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  1. vintage66

    Best luthier in Atlanta?

    Any updated recommendations for fret job for a strat and acoustic pickup install/setup work?
  2. vintage66

    How would you make this bland black guitar prettier?

    I’ve had a black on black Kramer Pacer black pickguard super strat since the 80’s and got tired of the look. It already had a cream Bill Lawrence so I changed the single coil covers to cream and cream knobs, kind of like Gilmours. I’m your case I’d go for cream pickup rings and some type non...
  3. vintage66

    Experiment on neck thickness and tone

    That’s it, nothing but square necks for me from now on.
  4. vintage66

    Big changes at Gibson...

    So, when and how much? Fretless wonder strat- Sign me up!
  5. vintage66

    It was like a guitar trauma center (yes, another GC post)

    5 out of 6 people playing Russian roulette report no problems. I kid, I mostly use GC for their used section and the string and drumsticks clubs. Of course used is a crapshoot anyway. New shouldn’t have to be.
  6. vintage66

    Packing Up My Guitars

    That’s a reasonable number of guitars, similar to what I have. I switch them up. Each has its strengths. I don’t see it as a problem. I don’t gas much for other guitars, sure there are plenty I’d like to have but I have what I need. Stashing them away might help you decide if you’d miss them...
  7. vintage66

    How do you start your conversation?

    ? I'd like to buy a vowel.
  8. vintage66

    UPS can burn in hell

    I sen I sense sarcasm, I did say it wasn’t really Ups’s fault, but it is a major inconvenience to drive 2 hours round trip to get a package. Luckily we’ve moved and it’s now 1 1/2 hours round trip to the one that delivers to us. Oh, and that’s if you can get there before they close, which I...
  9. vintage66

    UPS can burn in hell

    The picking up at the UPS facility never works for me, it's amazing how far away they always are. Seems to always be 3 or 4 cities away that the drivers depart from. One infamous pedal retailer promised to send USPS but sent it their usual UPS anyway, signature required, which was probably an...
  10. vintage66

    How to scare the H out of Yngwie

    What's the big deal? That's my warm-up exercise. Seriously, lots of technique, but my eyes glazed over and I skipped around a lot on the vid. Yngwie is not the king of dynamics or anything, but he does make it a lot more interesting. I'm pretty much over the shred thing too, as are most...
  11. vintage66

    Does anyone really buy gear on Reverb!?

    I've got a good bit of stuff on CL and it is a pain, nobody wants to make the drive but they still contact you and tell you they want it. On guy wanted me to drive halfway to meet him-and he lived in the next state. Not a high dollar item either. Once I find a buyer though, everything usually...
  12. vintage66

    What is your #1 guitar?

    Just a boring mid-90's American Standard Strat with H-S-S. That's the one I play most, which makes it #1 I guess. It's not the fanciest or nicest, may not be the best sounding, but it's versatile and comfortable and it's the first one I take with me when I leave the house to play. It's 22...
  13. vintage66

    Guitars you've regretted selling

    My first electric, a Univox Hi Flyer. I kind of miss the Peavey Wolfgang I had but would rather find a hard tail.
  14. vintage66

    Pick between saddles and bridge pickup of Tele

    He dropped it in there and can't get it out.
  15. vintage66

    New practice chair... sense of humor required!!!!!

    That looks pretty custom, what if mine hang the other way?
  16. vintage66

    I Played A Michael Kelly Tele Today

    I like that one^
  17. vintage66

    Can you recommend a quality slide?

    I've never bought a Diamond but they are regarded as some of the best. I have a couple similar to the redhouse, one in particular that I really love that I found at a guitar store, and one that's a bit shorter that I got on eBay that they sanded down to get rid of the seams but it also took the...
  18. vintage66

    The guitar you always wanted to try out but never had the opportunity?

    Okay that looks badass. What is it?
  19. vintage66

    The guitar you always wanted to try out but never had the opportunity?

    I'd love to try a 70's Tele thinline with wide range humbuckers. I'm pretty sure I'd love it.
  20. vintage66

    Can you recommend a quality slide?

    Bump because I like slide threads:cool:
  21. vintage66

    Pawn shop find - Univox Hi Flier

    Cool find. I've been on the lookout for a good deal for years, my first electric which I regret selling. Pawnshops all want eBay prices these days so it's nice when one slips by them.
  22. vintage66

    Can you recommend a quality slide?

    Plus 1 on the moleskin thing-wish I'd known a long time ago-better to buy too big than too small for this reason, it comes in a couple thicknesses.
  23. vintage66

    Can you recommend a quality slide?

    Since you said metal, I like the brass Rockslide a lot, but the Dunlop brass slides are good too. I have the tapered and straight ones, the tapered are curved like a wine bottleneck, which incidentally are probably my favorites. I cut my own but can't resist buying a good one when I find it...
  24. vintage66

    Can you recommend a quality slide?

    What company so I'll know what to look for? If that makes it too spammy you can pm me.
  25. vintage66

    Before buying..How long do you play it.

    I've had the GC warranty bail me out before-bought an Ovation acoustic, played it a good while in the store actually, but when I got it home noticed it had a hump in the fretboard way high on the neck. Don't know how I missed it, but I think a lot of times a guitar puts a spell on you in the...