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  1. MikeP

    Some gear loaded music video of mine

    Enjoyed that :aok
  2. MikeP

    Spend $12K For Me....

    Well since your name initials is the same as Bangkok Bank abbreviated I would buy maybe a $200 used Squire CV Tele or MIJ strat Then I would use the rest to kick back in Asia for a year ;)
  3. MikeP

    Would you accept bad quality from Warmoth? Picture included

    Heheh For sure would not drop a totally hot fashion model over a broken nail but.......... If I paid $200 for my hot model to get her nails done & she came out of that nail shop with a broken nail that the shop broke & refused to fix/refund the nail job? I might be on a hot models nail...
  4. MikeP

    Would you accept bad quality from Warmoth? Picture included

    This is a bit of a storm in a Teacup But.......... What you say may be better accepted if you post it on your website under your returns or warranty section As it stands now your site states this Bodies: Our bodies are warranted to be free of defective materials and workmanship for a period of...
  5. MikeP

    Blues Backing Tracks

    Thanks for the great backing track Richard :beer Also love your excellent playing over them! Thanks
  6. MikeP

    Can of freakin' worms..Guitar purchase coming

    Ahhh 1st world problems eh? :) Don't sweat it & enjoy the hunt Don't analyze till your paralyzed either ;) Of the many Strats I have built & bought over the years only two I really regret not keeping but I was moving countries & they had to go... One was the Suhr Classic The other is the...
  7. MikeP

    F holed semi hollow Strat. Just ordered a body from Warmoth.

    Heheh your asking a guy playing a surf green strat in a room with a purple wall, a green wall & a yellow wall with a yellow ceiling whats up with the curtains? ;) Guitar sounds great & neck look great! Will be interesting to hear it with the new body too
  8. MikeP

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    Yep saw that a few days back...Excellent IMO
  9. MikeP

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    +1 on that Bright Clean Twin from Sneaky Amps That is my favorite & run with a bit of Spring Reverb I am more than happy with it sounding "Fender"
  10. MikeP

    Is this the best strat tone ever recorded?

    There is no best as too many exist :) All the old greats for sure... This would actually be considered recent even though it was 1994 Think it was a 57RI thru a Matchless
  11. MikeP

    Bill Callaham props

    hahah you remember eh? :aok
  12. MikeP

    Bill Callaham props

    Bill is the best & as others have said a super nice knowledgeable guy. His passion for true S&T style guitars shows & he is a stickler for details. Years ago 2005 he took a lot of flack from who I wont say but it was on the Fender Forum & they worked for Fender Basically trying to discredit...
  13. MikeP

    Anyone other than Tyler do Shmear finishes?

    Hey not that it matters but none should feel bad about doing a smeared type finish. It is not like they have not been around for years & years... Anyone remember the Fender Bowling ball aka: Marble finishes?
  14. MikeP

    the 6 LB club...

    6.98 ash with beefy maple neck Another 6.75 lb ... ash body was 2 oz lighter than the sonic blue & had a lighter Jimmy Vaughan neck
  15. MikeP

    What is a SFDR worth?

    First off...Thanks for all the replies folks. blackba... Sounds very good last time I played it & always thought I would keep it. But I do not play anymore & am out of the country a lot. Actually it has not had a lot of work that I knew of but was not the original owner it has the original...
  16. MikeP

    What is a SFDR worth?

    Just wondering as I have not kept up with recent prices. It is a head that I converted awhile back from a combo as the case was beat. 1973 or 1974 non boost model Transformer date codes 6-03-18 & EIA 606-4-43 Had David Allen at Allen amps go through it... Basically here is what he did per...
  17. MikeP

    Suhr Classic Antique Photo's --- Look Inside !!!

    Veeeery Nice ! Congrats
  18. MikeP

    The best tele? advice and pictures?

    Suhr makes a very nice Tele
  19. MikeP

    James Tyler Shop Tour, NAMM 2010

    Thanks Matt cool pics! Gotta love the armed response sign too ;)
  20. MikeP

    DIY tube amp

    I have built a few GDS 18w Marshall clone...18watt Allen Accomplice Jr...35watt with 6L6 or 22 watt with 6V6 Guytronix Gilmore Jr.....1/2 watt If you want a true low watt you cannot beat the tone from the Gilmore Jr. Also Richard Guy is just flat out a nice guy...
  21. MikeP

    Fender Thin Skins

    I have had more guitars in my life than talent :) The one that sounds & plays the best to me by far is a 62 vintage Thinskin from Wildwood
  22. MikeP

    Suhr Classic in Sonic Blue...

    Nice guitar & Tone Also nice tones from the Z mini What else do you have in line between git & amp if you don't mind me asking? Thanks & congrats on the new guitar
  23. MikeP

    Best vintage-feeling NON-RELIC Strat

    Ya know if you like that you may like the thinskin 62RI at Wildwoods I love mine. It has the 7.25 radius but with 6105 frets I was really surprised how nice that combo is.
  24. MikeP

    RE: From JAMES TYLER: "So, here's the story...."

    Thanks for the info JZ Best Wishes to J Tyler & glad to hear your health is getting sorted. Good Luck in what ever direction you choose!
  25. MikeP

    Post your Strats!

    Wow very cool!! You dont see those everyday now do you? ;) Thanks