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    Rackmounted Amps / preAmps

    After a 15 year hiatus from music, I've gotten fed up with auditioning amps, and decided to go with a rack setup, only buying used. I am running a Marshall JMP-1 into a Mesa 50/50, and I'm in heaven, I have all the great Marshall tones I've heard over the years, and to think I just sold a...
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    Hello from Oxford, MI

    Royal Oak here as well!
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    What would you do.

    So far I have been offered locally: a 2001 studio in blue teal flip flop (with aftermarket pups, not sure what yet), and a 2003 Wine red. If both are in equal condition, which do I go for? I wont keep it for long, as I'm about to pull the trigger on a minty '04 Standard HCSB with a nice...
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    What would you do.

    I dont remember....what is the difference between the two? Doubtful, they dont look right to me without the binding, I know it's only cosmetic, but......:horse
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    What would you do.

    Allright, here's my dilemma I am in the process of picking up a LP Standard. I have a o5 American Strat (listed here), that I am about to put on ebay, but have just been offered a local trade for a nice LP studio. I am concerned about my return on my Strat, and what it'll fetch on the...
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    Need Highway One Tele info from those who have them, please...

    I played several of every American Tele model under $1500, My 05 Highway is the one that spoke to me, in both sound and feel, best part, it only cost $450 new. I also just built a Strat from parts, (MIJ '62 body, Highway 1 neck, AV hardware, Cray pups) all I have to say is that my '04 American...
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    Good strat to 'partscaster' ?

    I just built a partscaster, I used a new MIJ body in Lake placid blue, a Highway 1 neck w/ rosewood board (small headstock, not the 70's), American Vintage Trem, Cray pups, and sperzel tuners. Everything was bought on evilbay from stratosphere. My '04 American Series is now for sale:BluesBros...
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    Major Amp Dilemma (some Egnater content as well)

    You must remember this is Detroit! Alot people are not real friendly here. I'm about 3 miles away from The Amp Lounge.
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    Major Amp Dilemma (some Egnater content as well)

    Well, I have I Major Dilemmmma going here, I am on a quest for the perfect amp for ME. I have been doing alot of reading here and got some great recommendations. So far I have liked the Black Pearl, the Budda SD 18, The Mesa Lone Star Special, and a Rivera M60 I found locally for $500...