s. Is there one that is more versatile than the other? I play mainly pop rock, indie, and ambient stuff. I have listened to clips from both and can't decide... Thanks!
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    Guitars recommendations under $200

    Hi. I would like to know what guitars are good for under $200. This is a gift to my kid and I want to make sure the guitar is somewhat decent without going bananas spending a bunch on a guitar. Thanks!
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    Vox AC15CC or AC15H1TV

    Hey. I am thinking about picking up a Vox AC15H1TV and just trying to figure out if it's that much of an improvement over the CC series or at least more reliable. I know that the Heritage version is handwired...at least a little bit of it and has the EF86 feature. Not sure if it's worth $700...
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    Has anyone heard of Miyako Designs cabinets?

    I was looking for a 2x12 cabinet and stumbled upon Miyako Designs (http://www.miyakodesigns.com/). Their stuff looks good...here's a description from their website: "Miyako Designs covered cabinets are constructed using 3/4 baltic birch ply or 3/4 premium select pine wood. All edge joints are...
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    Budda 18/30 or JCM2000

    I am thinking about picking up a Budda 18 or Budda 30 or Marshall JCM2000. How are the 18 and 30 voiced? I am not looking for vintage tones. The clips on the Budda site are okay and they are playing funk stuff...not the stuff I would play. I play pop/rock/hard rock (not metal). I like the...
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    All around versatile cabinet/speakers

    Hi all. I am thinking about ditching my combos for head/speaker deal. What cabinet/speaker would be the most versatile for most heads? I haven't nailed down what I would like to get for a head...maybe Orange, Budda, Bad Cat, Matchless, or Marshall. I know the Bad Cat stuff is best matched...
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    Trying to find the right distortion/overdrive pedal

    I am looking for a distortion/overdrive pedal that can get me from pop/rock (Top 40) to hard rock to some palm mute stuff (not crazy 80's metal!). I am used to getting gainy tones from an amp. I use a Bad Cat Hot Cat and it sounds great but would like something all those lines in a pedal. I...
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    Flying with Pedaltrain 2

    Hi all. Anyone here fly with the Pedaltrain 2 pedalboard? Does it fit in the overhead bin? I have to fly to a gig in another month and not sure if I need to buy a Pedaltrain Jr to put my go-to pedals in or take the PT2. I don't know if I want to check the PT2. Thanks!
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    Tokai guitars...any online stores to buy them from?

    Hi. A bit of a stretch here....I am looking into a Tokai ES-132 lefty and wondering if anyone knows of a Japanese online store that sells them or any store for that matter. Thanks!
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    Great deal on a 335?

    Hi. I just found out that I can get a new Gibby 335 Dot Reissue for $1415 through a deal that the buyer never picked up his guitar and they are trying to get rid of it (after 20% mark down). What is the cheapest that new 335s go for? The person from the store said the price was $2999 new...not...
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    Home recording question....what audio interface?

    I have no experience in home recording but would like to get into it. I am looking for a decent audio interface around $150 for recording demo songs and to put down ideas for new songs. I was looking at the Lexicon Lambda, E-MU 0404, and M-Audio MobilePre. I am mainly looking to record...
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    Bad Cat Hot Cat settings

    I would like to know some of your settings for the Hot Cat 30R. I have been playing with the controls a bit and still trying to figure them out. I tried setting things close to noon and work from there. As a side note, I think I may swap out the GT power tubes since probably the SED or JJs...
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    Speaker/Cab decision for Matchless/Bad Cat

    I was thinking about eventually getting a Matchless DC-30 and a Bad Cat Hot Cat head. I thought that recently both Matchless and Bad Cat used Greenbacks and V30 in their 2x12s. Just wondering if that is the case. I know that the speakers have changed throughout the years...sometimes a G12H...
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    Telecaster: mahogany vs ash body

    I am looking into buying a lefty semi-hollow Tele and the choices I have are between 1) an ash body, maple neck, 2 humbuckers or 2) mahogany body, maple neck, 2 singles. I really wanted a guitar at least with one single with an ash body. The difference between mahogany and ash is mahogany...
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    What pedal will get me modern Marshall gain?

    I was wondering what pedal will get me to modern Marshall med-high gain. I am using an EL84 amp. I tried the MI Audio Crunchbox and it sounded too EVH and not modern sounding enough. It also had too much mids that I couldn't dial out. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Going with the Top Hat Club Royale, I think...what pedals work well?

    Deciding on what amp to get has been frustrating but I have narrowed it down to the Top Hat Club Royale. It was either the Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 or the Royale (these two are pretty far apart tone-wise...I know). Usually, I prefer using the gain/distortion off of the amp but I think I will go with...
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    I can't decide...Hot Cat 30 or Reinhardt Ampzilla

    Well...I sold my Orange Rockerverb and am now ampless. I think I finally narrowed my amp choices down to two. It's either the Hot Cat 30 or Reinhardt Ampzilla. Cannot decide which one though. -Both use EL34 (Ampzilla el34s can be switched with 6v6s) -Both have gain coming from the amp...I...
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    MI Audio Crunchbox shines...

    I just bought the Crunchbox and THANKS to those who recommended it in the various threads. My amp crapped out and being without a backup amp :jo , I used the Crunchbox through a borrowed Fender HRD for a live recording. It was very easy to tweak in a great sound and the Fender didn't sound...
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    Which one? Hiwatt or Top Hat

    I have narrowed my next amp to the following...either Top Hat Club Royale 1x12 or Hiwatt Custom 20 Combo 2X10. Both have El84, are 20 watts and the price difference between the two is not bad. I haven't played either since the places that sell them are a road trip. Decisions, decisions...