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  1. Ethn Hayabusa

    My Band's First Music Video!

    My band's first video! We are super happy with how it turned out.
  2. Ethn Hayabusa

    The Janitors of Chaos debut album

    We are proud to unveil our debut album, "Aether Ore". The product of years of diligent writing, recording, and tinkering, Aether Ore features 10 tracks of stunning clarity (8 vocal/2 instrumental), featuring a wide variety of tones and vibes. Our...
  3. Ethn Hayabusa

    Opening for Tony MacAlpine in Seattle!

    Saturday October 21st, The Janitors of Chaos are opening for legendary guitarist Tony MacAlpine at El Corazone in Seattle! Very honored to be opening for such an amazing artist! 21+ $18/adv $20 day of
  4. Ethn Hayabusa

    Chris Poland performance in Woodinville, featuring my band!

    My band, The Janitors of Chaos, is pleased to announce that we will again be backing up Chris Poland, this time for his October performance in Woodinville, Washington! Tickets are limited to forty people, and last time sold out! Here is our warmup from the last event we did together: Ticket...
  5. Ethn Hayabusa

    Seattle, Wa July 19th Opening for Stu Hamm!

    My band (The Janitors of Chaos) is opening for Stuart Hamm, and I couldn't be happier. Sorry for the self promotion, but I am so excited. My dad was a bassist (he passed away a few years ago), and Stu was royalty in our home. July 19th at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle...
  6. Ethn Hayabusa

    Zelda 2 Palace Theme

    New tune from Harder Than Contra! We play iFest this Saturday at the Seattle Center Armory. 11am, all ages. Free!
  7. Ethn Hayabusa

    Harder Than Contra- Video Game Music

    My video game cover band, "Harder Than Contra" just uploaded a tune. Guitars, Bass, Drums, Woodwinds and Brass. 10 member band!
  8. Ethn Hayabusa

    New Instrumental Track from my band "The Janitors of Chaos" I know I said this would be out a long time ago, but it was an insane amount of work. I am really happy with it. Check it out with really good speakers/headphones if you can, there are a ton of layers...
  9. Ethn Hayabusa

    Stolen guitars!

    A friend of mine had his stuff stolen out of the car of his drummer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATTENTION FRIENDS! Last night two of my guitars were stolen. One is an 1987 Gibson Les Paul Studio, white with black and white zebra...
  10. Ethn Hayabusa

    The Janitors of Chaos-My band's first single.

    Hello! Here is the first single from our upcoming debut album. And for fun, here is an old youtube clip of the rhythm section jamming with Chris Poland; Hope you like it. If you don't, I hope...
  11. Ethn Hayabusa

    Carl Verheyen Clinic

    I'm excited to announce that one of the companies that I teach for, Spotlight Studios, will be hosting a Carl Verheyen clinic Sunday, June 10th in Woodinville, Washington. It's about 20-25 minutes North East of Seattle. It will be an early clinic, since he will be playing Portland that same...
  12. Ethn Hayabusa

    Broken Eventide TimeFactor

    My TimeFactor randomly has parameters start adjusting themselves (screen goes haywire). I contacted Eventide, and it is going to be $100 to fix. If there is no alternative, I guess that is what I have to do. Just curious if anyone has alternatives to shipping it to Eventide for repair.
  13. Ethn Hayabusa

    A Cool Arpeggio

    Here is part one of a lesson I did for It's basically just a series of fun licks. and here is a tab for it: I've posted this on other forums, hopefully some people here haven't...
  14. Ethn Hayabusa


    Just introducing myself.
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