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  1. Mr. Crow

    The big $ used market....maybe part of the problem is......

    Lots of dudes are dumb. GC/MF/Sweetwater give me a money back guarantee. That's worth money, IMO. Random dude doesn't want to see you once you leave his driveway. No way I'm giving him the same price as a store. Not the same quality of service. Understand depreciation or I'm not...
  2. Mr. Crow

    What are you listening to right now?

    Are you in the US? They load easily and are playing back here.
  3. Mr. Crow

    Short scale offsets

    Is there any model of the Jaguar or Mustang that have chunky necks? They all feel so small to me, size wise, not just scale.
  4. Mr. Crow

    Fender JV Modified ‘60s Stratocaster

    I'd love to try the Tele, but there isn't a chance in the world any store near me will have one hanging up so I can give it a go.
  5. Mr. Crow

    NPD DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus

    Are you saying you loosen the switch? Those two metal screws at the top of the switch? That's great to know if true. Do they take Allen wrenches?
  6. Mr. Crow

    NPD DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus

    I love the FX65. Used to buy them all day long for around $25-$35. Now people want $150. For some reason the switches always went bad on my older DOD pedals so I stopped using them. I was shocked to see how much people are asking for them now.
  7. Mr. Crow

    Should you expect level frets on a new $700+ guitar?

    Yes, you should. $700 is a lot of money.
  8. Mr. Crow

    In Praise of Decals on a Partscaster Headstock

    I agree, it looks barren without some kind of decal.
  9. Mr. Crow

    Any love for the American Special Telecaster?

    They seemed like a great buy if you didn't mind jumbo frets. Those don't work for me unfortunately.
  10. Mr. Crow

    Joni Mitchel, "Clouds", 7/24/22

    I really love this re-working she did in 2000.
  11. Mr. Crow

    Do You Have YOUR Holy Grail Les Paul?

    No, I don't even have a LP that disappoints me. One of these days though.
  12. Mr. Crow

    Brian Wilson concert?

    He wants to perform as best he can and celebrate his music. Nothing creepy about it, he's had well publicized mental health issues for decades, and he's dealing with them well, from what I hear. Denigrating his struggles is classless.
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