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  1. socalscott

    Low Watt or Higher Watt with Attenuator?

    I re-amp my 1W Fryette gp/di with internal RL and mic/cab sim section. All tube, all analog. Amp in the room via an Acoustasonic sfx2. Does closed and open back and the headroom is adjustable. So my vote is ultra low watt.
  2. socalscott

    What amp am I looking for? (head, clean-ish, thick, warm)

    Bandmaster Tweed clone? At least you've defined my Thomas Amplification clone combo with MV and 3x10 Alni's. What's that Dr.Z clone model?
  3. socalscott

    Should I go back to tube amps?

    Bluguitar Amp1 is not one of the options mentioned as yet? I'll throw in my usual tiny Fryette gp/di 1W head with internal reactive load and analog cab/mic sim section. Lots of potential when re-amping and there's a tube buffered unity line-out.
  4. socalscott

    IRs for gigging with Fryette PS100?

    Doesn't Fryette now have the analog cab/mic sim with low mid and hi mid controls? My gp/di sims are pretty dang nice. There is punch with AITR factor, more so than ir's loaded into my hx stomp. I've got it dialed pretty close to my BandMaster Tweed clone with 10" weber alnico's. So yeah, vintage...
  5. socalscott

    Any non shredders using jazz picks?

    Since the 90's on the Jazz 3's most of the time. I wanted the grip, but stayed for the flesh tone. There's more clarity in chords, less gainy, so there's more bloom with grind or saturated settings. Offers even attack/tone with hybrid finger or Claw picking. It was once pointed out that...
  6. socalscott

    2X10 and 4X10 cabs are underrated (for guitarists)

    So, my Bandmaster-ish clone(Avatar) has 3 Classic Alnico Webers. Dream RAWK tones and much more. Next to it I re-amp a tiny Fryette gp/di valvulator 1W head with internal RL and analog cab/mic sim section. A/B test is surprisingly close...SMH. BTW, using an older Acoustasonic SFX2! Great...
  7. socalscott

    2X10 and 4X10 cabs are underrated (for guitarists)

    Early Montrose, BM + LP. I had no idea. Boy, my BM-ish clone with 10-way tone stack bypass will Rock The Nation indeed!
  8. socalscott

    Re-Amping, your best tones yet?

    Ah yes, I've used it as a hub for a ultra low watt w/d/w all tube rig. It's a wee beast. At only 1W, there's not much of a load going on. Which could be a) easy on the power output section and b) improved reliability overall. I like not heating the room with glass neither. Well four lil tubes...
  9. socalscott

    Re-Amping, your best tones yet?

    Yeah, I dig the simplicity of the tiny Fryette GP/DI and one cable into my Acoutasonic SFX2. Oops, I do like a clean boost before the SFX2 for big cleans when I roll git vol down. I'm not getting as much feel and AITR out of my HX Stomp.
  10. socalscott

    Re-Amping, your best tones yet?

    ...especially for the reasonable home SPL's. Very much the case for me and I'm stoked that my 1W Fryette with internal RL also has very nice analog cab/mic sims(ITR feels). I mess around with an HX Stomp and it's IR's, but meh. I am diggin' teh analog mojo.
  11. socalscott

    NAD: Dr Z Z Master

    Killing me man, killing me. Though I do have myself a wonderful hand wired Thomas version with Webber Alni's, 10 pos tone stack bypass and a brite switch for more Super-ish vibe. Reverb is so nice, has mix and tone too. Got it mint and paid half a G! I understand from what Doc said, the custom...
  12. socalscott

    Boosting my Re-amp line-out for spanky cranked cleans! What?

    Anybody else doing this? Instead of a clean amp platform for dirt pedals, I prefer a saturated amp platform and when rolling off git vol to 1-2, I use a compressor pedal to clean boost the line-out to the re-amp unit. 1W Fryette GP/DI with internal RL cleans up nicely from very saturated...
  13. socalscott

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    In your opinion, does this amp when set clean also play well into the school of speaker selection delivers a lot of the character?
  14. socalscott

    It's Official. Western Electric is going to make Guitar Amplifier Tubes

    Hmmm, tanks are indeed in a solid state. These LAB Series amps(SS) are still going today, which has nothing to do with superior delays.
  15. socalscott

    Amplifiers vs pedals - I wanted to share my experience in hope of helping others

    Agreed. My little ole 1W Fryette allows me pin-point control over the headroom of the output tube via internal RL in re-amp mode. Even has a Sag-like control. Diggin' the flexibility of headroom and teh smooth output breakup. Pre-amp voices have Pitbull and Deliverance gain levels as well.
  16. socalscott

    Amplifiers vs pedals - I wanted to share my experience in hope of helping others

    For cleans, I boost a re-amp line-out with a compressor pedal. So the well saturated amp setting is cleaned up with git vol roll-off @ 1-3, gets me Fendery funk or blues @ unity. Of course, I can also clean-boost any degree of grind or saturation. My JHS PG-13 pedal lets me tighten, shift mid...
  17. socalscott

    It's Official. Western Electric is going to make Guitar Amplifier Tubes

    LAB series, L5 and such. they are tanks and have a mid frequency control.
  18. socalscott

    U.D. pedals for a great saturated amp platform?

    Yes, Under Drive! So I dig amp overdrive and never been into pedals. BTW, I re-amp with my amps internal RL. So I'm getting great power amp saturation at controlled levels and the amp offers very good tone with git vol roll-off. I bought a JHS PG13 and started actually using it more for no...
  19. socalscott

    Tube amp vs tube-pre pedal + SS post-amp. Help please.

    Look at the Blug Amp1. In @ 2lbs. Marshall voicings covered and the 100W power section has a sub-mini tube for feel.
  20. socalscott

    Why is my tone so bad?

    Because you need to run a second amp that has a different EQ flavor.
  21. socalscott

    Marshall style amp for home use (Carr, 3rd Power, Brunetti, Bluetone, TAD, ...) available in Europe

    Blug Amp1. Not burning thru. tubes and it covers a few models. Lower cost up front and down the road too.
  22. socalscott

    Why is my tone so bad?

    Become a bass player! Yup, move to new frequency's. Your welcome.
  23. socalscott

    30w Tube Amp w/ Preamp Line Out?

    I've run this in fx loop of HX Stomp. Fryette GP/DI 1W head w/ internal RL. The power tube section can be adjusted for headroom for it's line-out. This is okay, but I actually prefer re-amping with the tweak-able internal analog cab/mic sim section. Very much AITR. I use an Acoustasonic SFX...
  24. socalscott

    Bypassing the Tone Stack - Why Don’t More Amps Offer This Option?

    I was just appreciating my Thomas Amplification BM-ish clone with variable(x10) TS bypass. It progressively reduces the TS influence. I think dimed TMB pots bypass as well, BTW. But then MV gets pinched hard. In the guts I could see the shielded cable...nice. Stole this hand wired beast for...
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