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    Sold Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12 - Pending

    I am having a mid-life reality check situation and realize I need to downsize my collection a bit. I am regretfully selling a stellar sounding Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12. One of the best values in point-to-point handwired tube amps ever made. If you don't know Alessandro, check out...
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    Chapin T-bird w/Rosewood neck - market value?

    Hi guys - I've been away for a while as I had somehow kept the G.A.S. at bay for a year and a half, but recently came across a used George Harrison-inspired Chapin T-bird with a solid Rosewood neck and a rosewood-wrapped spanish cedar body. The thing speaks to me. Plays like a dream and really...
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    Blackface that feels like a tweed?

    Is this even possible? If so, i would love to know what amp can pull it off! I love the blackface sound but sometimes they feel too stiff. I also love the way tweed-style amps feel, but I sometimes want more sag (especially when I hit it with a boost) and better note separation in chords. Am I...
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    3-way switch wiring problem

    hey guys - I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out. The pickup selector switch went bad on my Samick 335 style san-450. I am replacing it with a switchcraft-style 3-way toggle. For some reason, now the neck pickup only works when in the middle position with the bridge pup volume rolled...
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    1975 JMP 50 watter at a club gig

    on a whim I picked up a 1975 JMP MKII 4-holer last week and decided to bring it to my gig last night in a small club as a backup, but then changed my mind and played through it.....unbelievable! much more manageable than I expected. The sound guy even put it through the mains. Granted, I played...
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    Bay Area - Crockett, CA Saturday July 12th

    Hey guys- my band The Graveyard Boots is opening up for The Nickel Slots and the Sickstring Outlaws tomorrow night at Toot's in downtown Crockett. We're on at 8:45- come on out!! Cool town- cool rockin Americana and folk rock originals
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    Made for each other.....

    Wow! My new RS Guitarworks Surf King and my Greer Cam 18 are happy together! Spank, grunt, chime, richness, thickness, sparkle, pretty, mean, choppy, fluid, yadda yadda yadda. It can do it! Love it when this happens. But given my history, I have to admit I will probably be playing these together...
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    Unexpected Peter Green!

    I recently bought a set of Tom Short undercover mini's which I put in my R7. Great great pickups. Straight up vintage tone with a lot of sensitivity and chime. They are the Alnico 4 hot versions. I was missing the power and generally fat fat greatness of my Throbak limited plus bridge pup so I...
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    Mixing brands - Mains and Subs - good idea?

    Hi guys - I just bought 2 EV elx112ps which sound really great. Warm, punchy, loud and detailed. I know we could get more out of them with some subs and I really only want one sub to carry, plus I'm on a budget. Considering that having one sub to each top would probably be balanced as designed...
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    AC15 w/6v6's?

    Question: I know some builders make ac30-inspired amps with 4x6v6s (I've had a Badcat Panther, etc) with great success, but are there any builders doing fairly straight-up ac15 circuits with 2x6v6? Thanks!
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    NOS el84s worth it in an AC30HW2?

    I was thinking of getting a quad of NOS tesla el84s for my new AC30:drool Is it worth it? Or will it just eat 'em up so quickly that I'd be better off with JJ's?
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    kudo's to Vox on the new handwired AC30HW2x

    Normal channel with the bright switch engaged = one vol. knob, one bright switch, one tone cut ======tonal heaven! Beautiful simplicity if you want it with tone to die for. Bells and whistles if you want them. Still in the honeymoon, but I'm really diggin' this amp! :love:
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    Matchless Clubman or Louis KR12???????

    Tough choices these days folks! Which would you keep? I play everything from 60s 70s rock n roll, fuzzed out mayhem, U2-ish delay chime, americana, Blues, yadda yadda. Both of these amps are outstanding. Help!
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    Scumback h55 in a Marshall studio 15?

    Anybody try this? Any predictions? Thing sounds great, but I'm looking for a little more beef and low end than my current G12H30. Thanks! Seek
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    Louis Electric Amps at Jorma's 70th bday

    Anybody seen this yet? ALL Louis Electric. I spoke with Lou the other day who mentioned that Warren Haynes was playing some kind of 100 watt Louis through a 4x12. Jorma has a KR12. Check out the Warren solo at 7:00 or so into vid 1. Killer!
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    Which new speaker for my BadCat CubIIR?

    Right now it has the stock V30 in it, which is nicely broken in and sounds good, but I need to steal it for another amp which needs it badly. I was thinking something alnico could be great. Can't afford ASW or Scumback right now. Maybe a Wizard? Blue Dog alnico or ceramic? Thanks!
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    Old school tone with a Reinhardt Ampzilla and a Gibson R7

    I was just messing around with my iPhone video function, and here is a quick and dirty vid of the Reinhardt Ampzilla prototype I just picked up played through a Bad Cat Cub IIr with a V30. Just using the Bad Cat speaker. Guitar is a 2004 Gibson R7 Historic with Throbak SLE-101 Limited Plus pups...
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    killer bonamassa vid

    Forgive me if you guys have seen this already, but WOW!
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    Rangemaster sounds like a cocked-wah?

    hey there- I bought a Rangemaster clone with a NOS OC44 from a forumite here a bit ago. Cool pedal, and I've been wanting to try a Treble Booster for a long time. What I didn't expect is that it sounds like a cocked wah pedal. Is this usually the case? Or is something in the pedal out of phase?
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    best OD for low-mid boost?

    Oh wise ones: I need an OD that I can stack with my Wampler Triple Wreck, that will give me a mild gain boost, but a huge low-mid tone boost. I'm thinking specifically of nailing the tone on Foo Fighters Everlong, when the bridge first breaks. Thanks!
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    P'ups that sound like the Grissom DGTs?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an after-market humbucker that is very close in tone to the PRS DGT bridge? Love it in my actual DGT and thinking of replacing the bridge pup on another guitar. thanks-
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    PRS Wiring help

    Hi guys, I need some help. I just picked up this great PRS ce-24 from big Mike, and the switch is not working (bought it knowing this), so I've decided to just put a 3-way toggle in it instead of the 5-way rotary. I bought the switch but for the life of me can't figure the wiring out. Can...
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    ss replacement rectifiers with no sag?

    Hi- I've been interested in putting a ss rectifier in one of my amps to tighten up the low end just a bit and was thinking I'd go with a Weber Copper Cap. Then I read that they actually emulate the sag of a tube rectifier. ??? If this is true, are there any other ss replacement rectifiers out...
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    PRS David Grissom Trem (DGT) weight relieved?

    Just bought a DGT from a TGP'er and the thing is LIGHT! Like 7 lbs light. Rings like a bell. Killer guitar. Is this thing weight-relieved with holes or something? Or is it just great wood and lightweight tuners?
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