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  1. alivegy

    Three sided mic sound blocker for guitar amps...what is it?

    Most ribbons have a figure 8 pattern and reject the sides. An exception would be the m160.
  2. alivegy

    Bit Depth / Sample Rate

    In my experience the difference is hardware dependent. Bit depth is the amount of information in each sample and basically sets your headroom and noise floor. There isnt much of a benefit in going above 24 bits. Sample rate sets the max frequency that you can capture. You need double the sample...
  3. alivegy

    PSA: Most Waves plugins on sale for $29

    I grabbed the scheps too. Way too much functionality to pass up for less money than a couple of burritos.
  4. alivegy

    Sennheiser mic of the month - $99 e906...

    And it will be mine! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. alivegy

    Boomy bass sound when tracking low volume guitar cabs

    Room reflections shouldn't be much of a factor with an e609. I bet that you're running into proximity effect. When I used to record at home I spent a while finding a mic placement that made the best of the situation. I found that having the capsule about 4 inches off of the speaker seemed to...
  6. alivegy

    A Plea To Any In-Ear Monitoring Folks

    Most live sound consists of some dynamic mic shoved up against the grillcloth of an amp. If you take that straight sound and run it through the worlds greatest headphones it is still probably going to sound like crap. That sound needs space to fill and bounce around in which is why in the room...
  7. alivegy

    Micing High Gain

    agreed. Although, I usually prefer to lowpass above 10k-11k even if the guitar eq is well handled at the source. Particularly with distorted guitars as they produce a lot of odd-order harmonics up there that can sound nasty in a lot of contexts, or sometimes they blend in well with the cymbals...
  8. alivegy

    Audix I5?

    The i5 is similar to a 57. It is a supercardiod so it is better at rejecting sound from the sides and behind the mic. It has a bit more lowend and more detail in the highend which gives it more of a scooped tone than a 57.
  9. alivegy

    Micing High Gain

    you'll also probably want to lowpass anything above 10k. A distorted guitar doesn't produce anything pleasing up there.
  10. alivegy

    Close micing a guitar cabinet: Why?

    I close mic to reduce room reflections because I am not in an ideal room. Then as part of my aux send channels I use a very small room reverb, something like 4-5m with a short decay time. Because the verb is so short I can mix it at a much higher level than you would a typical reverb. Even...
  11. alivegy

    Superior Drummer

    You can also buy presets of these internal plugins setup by popular engineers, but I always prefer to do it on my own.
  12. alivegy

    Superior Drummer

    The samples are very dry, which is a good thing. I run each output into a separate channel of my daw and then run them through plugins like i would had i actually miced a kit. If you just use the samples as they are it's pretty lifeless, but I think that is by design. If you just want drums...
  13. alivegy

    Advice on a guitar isolation cabinet

    I wouldn't port the speaker enclosure itself. I think the last one is your best bet so far. You may need to make the external port a bit bigger so that you dont get port noise, then possibly fill the gap with insulation or a bit of polyfill. After you build it you'll have to go through a...
  14. alivegy

    Advice on a guitar isolation cabinet

    I have not created a box myself, but here are my thoughts. Your box will probably do a decent job of letting you crank an amp a bit without getting too much sound leakage. You will still here some bass and there will be some low freq vibration passed from the box to other surfaces. That is...
  15. alivegy

    What software for High school students to record on???

    If you can swing it I would use protools. It is the industry standard and using it will give them the most relevant knowledge should they decide to pursue a career.
  16. alivegy

    ReAmp: Passive or Active Box, and Why?

    For reamping out of a DAW I prefer a passive setup. The signal coming out of the DAW will be stronger than what an amp is designed to work with in the first place so there should little reason to have circuitry in the reamp box that requires an active power source. I have used both types and...
  17. alivegy

    Impulse response for power amp

    impulse responses from power amps will only give you their eq and phase altering characteristics. You won't get any of the distortion or harmonic content of the power section of the amplifier. The redwirez cabinets should just be the speaker response, they probably tried to use as colorless an...
  18. alivegy

    Do 57s generally sound best right up on the grille?

    for recording I like to put them 3-4" off of the grill to limit the proximity effect. Live sound I just shove them up against the grill and turn down the bass.
  19. alivegy

    Miking Amplifiers ( Photos )

    I have found that 4-5 inches back seems to be the butter zone for dynamic mics and guitar cabs. It gives you a good balanced tone without too much room, and with good control of the proximity effect so that it isn't too boomy.
  20. alivegy

    Building a home studio sucks!!!

    I think the first step in building a home studio is to properly manage your expectations. Working on your craft and the art of writing and performing music is more valuable than any preamp, microphone, compressor etc. Watched a Foo Fighters documentary where they recorded the latest album in...
  21. alivegy

    Someone needs to stop the love fest... Adam A7's are poorly-built crap

    That makes sense now. It is saying that the element only has to move at .25% the speed in order to recreate a given frequency as compared to typical cone and dome drivers.
  22. alivegy

    Someone needs to stop the love fest... Adam A7's are poorly-built crap

    I have never used A7's and don't plan on buying them anytime soon, so I don't have much stake in this conversation. This quote intrigues me, though. What does this mean? The frequency of a sound is a factor of it's wave length. So it can't be shortening the wave length. And the speed of...
  23. alivegy

    Record 2 guitars at the same time twice - where to pan in the mix?

    I prefer to hard pan dry signals. Then pan the reverbs or delays to the opposite ear of the dry signal.
  24. alivegy

    Head's Up For EZDrummer User's-Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade Offer

    Superior is worth it for its integration with edrum kits.
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