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    Zagray! alive & well

    Been in the shadows of late but we're still here. A couple short clips with the Zagray! combo from the Fuzz Guitar Show 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden May 10-11. Recorded with Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. Not fully pro sound quality but a couple notches better than other phone cams. Two clips...
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    The Zagray! - alive and well

    A couple fresh clips with the Zagray! combo from the Fuzz Guitar Show 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden May 10-11. Recorded with Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. Not fully pro sound quality but a couple notches better than other phone cams. Two clips uploaded so far, will add a couple more in coming days...
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    Zagray! Amp is a Healer?

    Sometimes, seemingly unrelated events can lead to unexpected results. This was one such sequence that brought a great reward for me – no, nothing that I could take to the bank. But it gave me a feeling there might be a hidden purpose and meaning in what we do. Sometimes we get lucky to have it...
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    My Custom Signature Capacitors

    The secret of The Tone.
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    What tube is this? a little quiz, no prize but fame & glory

    There are clues and deceptions in the photo ;-)
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    Now what!? Yet another Zagray! amp gets ready to go...

    Been silent for some time...felt an urgent need to change surroundings for a while. Anyway, I'm back and here's yet another Zagray! head soon to go to its owner. This one stays in my home town. It will be fitted with a pair of NOS 7868 power tubes. And pretty unique ones too. Hope you will find...
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    Something for PCB haters

    Had another PV Classic 30 on my bench yesterday. Customer claimed power tubes going bad causing all kinds of crackling and burping noises. Just touching any one tube produced earthquake sound effects. The cause of it all: Resoldering all tube sockets and a good number of other vitrified...
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    Shooting tubes with a 2$ torch

    I needed to take a look at the grid without breaking and taking apart a NOS RFT ECC82
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    Zagray! - introducing The Preamp

    True to my slight aversion to black boxes and housed in custom made 2U rack enclosure it's the complete Zagray! less PA. Including FX-loop and dual Master Bedroom Volume controls with their true log taper. Use FX loop Send output to feed your wet rig and normal output for the dry and still be...
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    Nashville AmpExpo: Live videostream from room 324

    We'll be broadcasting from room 324. Got HW and SW set up and working Everything depends on quality of WiFi at the venue. If you DO NOT WISH to be seen on live broadcast and/or recorded for posterity do say so when you enter room 324 and I'll kill the signal feed. OR let your virtuosity be...
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    BoozterDeBoozter - redux

    Please see post #008 (edit November 15th) It began with a rough concept prototype I built for last year Nashville show: It didn't work too's now buried in a big box in the attic together with other electronic cadavers. There's quite a number of them now... Fast forward to today...
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    The Zagray! - whole lotta good news! - for me and you

    The weeks after NY AmpShow were hectic, if not insane. It all ended in a whole lotta good news for me and the Zagray!. So here it is: Zagray! made the August 2011 FRONT COVER of Premier Guitar magazine Great REVIEW by Steve Ouimette in the same PG issue. Got 5 picks of 5 possible. Thank...
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    The Zagray! KK210 coming to NY AmpShow

    So I've been away from TGP for longer than I planned but I wasn't idling... True to my habits I'll show something new at the NY AmpShow in June. Here some pics form first fitting of the 15mm birch ply pieces:
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    F.Y.I. website partially off the grid

    Thanks to some soon to be identified pranksters (one is in Cal. US) my website got massively infected with not so friendly subversive software. Check visit stats for your own website, multiple visits in a short period of time from meitide(dot)com is something to look for. It's one of the...
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    The "Zagray!" goes from prototype to product

    First of all I need to thank everyone who gave the prototype a work out and expressed their encouragement at the NY AmpShow in June. It's now time to turn it into a product. The "Zagray!" has been in development since around January 2009 when I first began toying with ideas for a new amp. My...
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    Fixing amps in your sleep....

    ...can be dangerous if you get shocked in your dream. I can take a lot of juice while awake but the shock I got in my dream last night takes the prize. It literally lifted me a foot above my bed and I can still feel some numbness in my right arm. No, it's not a delayed April 1st joke, my dreams...
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    Not only tube amps need a cap job...

    but broadband modems too. Mine started to behave badly a few days ago, I opened it and found these Nichicons leaked and dried up after 3 years of continuous use. Replaced them and I'm back on line.
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    So you thought NOS 12AX7 were expensive

    How about 225$ for a rebranded JJ with a chimney? :mad:
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