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  1. Kborg

    FS FS 2019 Gibson Les Paul TV Special ***SOLD

    What is the weight?
  2. Kborg

    FS SUHR CLASSIC S METALLIC 2020 Limited Edition

    That's a beauty! Best of luck. If it had a side jack rather than face mount my wife would be pissed right now. :FM
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  11. Kborg

    Sold Komet K29

    These are probably the best all around Komets out there. I only got rid of mine because I got a Silver cloud. To me it felt like in between the K19 and the K60. Easily portable and loud enough with clean head room for any application. Like all Komets "It ain't no stinkin bedroom amp!" unless...
  12. Kborg

    Sold Divided by 13 RSA31C Small head with effects loop

    Looks like we are back to BUMPIN ! Got some interest but it is still here.
  13. 20201116_131014.jpg


  14. Kborg

    WTB Two rock sensor 22 **FOUND ONE**

    Yes, I would never have thought I would like these as much as I do. Have you tried EL34s in your 50?
  15. Kborg

    WTB Two rock sensor 22 **FOUND ONE**

    A big thanks to Soul Man! He gave me a tip on one in a store in Iowa. I've been looking for about 6 months. That's how TGP should work. We help each other.
  16. Kborg

    WTB Two Rock Studio Pro Plus 35

    The loop on the sensor is really versatile and while the ones listed on reverb are at a high price I have been able to find the 35s for $1,500 or less. It took forever to find a 22 but I just bought one today and got it shipped for $1,475. Serial # 01! That never mattered to me but it's kinda...
  17. Kborg

    Sold Divided by 13 RSA31C Small head with effects loop

    This is a great amp I am just more of a Marshall guy and have a ASW and BTR so this one is not getting any love! No issues other than a few cosmetic scuffs. No trades wanted or needed. $1,650.00 OBO. PP fees and shipping will be negotiated depending on your feedback and location.
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