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    Difference between Dumble and Klon style pedals?

    I have one of each on my board right now, and they compliment each other nicely. Tumnus Deluxe - does a nice open low gain sound and given the three band EQ, I can dial in the amount of mid push I want for a given room, whatever makes my ears happy at the time etc. Jetter Custom-Voiced GS124 -...
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    George L alternative

    Best for me has been to solder Switchcraft pancake jacks onto George L cable. Sounds great, reliable, and if they break, easy to fix.
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    Any love for Jetter pedals?

    Anybody have thoughts on the Monster? Brad’s pedals tend to be incremental at times (which is not a criticism, seems evolutionary), wondering how different this one is from the Altair IV.
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    Any love for Jetter pedals?

    I’ve had several and currently an Altair IV and a Custom Voiced GS 124. Brad’s stuff is commonly very amp-like and really shines at stage volumes. They’re very well built and get along with everything. And on top of all that, he’s a great guy to work with.
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    Dual overdrives

    I’ve had great results from Jetter dual drive pedals (and have had several). OP - Brad’s pedals don’t have the EQ capacity you’re describing, but the tone pots always seem extremely well tuned to the voicing of the drive and more than enough tone control.
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    K&K Pure Mini With Red Eye Help...Too Much Bass!

    The K&K is very placement sensitive. While it may be placed correctly, it may not be placed optimally. I know luthiers who will start with double sided tape and adjust placement before gluing the pickup in place. Considering the variability in guitar top construction, this makes sense, no? With...
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    How on earth have I never used filtertrons until now?

    They're great pickups. I built a tele with two and it was truly a do everything guitar like I'm sure your Strat is now. Pretty impressive how you can get the twang when they're clean but they can get thick and snarly when you want them to be. These days I have a Chet Atkins model Gretsch (forget...
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    Allen Amps; which one???

    I have a Sweet Spot (1X12 with 5881's) and an Encore (10/12 combo, 40 watt OT, 6L6's), and both are fantastic. Given what you already have, it would seem the Encore might be the way to go since you get reverb and tremolo, a great master volume circuit, can run 6V6's or 6L6's, and can choose...
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    Analog multi-modulation effects pedal?

    Marc is doing custom Skreddy multi pedals - bet you could put something interesting together; https://skreddypedals.com/skreddy_pedals_galaxy_cluster.php
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    Funk Guys - What’s Your Favorite Comp And Why?

    Thanks, that’s good to hear.
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    Funk Guys - What’s Your Favorite Comp And Why?

    I've seen Corey live - phenomenal musician. That’s the one I was thinking about anyway, good enough for Corey... How’s the noise level On the Wampler? (And yes everyone, I know comps generally increase the noise floor etc.)
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    Funk Guys - What’s Your Favorite Comp And Why?

    Let’s not talk about chicken pickin. Whatcha like?
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    Uni-Vibe Pedal Suggestions

    Really like my Retrovibe - sounds great in my rig.
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    Humbuckers with best cleans?

    Wow, nice sounding demo. Will have to keep these on the radar.
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    Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver Respect Thread

    Interestingly, I've A/B'd the HFD with a Tumnus and Tumnus Deluxe and could get the HFD to sound VERY much like these set as clean boosts. With the gain down, the HFD doesn't have as much volume on tap as these, but more than enough for my needs. That being said, the HFD does such a good job at...
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    Overdrive that can be used to boost a dirty amp, but also as a stand-alone medium OD into a clean amp?

    The Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver is worth a look. I can dial mine in to sound very much like my Tumnus, and it gets well into Marshall territory as you up the gain and run it into a clean platform. It’s very responsive to the guitar’s volume pot and sounds great in a live mix (I’ve had sound guys...
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    Jam retro vibe increasing treble?

    Mine isn't bright or shrill at all, if anything it's on the darker side. Sounds glorious though, extremely musical.
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    What Makes a Player a Hack?

    I hear you. I play and sing and have very few songs that require me to look at lyrics on my iPad. Just my job to learn them. I've noticed more than a few singers staring at lyrics in their phones all night (ie which their holding in their hand and looking down at) - while again, no different...
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    For Steely Dan fans...

    I listened to 3 of their videos. Spot on covers for sure, and most bands can't pull this off (although to be honest, a couple of the endings were a little cheesy to me). When I see players this talented, I keep hoping they'll put some of their own spin on things though - something to make me...
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    What Makes a Player a Hack?

    Teleprompters on big stages are essentially the exact same thing as a lyric sheet, just a helluva lot easier to see on stage. I see tablets on the every big stage these days, especially with horns but for others as well. If these issues constitute a "hack" then we have an awful lot of big names...
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    What's live music looking like for you this month in your area?

    My band is pretty much on hold. Too many uncertainties and we'd all hate to contribute to the problem by bringing people together. Like most folks, we all really miss playing out.
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    What Kind of Guitar Straps Are These And Where Can I Get Something Similar?

    I know, it’s a lot for a strap. But when you hold one you realize it will last for decades and they become a much better deal in the long run.
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    What Kind of Guitar Straps Are These And Where Can I Get Something Similar?

    Levy’s is always a good recommendation in my experience. If you want something a little beefier, El Dorado does great stuff. https://eldoradostraps.com/product/plain-model-leather-guitar-straps/vintage-plain-model-leather-guitar-strap/ This one has a shoulder pad you could slide off, but I’d...
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    Sigh. Broke my guitar last night. UPDATE: Structural repair seems great.

    Titebond is great stuff; I agree, with good clamping pressure it should be stronger than the surrounding wood. I've repaired headstocks with Titebond and two part epoxy and never really saw one outperform the other. If you're good with finish work and have a very light touch, sometimes...
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    Come on, Guitar Center!

    It's relic'd