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    Optimizing tube/valve life

    Yes, you are correct. See my edit.
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    Optimizing tube/valve life

    HT-5, as far as I remember, doesn't have a stand-by switch. The feature is, on the other hand, implemented properly (unlike 99% of usual stand-by switches) and fully automatic. Edit: There is stand-by switch in mk I HT-5 but not in mk II. In both the stand-by feature does not disrupt HT plate...
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    How many controls does an amp need?

    The more controls there are the more you can fine tune your tone to your preference. Sometimes simple controls just don't cut it when you have to adjust to different environments or different tones altogether. This regardless of how great "base tone" the amp provides. I wonder... How many of you...
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    Oh no, they're going after amps now too

    Yes, but people who created such cultures were rebellious, innovative and - first and foremost - true to themselves. They didn't follow an image, they created it. These people had worn clothes because they couldn't afford new ones and their guitars and amps were worn because they were constantly...
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    Walls of Marshalls - how

    In 1968 state-of-the-art PA was a 100W amp and a bunch of column speakers. On a stadium one could daisy chain 10 such amps and produce impressive power rating of 1000 watts. (Lesser venues naturally couldn't afford such thing). Speakers placed round the venue would have phase delays so it was...
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    Walls of Marshalls - how

    Those old huge rigs look impressive but sound horrible. Back in the days you couldn't hear Jimi Hendrix singing if he plucked the strings at the same time and you certainly couldn't make out how great his tone was from all that deafening roaring. ...and I can't even imagine phase delays of...
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    Interesting Rory Gallagher Rig - Tweed Bassman and a Brownface Concert?

    I spot at least the Stramp's Marshall clone used by the bassist. Rory himself frequently used two solid-state Stramp Power Baby amps. Not sure if on this gig, though.
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    Speaker power handling and amp power ratings

    These two ratings are not totally comparable in the first place. Amp's output power is generally what it produces to x ohm nominal load with a sinusoid output having very low distortion. Speaker's power handling, on the other hand, is the input power the driver withstands without failing when...
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    Aiken's Reactive Dummy Load.

    What you describe is known as isolation cabinet. The problem is that they are heavy, typically limited in driver selection, do not really isolate sound to whisper levels (though can attenuate some), peak bass, the internal volume does not compare to "free air" where cabinets typically are used...
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    Leslie West's Sunn Amps

    AFAIK, Quilter built amps with master volume controls already in 1968 and there's a master volume control in, for example, Fender Super Showman amp (1969). I recall Quilter labelled the control differently though, and while control in Fender was for overall loudness the Quilter feature was for...
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    Jimmy Page's comments about amp used on Whole Lotta Love

    If you look at UL Vox preamp schematic objectively it basically features just a (hard) diode clipping distortion followed by a simple T-notch mid-range control and active bass & treble controls. There's really more finesse in a Gorilla amp with "Tube Crunch" effect and I'm not even joking. But...
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    Leslie West's Sunn Amps

    Since mid 1960's there were several solid-state amps that cascaded a built-in "fuzz" effect circuit to the signal path. Same thing.
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    Jimmy Page's comments about amp used on Whole Lotta Love

    What's that other amp head (not the UL Vox) on top of the other Transonic. ...And weren't those actually self-powered cabs?
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    Tube amps that you can CRANK without going deaf

    ALL conventional amps are easily too loud if cranked. If SPL rating of a loudspeaker is, say, 93 dB @ 1W (which would be somewhat insensitive musical instrument speaker) then reducing the output power to 1/4th will still reduce SPL by mere -6 dB. At 87 dB you are still borderlining hearing...
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    Uh Oh, Tubes Don't Sound Different. Scientific, Controlled Variable Test.

    Different tubes react differently in a circuit. However, from how they react in one circuit one can't determine how they will react in another. If difference of 6L6 and EL34 tubes in one circuit is that the EL34 has more mid-range differences in another circuit may still be entirely...
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    Sunn Alpha 112 missing two fuses.

    ..and after you have put in new fuses DON'T turn it on before applying some kind of current limiting (i.e. old-fashioned light bulb in series with the primary side). May save you from further extensive damage, which happens in an eyeblink without current limiting. Solid-state devices can die...
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    This is among the worst advice on here

    You do know it's not rack gear's fault if its user wants to sound like a can of bees.
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    Whatever happened to Eminence fdm speakers?

    Price? Abundance of other attenuator types and units?
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    This is among the worst advice on here

    Which Bassman? Which Deluxe Reverb? Does tweed Fender sound like a Silverface? Does one tweed even sound like another, given widely varying circuit designs of that era? What's that iconic Fender tone in the first place? ..and can those aforementioned amps sound like AC30, 2205 or Dual Rec? How...
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    This is among the worst advice on here

    Comical is to assume any of those brands represent a single sound. You won't get authentic Fender tweed sound from blackface or silverface Fender (or vice versa), even less from M-80. You don't get authentic JTM45 tone with 18W, Jubilee, 2023 or 2205, even less with DSL401 or JCM900 Dual Reverb...
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    If I remove presence knob from the circuit, what happens to the tone?

    And there are also SS amps with "power amp NFB presence", such as modern Blues Cube Artist. And tube amps with "passive preamp presence" control, such as Dual Rectifier. "Presence" is really just a name for upper high frequency tone control, not any sort of description about circuit...
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    Famous songs or artists with solid state amps

    What was said above. For example, in many Metallica albums the clean tone is through Roland Jazz Chorus.
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    Famous songs or artists with solid state amps

    Speaking of which: Allan Holdsworth and Ty Tabor.
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    Famous songs or artists with solid state amps

    Def Leppard: Hysteria