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  1. keefsdad

    Reaper...removing count from intro

    I just trimmed the count from the intro by highlighting the area and selecting "remove items...etc". It sounds perfect when I play it in Reaper, but when I render it to create a file it cuts off a tiny bit at the beginning. Any ideas?
  2. keefsdad

    Hearing aids at gigs

    I just got a hearing aid. I find it helpful, I have a fair bit of loss above 2K. I tried it at a rehearsal tonight, it seemed fine and i'm thinking of using it at a gig Saturday night. I play in a rock band, but not a loud one. I use a 15 watt amp and we play fairly small clubs usually. I'm just...
  3. keefsdad


  4. keefsdad

    George and Eric

    This has probably been posted before, but what a great performance:
  5. keefsdad

    Met my hero, and he was totally cool!

    At his book signing in Toronto. He showed up early, was relaxed and friendly. I'm not often a starstruck fanboy, but Todd is really a musical hero to me.
  6. keefsdad

    Spinal Tap on Jazz

  7. keefsdad

    Some Feats for your Sunday:

  8. keefsdad

    Bruce Malmsteen

  9. keefsdad

    "Pinging" high E string

    On my Tele. It has a 3 saddle bridge with steel saddles. It's not just the open string, so I don't think it's the nut. I've tried adjusting the truss rod and it makes no difference. Tried changing the string as well. I'm thinking it must be the bridge saddle, but don't know why it would cause this.
  10. keefsdad

    Strat truus rod bottomed out-2nd time

    A few months ago the truss rod on my '99 American Strat bottomed out. I added four washers and straightened the neck. Recently it bottomed out again. The nut was getting chewed up from all the adjusting, so i ordered a new one and added two more washers as that was all that would fit. I got it...
  11. keefsdad

    Bootstrap Pretzel Tele pickups review

    The cheap ceramic pickups in my Monoprice Tele didn't sound bad, but there was quite a drop in output when switching to the bridge. Ryan sent my pickups by overnight DHL so I could get them for a gig. Unfortunately they slapped me with $17 in "processing" fees, but Ryan kindly refunded it to me...
  12. keefsdad

    500 K Volume pot

    I have Lawrence L-280's on my Strat and just left the 250K pot in. I'm thinking of trying a 500K pot to get a little more high end. Two things i'm wondering, does it make any difference when the pot is wide open, and do I need to change the tone pots too?
  13. keefsdad

    How not to build your pedalboard

    This guy makes me so glad i only use a maximum of 4 pedals for gigs. My board:
  14. keefsdad

    Knopfler, Gilmour, etc

    This is old but I hadn't seen it:
  15. keefsdad

    When I make a mistake, I like to compound it

    I did a gig on Friday night. It was a bit stressful. it was a nice room we haven't played at before. They have their own PA, and the board is located offstage, as if they have a sound guy. They don't really, they had a guy who did a sound check with us, but I don't think he knew what he was...
  16. keefsdad

    Julien Baker

    I watched her rig rundown, and thought I'd check out some of her tunes. I'm really impressed, she reminds me a bit of Tashe Sultana, but I like her voice and songs a bit more. She can really sing.
  17. keefsdad

    Monoprice man

    This was my setup for a small club gig last night. Monoprice 15 watt and Monoprice Indio Tele, total cost with discounts, $480 Canadian shipped. i've been using our singer's Blonde Blues Junior, which i like quite a bit. With the gain and volume both up about halfway, I got very close the edge...
  18. keefsdad

    Phil builds a kit guitar

    Not the way I would do it, but......
  19. keefsdad

    2015 Mexican Tele pickups

    Are they alnico or ceramic?
  20. keefsdad

    Can't access Strat or Tele forums

    Any one else?
  21. keefsdad

    Laura Cox

    What's not to like?
  22. keefsdad

    American Standard Strat truss rod woes

    A few months ago the truss rod bottomed out on my '99 American standard Strat. I went through the procedure of removing the walnut plug, removing the truss rod nut and putting washers in. It seemed to work fine and I got the neck nice and straight. When the weather started changing here recently...
  23. keefsdad

    Changing Strat Body

    I have a '99 White Blonde american Strat that I really like, except it's too heavy. I carry it around a lot and it's bugging me. I was thinking of selling the original body and buying a lighter one. I've done a little bit of research and it looks like I might be able to do it for little money...
  24. keefsdad

    First gig with Monoprice 15 watt

    I finally got to gig with mine Friday night. I was a little disappointed. I was playing rock in a fair size room, mostly 60'and 70's stuff and some Stray Cats tunes etc. I had the volume up full, the gain about 3:00, and I was struggling to be heard especially if I went for a clean sound which...
  25. keefsdad

    Derek Smalls and Dweezil Zappa

    A friend just gave me the CD, "Meditations Upon Ageing", as well as Dweezil, Steve Lukather Richard Thompson, and Jim Keltner are on it. This song is pretty funny:
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