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    Asher Marc Ford

    This model is incredibly appealing to me. Love the looks and the sounds I’ve heard online. Extremely cool guitar. Love that it is something new and unique. Anyone here own one?
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    I have a bunch of high end pedals I no longer use and need to sell, but hate the idea of listing them all on Reverb

    I probably have ~15 really nice high end pedals. I plan to use the proceeds to buy another guitar, but hate the idea of listing them all on Reverb and having to ship them. Anyone have luck selling pedals in bulk?
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    Have never loved a Strat as much as I love this one

    Thanks! Custom Shop 1960 pickups.
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    Have never loved a Strat as much as I love this one

    It has IT. It sounds both vintage and muscular. It is so articulate. It's a Custom Shop 1961 Stratocaster Heavy Relic and it's spectacular. It weighs 7.5 lbs and has Custom Shop 1960 pickups. This is a very modest attempt at Jeff Beck's interpretation of A Day in the Life.
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    Sold Collings I35LC Aged...killer guitar!

    Perfect top on this
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    Love this new Gretsch!

    Love the specs, look, tone - amazing sounding guitar. Love that they went with silver on white instead of gold hardware. So much classier and understated.
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    Sold 2017 Fender DualMag Custom Shop Stratocaster Relic

    Incredible sounding and playing Custom Shop Strat. Beautiful color on the neck. Relic is very tasteful. ~7.8 lbs. See spec sheet for details. Please PM or email (
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    Sold 2021 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom VOS $4300

    Have lots of additional pics if interested. PM or email ( Top 2-Piece Plain Maple Back 1-Piece Mahogany Finish Nitrocellulose with Antique Toner VOS Neck Dimensions 1st fret .818” / 12th fret .963” Fingerboard Material...
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    New Richard Fortus Gretsch - I'm intrigued!

    Anyone try one of these with the Bigsby?
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    Saw one of these yesterday. Very cool! Love that the neck seems to be a bit thicker than most other Gretsch guitars. I really want to try the white one with the Bigsby.
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    R8 Thread

    Black top, natural back. So cool.
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    Les Paul Custom is Bigsbyfied

    Tried to play like Neil this morning.
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    Les Paul Custom is Bigsbyfied

    I would like to try and age it a bit, but that sounds dangerous. . Is it easy to do?
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    Les Paul Custom is Bigsbyfied

    What size spring are you using with the Bigsby? The one that came with it seems a bit too long and the shorter one I ordered is a bit too short. Trying to get the arm at the ideal height.
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    Les Paul Custom is Bigsbyfied

    Very helpful!
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    Les Paul Custom is Bigsbyfied

    Haven’t weighed it yet, but probably 10.5. Actually doesn’t seem too bad.
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    Finished my Korina V

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