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  1. krisharmony

    Sold Trussart Steelcaster

    TRADED- All original Trussart Steelcaster, born in February 2014. Incredible guitar but looking to get back to Gibson scale length. Relatively rare '52 style neck, Arcane pickups, with OHSC, papers, and tags from Action Music in Falls Church, VA. 8lbs 15oz. Specifically looking for Gibson...
  2. krisharmony

    Peter Green out-of-phase tone... EQ pedal?

    Love the out of phase PG tone but not willing to rewire or permanently change my Les Paul, and don't really want to do a push/pull. Could it be imitated with an EQ pedal? I'm thinking dropping the bass, the treble some, and boosting the 800 and 1.2k? PSA: I'm aware it won't be exact, no need...
  3. krisharmony

    Sold Baby Blue OD by One Control

    One Control Baby Blue OD- traded Lovepedal MKIII Black Tonebender with box- traded
  4. krisharmony

    Sold 1937 Gibson EH-150 7-string lap steel with Geib case

    Beautiful all original 1937 Gibson EH-150 7-string lap steel with original Geib hardshell case. Charlie Christian pickup is strong and articulate, the top has some curl to it, and the case is cool in and of itself. The Gibson inlayed logo has turned a very pretty gold. Players' condition...
  5. krisharmony

    NGD: Trussart Steelcaster

    Just picked up this 2014 Trussart Steelcaster "Rustomatic." I've wanted one of his guitars for a long time and one popped up locally almost unplayed. Sounds phenomenal, pretty loud acoustically and every note rings like a bell electrically even with some dirt. Sounds to me like the pickups...
  6. krisharmony

    NGD: 1937 Gibson EH-150 lap steel

    Just picked this up today in a trade, '37 Gibson 7-string lap steel with the original case. Anyone know what these cases are called? It has a stamp on the back but I can't read it. Geib? Interesting pole pieces on the Charlie Christian, 4 individuals and then a 3-string pole. Not in minty...
  7. krisharmony

    Sold THD 2ohm Hot Plate attenuator w/ Weber harness

    THD 2ohm Hot Plate with Weber harness. Replacing a tweed Bassman with a Deluxe Reverb so no longer need the attenuator. If you have either a '59 Bassman (LTD or vintage) or a Super Reverb then this is one of the few attenuators that will work with it! The Bassman is for sale as well local to...
  8. krisharmony

    Sold Fender '59 Bassman LTD (Northern VA area) and THD Hot Plate 2ohm attenuator

    Newly serviced lacquered '59 Bassman LTD. Brand new tubes, caps, etc. courtesy of Copperhead Audio Engineering. Mercury transformer, Tung-Sol 6L6s, Sovtek rectifier, Sovtek and Tung-Sol preamp tubes. It's essentially a handwired 5F6-A Bassman now. Only selling because it's too loud for what...
  9. krisharmony

    Rehouse multiple pedals into 1 enclosure

    Considering rehousing an OD-808 and OCD into a single enclosure and need some electronics advice. If I do so, would it be possible that they share the same 9v power? Also, would the output of the first just be hard-wired to the input of the second? If there is a newbie resource that isn't...
  10. krisharmony

    NGD: '06 R8 with surprise pickups...

    Rarely post here anymore but I had to share this today. Honestly, I'm not even much of a buyer anymore, with only 1 Tele to my name in the electric realm and a couple of affordable acoustics. But today I headed to my local shop to kill some time with no particular aim in mind but a feeling they...
  11. krisharmony

    Sold Price drop- MJT S-Style (Strat) Neck with tuners, Tusq nut

    Mark Jenny (MJT) S-Style (Strat) neck. Absolutely beautiful relic'd neck with great playability and very little mileage on it. Sold -USACG '54 profile neck with a Dark Indian Rosewood Fingerboard -Quartersawn rock maple -12 inch radius -21 6130 medium jumbo frets and rolled edges -Callaham...
  12. krisharmony

    Sold MJT S-style- Parting out

    BODY SOLD SEPARATELY- Mark Jenny (MJT) S-Style (Strat) with Callaham/Fralin, USACG parts. Neck- Quartersawn rock maple, 12 inch radius, USACG '54 neck with a Dark Indian Rosewood Fingerboard and 21 6130 medium jumbo frets and rolled edges. Callaham clay dots, 25.5" scale, 1.650" nut width...
  13. krisharmony

    Can a Strymon Deco replace a compressor?

    I have a Diamond Comp SL compressor which I love but I'm really interested in getting a Deco because both sides of that thing look incredibly cool to me. Could the Deco replace the Diamond altogether? Would the Diamond on the front end of my signal chain and the Deco closer to the end be too...
  14. krisharmony

    Sold Keeley Fuzz Head

    Keeley Fuzz Head, great condition with box papers and no velcro: sold! Weber reverb unit (Fender 6G15): traded! Digitech Trio: sold! Shure Green Bullet mic: traded! Pedaltrain mini: sold! Trades interested in Lollar Charlie Christian bridge pickup (not neck), maybe pedals.IMG_20180121_124037901...
  15. krisharmony

    Cioks DC-8 to power big box DMM?

    Will this thing power a big box DMM 24v through outlets 5/6 or 7/8 with the Booster Flex? Most of the information I can find regarding EHX pedals refer to them generally, but the ranges of voltage on these things is all over the place so I'm not sure which EHX pedals they're referring to...
  16. krisharmony

    Best power supply for big box DMM

    I've got one of the big box DMMs made for a 24v DC 100ma power supply. Will the input(s) on the far right of the DC-10 work for this pedal? I was set on getting one until I saw a guy looking to get rid of his because he just bought a big box DMM... Mine is the one below: 20160118_134859-1-2...
  17. krisharmony

    Sold Flint, PP2, Bad Bob, RC-2, Loop Master AB

    20160124_173253-1-1-1-1 by krisharmony posted Jan 24, 2016 at 5:37 PM Analogman Bad Bob- $sold Boss RC-2- $sold Voodoo Lab PP2- $sold Loopmaster AB- $traded Strymon Flint- $sold
  18. krisharmony

    Sold Fulltone Clyde Deluxe

    With the buffer, looking for trade towards Analogman, Strymon, Lehle. Sold. 20151209_230218 - Edited by krisharmony posted Dec 15, 2015 at 8:35 PM20151209_230151 - Edited by krisharmony posted Dec 15, 2015 at 8:34 PM20151004_092129 (1) by krisharmony posted Oct 4, 2015 at 10:36 AM
  19. krisharmony

    Sold Emery Sound Superbaby with Mad Scientist Tube Set

    Head only, with full tube kit. Sold. IMAG0828 by krisharmony posted Jul 9, 2015 at 9:27 PMIMAG0829 by krisharmony posted Jul 9, 2015 at 9:27 PM
  20. krisharmony

    Harmonic Trem on Mobius vs Flint

    Is it the same algorithm? I love my Flint especially for the harmonic trem but would like the versatility of the Mobius. Thanks in advance,
  21. krisharmony

    When did people start caring about velcro?

    Is this really a thing? That guys are now passing on pedals for the previous owner actually mounting them to a board?
  22. krisharmony

    NGD: MJT Strat project

    Been collecting the parts for this guy for a while- -EJ-style rosewood neck from USACG/MJT: Two-piece Quarter Sawn Rock Maple, Dark Indian Rosewood fingerboard, “The ‘54”; Soft "V" Shape at 1st Fret to Large "C" Shape at 12th Fret, Softly Rolled Edges, 6130 21 Medium Jumbo Frets, 12" (305 mm)...
  23. krisharmony

    What's wrong with my Strymon Flint?

    I turned on my PP2 that the Strymon is hooked up to and the pedal is just clicking both lights on repeatedly and won't work otherwise. I've tried each of the outputs on the PedalPower, two different types of cabes for it but no change. Unfortunately I don't have a separate adapter for it...
  24. krisharmony

    Foil pickups in a Telecaster

    I have a Tele with Lollar Special Ts (8k neck, 6.3k bridge) and want to throw a gold foil type pickup in the middle. Does anyone have experience with either reproduction foils or vintage types and pairing them with modern pickups? I'm curious about how they'll work together, if the...
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