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  1. Peeb

    Quincy Jones: "The Beatles Were The Worst Musicians In The World".

    Wow- just read the story linked in the OP. As we get older, that little voice that says "Even tho you really think it, you should NOT say it" really tends to dim. Is that happening here? I love the legendary Quincy Jones. The Beatles were the GOAT. Quincy gets a pass here, from me...
  2. Peeb

    So Rush broke up over this?

    Had me giggling foolishly. Masterful spoof there. Much respect.
  3. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    Hmmm- that's interesting. I didn't have ISIO as an option until I loaded ASIO4ALL. No option for focusrite driven ASIO until I loaded the 2nd Gen drivers last night. Maybe a problem unique to my rig. I'm just glad it is working now.
  4. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    The 1st generation Scarlett 2i2 drivers didn't have ASIO as an option- only wave or waveRT. The newer 2nd generation unit does have that support. I actually downloaded the focusrite second gen drivers last night and they seem to work with my older hardware.
  5. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    OK- here is what I did to get things going: Re-downloaded and re-installed ASIO4ALL drivers (previously, the system was somehow corrupted so that when you selected ASIO, the 2i2 was not listed as a potential input or output device), rebooted, reopened Mixcraft, and NOW I could set up ASIO as a...
  6. Peeb

    Kiss- Do they suck, or not suck?

    I liked them as a kid- wouldn't pay a quarter to see or hear them now. In fact I find them a bit embarrassing. If one is willing to own the fact that the music industry will do almost ANYTHING to part you from your money, I guess the whole premise of KISS should not be too offensive, but they...
  7. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    Sadly Mixcraft is the rare DAW that is NOT available in OS X. Ironically, I bought it due to it being .... 'mac-like'. (Mac-ish?). I've got nice monitors hooked up to my 2i2 input device- and the laptop gets plugging via usb from time to time, but other times I use the laptop without the...
  8. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    The expense of the new hardware and learning curve for the OS would be daunting, but I DO like the stability. My kids all drive MacBook Pros and they just work. I'd have to abandon my substantial investment of time devoted to Mixcraft as well since the only way to run this on a mac is thru...
  9. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    You are so right! Yeah, this computer is necessarily a jack-of-all trades and must continue for the time being to be a swiss army knife, sadly. As to specific parameters, that's the issue that is wearing me out. Somewhere I've gotten written down a set of instructions to myself to check...
  10. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    Current rig: guitar or mic into focusrite 2i2 into Windows 10 laptop. I use Mixcraft as DAW and get tones from S-gear Current gripes: I need some type of voodoo (ASAIOor some such thing) to get my instruments to play nice with my DAW and every time a take a break of a few weeks or months...
  11. Peeb

    Define your effects use philosophy in one word.

    chicken-pot-pie. OK- I used hypens to cheat.
  12. Peeb

    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    Welcome back, Tag! Word on the street is that you, um, know tone. :D
  13. Peeb

    J Rockett The Dude vs. Barber Gain Changer

    I borrowed a small fry and I REALLY hated giving it back. My my guitar/amp sound SO nice!
  14. Peeb

    Who makes the best sounding and reliable coily cable?

    Every time I hear the phrase coily cable I think of gearmandude....
  15. Peeb

    Melodyne virus???

    LOL! I've seen some very lively debate over the best pitch correction solution, but now that I (finally) have it loaded, I'm getting some pretty credible results given my novice skill set. I have several tracks that are 90 percent what I want, and this is getting me about 5 of that last 10...
  16. Peeb

    Melodyne virus???

    Legit point, but: 1) As a hobbyist, I haven't had the luxury of thinking in terms of an independent computer for my personal needs, my music needs, and my photography. One box has gotta do it all. 2) I needed to download the software. ANY computer that can access the net will have some type...
  17. Peeb

    Melodyne virus???

    UPDATE: celemony support told me to log into their site under my account name and password, then download from there. I did that and it went further but still crashed. THEN I temporarily disabled Norton and (finally) got it loaded. Sigh.... Guess it's working now, so I got that going for...
  18. Peeb

    Melodyne virus???

    I'm trying to install Melodyne and Norton a/v flags the program and deletes the setup.exe program. Norton shows under 'details' that the manufacturer has a 'bad reputation'. What? I tried to flag the offending files as OK and it still wouldn't install. I tried deleting the download and...
  19. Peeb

    How many of us still buy music?

    Yes, I buy music. Just seems fair to me to compensate the artist.
  20. Peeb

    Joe Walsh just blew my mind. WHOLE LOTTA LOVE riff

    Joe Walsh is entertaining, whether he is playing, singing, or just telling tales.
  21. Peeb

    What non-Beatles song sounds most Beatle-esque to you?

    Death Cab for Cutie- Crooked Teeth
  22. Peeb

    Gordon Lightfoot

    Wore out "Gord's Gold". Great artist.
  23. Peeb

    T.C. Electronic HALL OF FAME REVERB

    Tried changing cable?
  24. Peeb

    The Stratocaster is the greatest guitar design of all time

    Sophia Vergara- sharp knees. Way below my standards...
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