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  1. Mr. Crow

    Any difference in quality for different years- Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster

    I'm looking to pick up a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster, and surprisingly in my local-ish area there are four different ones for sale, with the newest being 2021. Are there any particular years where the quality was better on these models? Is the current (2020-on) production supposedly better...
  2. Mr. Crow

    $600 for a used Epiphone 1959 Standard Reissue- Good Deal?

    I'm kind of on the fence about this, thought I'd get some opinions. Fairly local seller has an Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard with case up for sale for $600. I think it's about 2 years old. Seems to be in very good condition (haven't played it yet.) I'm really looking for a new guitar...
  3. Mr. Crow

    CL/FB Gibson Les Paul Standard- Real?Fake?

    This guitar has been popping up around here, started at $1600, down to $1300, now it's at $1000? Is this real? My sense is no.
  4. Mr. Crow

    Smoke on the Water- Daniel Glass Trio

    I heard this on WRTI in Philadelphia last night. Really very interesting, a jazz trio playing 'Smoke on the Water'. I almost didn't recognize, but it's out there and interesting.
  5. Mr. Crow

    Bass Playing on "The Long and Winding Road"

    I just listened to "The Long and Winding Road" on Let It Be- Naked. John Lennon is said to play bass, and it has been described as "crude" and "musical sabotage" in a couple of articles I've read. I've also read that there are obvious mistakes. After listening to it, I heard no obvious...
  6. Mr. Crow

    New King Crimson Documentary

    This looks like it could be very interesting. I'm a longtime fan of the band and Robert Fripp.
  7. Mr. Crow

    Who plays the piano on The Who's "Tommy"?

    Just listening to some "Tommy" and the song 'Sally Simpson' came on. The piano playing is particularly adapt. Is this PT playing piano on this album, or did they get in one the many piano guys from the 1960's to do the more complicated tunes. I know PT plays piano, but I wasn't aware that...
  8. Mr. Crow

    Epiphone EJ-200 Artist- Good deal for $125 used?

    Hi- I noticed an Epiphone EJ-200 Artist locally for sale for $125. Owner said it's about a year old, no case, perfect condition. I've been looking for an acoustic, don't have one. Is this a good instrument, and a good price? I kind of wanted something to leave on a stand so I could grab it...
  9. Mr. Crow

    Peavey Express 112 TransTube or Peavey Bandit 65?

    Two local amps up for sale, both look to be fair to good condition. $75 a piece. Here's the rub- can't try either one, seller is just interested in meeting up and selling. CraigsList paranoia, I get it. Both guys say amps are in working condition, no issues. Which is the better buy? It...
  10. Mr. Crow

    Peavey Studio Pro 112 Red Stripe- $100 a good deal?

    I can pick up a Peavey Studio Pro 112 Red Stripe, made in in China NOT USA, for $100. Person says is in excellent condition and barely used. Does not have a foot switch. I'll just be using it for home playing. Right now I have a Fender Super Champ XD which is nice but nothing special...
  11. Mr. Crow

    Fender Superchamp XD speaker question

    I just use my Fender Superchamp XD in my spare bedroom, doesn't really get cranked up at all. I'd still like to get the most out of the amp, so I'm considering swapping the speaker for a Fender C10R since I'd like to keep it Fender-y sounding, don't want to go with something else. My question...
  12. Mr. Crow

    Vintage Jordan J730 Compressor/Sustain pedal- any info?

    Anyone have any information about this pedal? It was given to me by a family friend. Really squashes a note. My only other compressor is a Boss CS-2 from the 1980's and they seem way different. Thanks.
  13. Mr. Crow

    Fender SuperChamp XD for $100?

    Have a chance at a used Fender Superchamp XD for $100. It's the older XD, not the newer X2. Looks to be in good shape. Good deal? Seems like some folks love them, others felt that it was a 'toy'. I'm looking for nice cleans, I use pedals for dirt. Light is a plus, that's why I'm...
  14. Mr. Crow

    Gibson LP Special P-90 Limited Edition

    This guitar keeps popping up in the banners, and I'm really tempted. My issue is, I own a 2008 Gibson SG Classic. It was supposed to be my P90 guitar, I bought it because of the supposedly...
  15. Mr. Crow

    Volume fluxuation/drop in Tube Amp

    I'm looking at buying a Fender Champ 25 tube amp that appears in good condition, but the owner says that after a few minutes the volume will go from normal to dropping down quite low. He says it just needs a new set of tubes. Does that sound like something a new set of tubes would fix, or is...
  16. Mr. Crow

    Randall Commander 1 Opinions

    Any opinions on an old orange stripe Randall Commander 1 1x12 combo? One locally for $150, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with these. Looks to be in good shape. Thanks.
  17. Mr. Crow

    Pedals by Tone April 65

    Just wondered if anyone had any info on this pedal. There is one for sale locally to me for $110. I'm currently fuzz-less, an older guy who plays 60's and 70's prog rock and originals in the British vibe. Can't find many opinions on this pedal. Is this a good price? Good pedal for what...
  18. Mr. Crow

    DOD FX 65 Chorus power question

    I have an old DOD FX65 Chorus that I love, but the battery clip is getting wonky and I'd rather power it another way anyway. I'm looking to get an adapter to plug onto the end of my Boss PSA-120 that I use for my Boss CE-2. Are both of these good for what I need? I might go with the unxell...
  19. Mr. Crow

    Epi Bonamassa LP or mid- level Gibson

    I'm looking to buy a less expensive LP guitar. Trying to keep the price around the $500-$700 level. There is a very good condition Epi Joe Bonamassa LP in pehlam blue for $450 that is pretty local to me. Would this guitar be a better choice as opposed to one of the Gibson offerings in my...
  20. Mr. Crow

    Question for anyone who has lost a password.

    Hi- I'm a longtime member but an older, computer novice. I've had my computer and account on TGP for over ten years. Recently, I got a new computer, and trying to log onto TGP from my new computer (laptop) is impossible because I registered under an old Comcast e-mail to TGP, and I've lost...
  21. Mr. Crow

    Peavey Envoy 110 Red Stripe

    Low cost amp question- Anyone use a Peavey Envoy 110 Red Stripe amp. Made in USA. Has a Blue Marvel speaker, looks in very good condition, and it's $60. Just looking for a good clean sound for practice. Tried a Bandit but way too heavy. I'm an older guy. Would a Fender Mustang 1 be...
  22. Mr. Crow

    Roland Cube 40 GX

    Due to health issues, I need a light-weight amp. I've been a 70's Fender Deluxe Reverb user for the past 20 years, strictly home practice and jazz studies. Will this amp actually get me close to the warm, clean tone that I'm so used to, or am I going to be totally bummed-out and start shaking...
  23. Mr. Crow

    Jensen Neo Question

    I'm looking on-line at an Avatar G112 Traditional Cube with a 1x12 Jensen Neo speaker in it. I called and they said the only thing written on the speaker is 'Jensen Neo' with the numbers 0303 on it. Is this a good model of these Neo speakers? With my bad back and age, I'm looking for a...
  24. Mr. Crow

    New Roland Cube 40GX or used Roland Cube 60 Cosm?

    Any thought on which one I should buy? I can get a brand new 40GX shipped for $209, or a used Cube 60 Cosm shipped for about $235. Seems some folks really love the Cube 60. This is the later model Cube 60, not the earlier model. I'm looking to stick to these two models after lots of...
  25. Mr. Crow

    Broken Guitar Case hinges

    I have an Aria Herb Ellis full hollowbody, and it's case has two back hinges, both of which are now broken. Any ideas how to fix this? I really want to keep the case, it's not even that great but I don't want to spend $120+ for a new one, and the acoustic guitar case I've moved the Aria to...
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