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    Luke on his 59

    this is some great playing, and the burst sounds great.
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    PRS DC245 Ted soapbar, what are stock pickups?

    Anyone know what the stock pickups are?
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    Shout out to Switch Doctor

    I stumbled onto these guys as I was looking for a single footswitch for my Rivera. I reached out and enquired about a custom single button channel switch for the R-55, and after some great communication via email, to make sure the switch would do what I wanted, they delivered the product...
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    Lollar highwind vs 59/09?

    anybody compared the 2?
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    Great Gruhn article
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    From the same tree?

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    Trigger Hippy

    caught them this week, and they are a great live band. jackie green is a monster player, and tom bukovac is also an amazing player. joan osborne surprised me. steve gorman has always been one of my favorite drummers. highly reccomend checking them out.
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    Found great OD for Morgan ac20

    i've been trying a bunch of od's to compliment my Morgan AC20. I tried a v1 OCD, v4 OCD, FD2, Keeley 808, but none of them were doing it for me. For the hell of it, I tried a Boss BC-2 Combo Drive I had in a drawer. It's a perfect match for the Morgan. It really sounds like an extension of...
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    OD help

    looking for an OD that does not clean up when you roll your guitar volume down. I'd also like it to have a good amount of compression. I'm currently using a keeley mod ts-808, but it's tone is too thin. i use it as a thickener on top of a bogner blue.
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    Warm tap empo delay

    Looking for a tap tempo delay (digital) that has a wrm sound, similar to the DD-3. Would like to keep it no bigger than a T-rex size pedal. Any reccomendations?
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    which chorus has the highest mix level?

    I need a boss/ibanez size chorus that has a very high mix level. i currently have a boss ce-5, but even with the level floored, it is too subtle.
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    cool brad pailsey video

    found this on the cigar aficionado website (he's on the cover this month with a feature article),AAAAADe65VM~,tUo3n8nqq2YbmgjKOWz_VKU4kiRMw0Yz&bclid=111592567001&bctid=1494374391001
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    David Grissom and Brent Mason at NAMM 2012 video

    Brent Mason stopped by the prs demo room, and here is what ensued
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    NEW BadCat Bobcat NAMM 2012

    this is a 5 watt (1 6v6), 29 lbd 1x12 combo. it has another new badcat product called the "unleash" built in. the unleash is basically a reverse attenuator. to activate this option, you need to connect an external cabinet, but once you do, there is a control on the amp called "unleash" that...
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    David Grissom and Davey Knowles jamming at NAMM 2012 videos and with the amazing grainger brothers rhythm section
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    Pics of 48th St from the mid 80s

    i dug these out while scanning some old stuff. brings back some memories.
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    What a great night!

    Went to see Tedeschi/Trucks at the Hampton Casino last night. On the way to the show, I ran into Joe Bonamassa in front of his hotel. He is playing at the Casino tonight. Really nice guy. The show itself was great. I am continually blown away at the talent Derek Trucks has. Susan Tedeschi...
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    great repair tip

    i was changing the knobs on one of my guitars and once again broke off one of the split shaft halves. in the past, i would just replace the pot, but i really didn't want to molest the internals, so i went searching on the web and found an easy/inexpensive fix. it's called JB Weld cold solder...
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    an interesting find

    i saw this guitar for the first time about 2 years ago, and i was instantly drawn to it. very unique for a fender. i ended up picking it up yesterday, and am totally stoked. it's a 2001 namm showmaster neck thru. body wings and neck are mahogany. fretboard is (i think) cocobola. 25 1/2 scale...
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    a dual p90 guitar on the bright side?

    i'm looking for a dual p90 guitar that leans to the brighter p90 tones. the gibson (sg special historic, 54ri) and prs (mccarty p90, cu22 p90) i've had or tried have all been on the darker side. any suggestions?
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    Occtone pedal review – PMC, MKII, Elmore Supreme!

    I got these pedals to review and pass along, so the review is a little biased in that I didn't purchase these. The PMC and MKII are both modified Boss DS-1s (no added controls). The Elmore is a proprietary box with two controls, volume and focus. I played through my Bad Cat Cub IIR and A/Bd...
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    PRS Singlecut semi-hollow

    Got a singlecut semi-hollow in Amber. According to Eric at Martin Music, it weighs 8lbs, 4 ouces, and that feels right. Eric took great care of me, and was very easy to deal with. It rings very loudly accousitcally. And now the porn Well, I took it to practice Saturday, and I'm in...
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    Upgraded to a Modern Eagle

    I've been unhappy with a few of my guitars (05 McCarty, 05 PRS Standard, Gibson CS Historic Pete Townsend SG) for various reasons, and have been looking for a single guitar to trade them towards. I did a little searching and found this Modern Eagle It is an exrememly lively guitar with...
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    My new R8

    I picked up htis 02 R8 from Mark's Guitar Loft in New Hampshire. First off, what an amazing shop. All natural wood floors/ceiling/walls filled with a killer assortment of Gibson/Fender/etc. Mark was really nice and patient, and his advice was spot on. He know guitars, especially the ones he...
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