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    If you had it to do over--knowing what you know now

    I would study drums/percussion and learn to be a real musician's musician. Then play music with people that really inspire me to get even better.
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    This amp STINKS ..... literally

    blow it out with compressed air if there's any dust in it
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    Show Yer' Archtop Love!!!

    My dad's building one using Benedetto's plans from scratch and he's documenting it in real time if you are interested in what goes into these things. He's been on it for about two months now and it's starting to look like a guitar. It's on another site, and I don't want to be rude if it's not...
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    Crate power block

    The powerblock on the pedalboard above is my main rig. My backup amp is a little 15 watt Peavey bandit. I chopped it down to a head sized amp and keep it in my gig box. It sounds fantastic through my RedFang cabinet. It cost $30 used. I get plenty of volume if it's pointed at my head...
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    Crate power block

    It needs the Valvulator to sound it's best.
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    my rock bands' first video

    that made me happy
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    The LOVE for EL84 amps thread

    Sound clips from a Mojave Coyote(?) are the only time that listening to an amp literally made me sweat.
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    my firstl valve amp need help!!

    Another vote for head plus cab. example why... I took a little Peavey bandit 8W solid state amp that someone gave me and it barely sounded good enough to use on my workbench at best. I couldn't even use it at low volume practices because it broke up too much for any clean. So, I chopped it...
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    PSA: Crate Powerblocks

    The new ones are only $99.00. They sound great with a Valvulator. I keep mine right on my pedalboard.
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    In Praise of the Fulldrive II

    It's been a while, but I remember it sounding less compressed and more... I don't know... "responsive" to my playing, maybe. It's so hard to describe this stuff. Maybe that's what people mean when they say something is more "amp-like". I vaguely remember the distortion being a bit heavier...
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    In Praise of the Fulldrive II

    I agree. Completely different pedal at 18V. I should get another and run one on 9v and one on 18v. Also, I always wondered what sounds were in between those two voltages... say 12v for example or maybe 15v. I love my FDII. Sounds so good into my RedFang cab.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    my favorite shot of the day
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    I only have experience with my BYOC Trem, but I must say that I really love it. It just sounds so good to me. It sounds nice and warm.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    That's funny how people love different effects and others just don't use them at all. I traded a Maxon phaser to a guy here that just had to have a phaser on both of his boards, and I couldn't see using it at all after trying it. Now me, I absolutely love my trem and my wah. After never having...
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Nice. I like a clean tidy pedalboard without too many frills. Seems like you may need a very tiny wah pedal to fit there though. I can't imagine life without a wah anymore.
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    Praise Bands

    Although I'm currently playing in a variety band, I have in the past used this simple type of setup in a church band. The only thing on this little rig that I could get rid of would be the delay. I just don't use it that often. The other items are all about the tone I like to hear. Even the...
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Rig-On-A-Platter Valvulator, FDII, Crybaby Classic, MD3, BYOC trem, Powerblock, RedFang 1x12 cab. The valvulator is essential to make the Powerblock sound good and it powers my pedals quietly. I replaced my tube amp after having some tech problems at a nice casino gig. I can't hear any...
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    Show us your guitars

    I need a cigarette.
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    Show us your guitars

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    What non-boutique budget pedals do you think are a steal or are better than...

    Dunlop Classic wah. I had to spray some pot cleaner in it to kill some scratchiness and now it just sings and feels so smooth.
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    Epiphone Valve Junior Head

    Now that's a good idea since I already keep a Powerblock on my pedalboard as a backup. Can someone recommend a particular model?
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    Epiphone Valve Junior Head

    I'm going to gig one on the 30th, so my father is swapping tubes in one of his (he has the combo and the head) to see how much clean/hairy volume can be had. I'll report back. I gig with a 1x12 RedFang pointed at my head for my monitor and mic it, so I have my fingers crossed. So far, I am...
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    Crate PowerBlock - What the H#@$? Sounds Pretty (Gulp) Decent?!?!

    I wish they'd make a rackmount version
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    Crate PowerBlock - What the H#@$? Sounds Pretty (Gulp) Decent?!?!

    I too don't like the PB distortion once you get past dirty clean. I use my pedals.
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    Small amp for homerecording

    Cornford's website has a great selection of clips from that amp.