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    Please help to ID this Lentz SSL

    saw a video once where George Harrison said heavier guitars sounded better...
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    Gibson's 1928 L-1 Blues Tribute guitar

    I had the "Robert Johnson" model for a while & loved it...
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    What are your favorite Beatles' songs?

    "~Don't Let Me Down~"
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    Who's picking up the new Jim Campilongo album "Dream Dictionary" tomorrow?

    he's purty good on those "Little Willies" CD's...
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    saw 'em open for BBA to back in the day...they were awesome had the crowd standing go'n nuts...I was think'n man hows Beck gonna be better than this?
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    A few questions about the squier bass VI

    Bass VI is a cool "guitar"... I'd get the Japan made Mustang if I was you...
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    FS: Ian Anderson Standard

    I regret sell'n mine all the time ...I had water damage to my home & needed money for repairs :/
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    my new Lakland!

    Yes it's a U.S. model... Still love'n it !! Yes Big Mike my little B-15 is awesome! I wrote some songs for my brother in laws brother & he gave me a killer deal on it... He bought it from the original owner ...it'd been in a closet for 30 years...
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    my new Lakland!

    I've got a Fender Select Jazz & Select Precision...this'n has smaller "vintage" type frets & has tons more sustain, it'll hold a note til you decide to move your finger... I really prefer a precision body & prefer Jazz bass necks with the Lakland I have that ... 1.5 nut Jazz taper neck... it has...
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    my new Lakland!

    Very nice play'n instrument ...SMOOOOTH !!
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    Post Your Bass

    swamp ash body w/maple 1.5 nut jazz taper neck...
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    my new Lakland!

    Got it last week.. my Fenders my be go'n to the emporium...lol
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    Redd Volkaert's high powered tweed twin clone. Who made it??

    never thought of it that way...but your right !
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    Curiousity .. looking to bass.

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    anyone build a Gibson LG-1 copy ?

    my brother in law's dad left him a late 40's Gibson LG-1... his brother got his dad's fiddle... he wants a guitar just like the one his dad/brother has... anyone out there that can make one? or should he just keep look'n try'n to find an original in half way decent shape...
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    Thorn For sale ?? Help first Post

    I'd wait & buy one that the owner hadn't paid someone to drag through a parking lot...
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    Anniversary GIFT: WHO and WHAT makes an Incredible LP styled gold top???

    Ian Anderson Standard "Goldtop" http://www.guitarnoize.com/namm-2009-ian-anderson-goldtop-standard/
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    Anyone compare Gustavsson Bluesmaster and Lentz Croyden?

    I don't understand any of the "comparison" threads... there's one about JG & IA's cause the shapes & such be'n this an that... but now this'n with to completely different shapes & electronics... and then for people to get all upset & such....well... it don't make no sense...
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    Anyone compare Gustavsson Bluesmaster and Lentz Croyden?

    I did have a Lentz for a while, great guitar!....well body shape to me would be a big difference....just because the wood maybe the same I sure tone wise there's a difference ...+ the 3 knob set up of the Lentz.....
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    Anyone compare Gustavsson Bluesmaster and Lentz Croyden?

    Well actually not similar in any way... But Scott is making some carVe tops & has been making them with a choice of P-90/ humbuckers purty much since the beginning
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    Gustavsson Guitars and Ian Anderson Guitars: Any relationship between the two?

    +1... to me it's like look'n at a Fender Tele then look's at a Grosh "Tele"... ;)