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  1. Serious Poo

    Revv G3 users - what are your thoughts?

    G3 is just a riffing machine. I don't like it for leads at all, but it's fantastic for high-gain metal rhythm parts.
  2. Serious Poo

    Playability When Switching Scale Length

    I have guitars ranging from 24.5" to 28" scales, and have found pros and cons to both short scale and longer scale instruments. I really don't think about it much when I'm playing them, though - I just treat each guitar as its own thing, and adapt my playing to it. YMMV, that's just my...
  3. Serious Poo

    What PRS style would you want them to make?

    I’ll take troll posts for $300, please.
  4. Serious Poo

    What PRS style would you want them to make?

    Core Baritone.
  5. Serious Poo

    Pedal naming/labeling/identifying: My criticism

    Sorry you feel so angry. Rather than trying to pick a fight, perhaps you can appreciate that there are other viewpoints that you might be able to learn from. Just a thought.
  6. Serious Poo

    Pedal naming/labeling/identifying: My criticism

    I like the concept, in that it forces me to experiment. This, I believe, helps to lead to cool new sounds and away from formulaic, predictable clichés. Too much of that in today's music as it is...
  7. Serious Poo

    Buying vintage rack gear from overseas

    Never had an issue with gear purchased from Japan. I have had a couple from China, though - I've had things delayed in shipping for up to 6 weeks, and a couple of them came packed in broken up styrofoam which is a huge P.I.T.A. to clean up. Regardless of where you buy from, power specs are...
  8. Serious Poo

    ID this rackmount unit

    Color me stumped. It sure is a massive piece of kit, though!
  9. Serious Poo

    Singing out loud as you solo...

    Phil Keaggy taught me to do that back in the 80's, I find it super helpful when I'm trying to play more musically. Here's an example of him doing it, he starts singing his solo at around 4 minutes in.
  10. Serious Poo

    Vintage Sleeper Rackmount Units?!!

    May I direct you to post #24, this has already been clarified.
  11. Serious Poo

    Vintage Sleeper Rackmount Units?!!

    Wow, I'm saddened by the pettiness I'm seeing in this thread. I expected better. OP (aka "Original Poster") has a clearly defined meaning, it refers to the thread creator's initial post. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=OP So, to clarify this mess of misinterpretations -...
  12. Serious Poo

    Synergy modular thread

    I’ve never changed them from stock. For any of my modules.
  13. Serious Poo

    Advice on new high gain head?

    There are a lot of great amps out now, but these get some absolutely simply monstrous modern metal sounds. Revv Generator 120 Driftwood Purple Nightmare Engl Powerball
  14. Serious Poo

    How many controls does an amp need?

    As many as it takes... ...to sound good to me. Some amps sound fantastic to my ears with little adjustment, others require significant tweaking.
  15. Serious Poo

    Synergy modular thread

    The trick, I think, is to play each of these modules to their particular strengths. Can I get Marshall-y sounds from a Deliverance? Sure, but why? That makes no sense to me. That’s like asking Billie Eilish to sing Katy Perry.
  16. Serious Poo

    Is there another female rock vocalist even close to Ann Wilson?

    So true! Here are a few more fantastic european singers... Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation, Ayreon) Anya Stefanowicz of UnSun Emmanuelle Zoldan (Sirenia, Trail of Tears, Penumbra) Justine Daaé of Elyose I'd post videos of Mizuho Lin from the Brazilian death-metal band Semblant, but...
  17. Serious Poo

    Is there another female rock vocalist even close to Ann Wilson?

    There have been a TON of powerful singers that have come into the music scene in the past 40+ years since Ann Wilson recorded her most famous songs. Floor Jansen and Elise Ryd immediately come to mind (and have been mentioned already), but here are many others: Anneke Van Giersbergen (with...
  18. Serious Poo

    I’m just going to say it. I thought the cure were supposed to be some sort of badass band...

    When this Cure song came out 40 years ago, it was pretty badass. However, if you're trying to compare it by today's standards you're doing the band and their music a real disservice IMHO.
  19. Serious Poo

    Leslie emulations in rack multi effects, Alesis vs Lexicon anyone?

    I remember Rocktron's Replifex having a great Leslie sim, they go pretty inexpensively if you can find them.
  20. Serious Poo

    How do you evaluate a guitar?

    My only absolute these days is tuning stability. I really can't live with a guitar that keeps going out of tune while I'm playing it.
  21. Serious Poo

    Synergy modular thread

    I haven't, my preamps are all stock.
  22. Serious Poo

    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    Ola's demo just crushed it, IMHO. Nice amp, glad to see Mesa reinvigorating the line.
  23. Serious Poo

    Has anybody bought gear from Coast Sonic Pedals before?

    Top tier shop, I shop with them often. They're great.
  24. Serious Poo

    Van Halen Pasadena High School April 1975

    Eddie had so much fire in his playing back then. Just ferocious. Thanks for sharing these links!
  25. Serious Poo

    when/why did rack mount die?

    Racks are the only way to work with studio gear IMHO. Sometimes you have to buy used pieces, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. Here's my primary sound machine: Here are a few pieces of my DAW outboard gear: