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  1. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    I just got a progress shot of my new Cilia Guitars Halo and it is looking pretty epic. I went over to the workshop about a year ago and Charles showed me a piece of Burl Maple he had been keeping for a special project, I wanted a black burst similar to a Les Paul photo I'd seen with Gold...
  2. guitarnoize

    MI Amplification Megalith Gamma demo

    I recorded a quick demo of my new Megalith Gamma amp going into a Jet City Jettenuator used as a load box running out to a my Mac and then using Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound III cabinet emulator for each track panned hard left & right. I'm playing over a Pantera backing track that has the...
  3. guitarnoize

    TSE Audio X50 V2

    This amp sim sounds amazing if you want to get a great Metal tone. It is a bit of a one trick pony but what it does, it does extremely well! ci_hzkumzjw
  4. guitarnoize

    Randall RG13 Pedal/Amplifier

    I know a lot of people won't like this but if you are looking for a compact Solid State high gain amp, this 3 channel pedal is pretty cool, especially as it has an emulated 4x12 output (XLR) plus a regular instrument line out AND a speaker out. Plus it has an effects loop which is...
  5. guitarnoize

    LePou Le456 w/ Two Notes Wall Of Sound III

    Here is another little demo track test I recorded using the LePou Le456 with Two Notes Wall of Sound III cabinet simulator plugin. Y4S-kShDrSE
  6. guitarnoize

    Amplitube German Gain w/ Torpedo Wall of Sound III

    It definitely helps using the Two Notes Torpedo Wall Of Sound III cabinet emulation but you can get some great metal tones IMO from the Amplitube German Gain model. 02QOJpp8NKY
  7. guitarnoize

    BOSS DS-1X Metal Demo

    Full details about how the track was recorded is in the description on SoundCloud, wrote and recorded this little demo in about 3 hours but I'm pretty happy with it. -EmRpVrjHS4 (please view in HD for the best audio quality)
  8. guitarnoize

    Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive

    This is a classy piece of kit _IowBgitRIU
  9. guitarnoize

    BOSS OD-1X OverDrive Demonstration

    Sounded much better than I expected, great for VH style overdrive mOA-zJayT4M
  10. guitarnoize

    Red Witch Violetta Delay

    This is a great little analog delay pedal with a lithium ion battery so you recharge and it lasts for ages! Mo8RC4vYTGc
  11. guitarnoize

    My demo and overview video of Positive Grid - BIAS

    Check out my full run through of Positive Grid's new amp modelling iPad app, BIAS aW6mF4gp_zg
  12. guitarnoize

    Empress Nebulus - Chorus, Vibrato & Flanger pedal

    Very impressed by this pedal, the rotary & vibe modes are excellent, the 60's & 70's mode flanger is excellent and nice chorus tones too. Nice & simple to save presets too AdSzKmMH0qw
  13. guitarnoize

    Earthquaker Devices The Depths Optical Vibe demo

    This is a nice Vibe pedal from Earthquaker, the Voice control is especially useful for generating different tones: FxI4APKLpCI
  14. guitarnoize

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini demo using my Cilia CGA7

    Check out my demo of the new TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini using my Cilia CGA7 k3p09ydXen0
  15. guitarnoize

    NGD: Cilia Guitars CGA7

    My Cilia Guitar CGA7 is finally complete and it is a monster, here is a link to some photos on the Cilia Guitars Facebook page and there is a quick demo video below and a soundcloud demo of the Seymour Duncan SH-16 in the bridge in a metal track context...
  16. guitarnoize

    Demo of the Cilia Guitars Aurora

    I had to give this guitar back to Charles Cilia unfortunately but it has just made my wish list, it is incredible. Michael Dolce has been using a Cilia Aurora as one of his guitars on The Voice Australia, I can see why it plays like butter and has so many sonic possibilities. Love it...
  17. guitarnoize

    New track 'Mika' with TABs

    This is a short track I wrote in the style of Mr Fastfinger, the initial rhythmic motif is based on the track 'Practice Heart' from his new EP Stringweaver. You can download the tabs which are in both .gpx and .pdf format here -...
  18. guitarnoize

    Homage to Mr Fastfinger (Mika Tyyska)

    I can't play like Mika but I tried to compose something in a similar style, it's still work in progress but I think it sounds ok so far. Taylor SB2-2 into an MI Effects Super Crunch Box into a Ceriatone Chupacabra 50 in 60's mode set clean.
  19. guitarnoize

    Boss TE-2 Tera Echo demo

    Hi guys posted this demo of the new Boss TE-2 Tera Echo up to YouTube after seeing Steve Stevens use one at a clinic here in Aus recently, thought it would be fun to test. cdxm_SNzyBo
  20. guitarnoize

    Satch-esque track with an MI Effects Super Crunch Box

    I recorded a short demo of the MI Effects Super Crunch Box into a clean Ceriatone Chupacabra 50 amp set to 60's mode (plexi). Here is the resulting track on SoundCloud: And a video showing how I created the track including video...
  21. guitarnoize

    MI Effects Super Crunch Box Demo

    LOVE this pedal, it's a hot-rodded Crunch Box with new features, low/high gain switch, presence control, 3 different compression settings. Awesome. PhYaigrgVIk
  22. guitarnoize

    Funk on a Chupacabra?!

    Why not? G9UEvRgeOXo 60's mode, Bright 1 & 2 in centre position, TC Spark Booster in clean boost mode, Taylor SB2-S vintage Alnico humbuckers
  23. guitarnoize

    Charles Cilia Custom Guitars CGA 7 Demo

    A lot of you probably won't be familiar with Charles Cilia but he is one of Australia's top luthiers, I was sent a CGA 7 string to demo and it is fantastic. 0B0Enq0ac4o
  24. guitarnoize

    Strymon Mobius Demo

    This is a bit of an epic demo clocking in at 38 mins so I included a table of contents annotation link and it takes you to a list of each effect demonstrated with clickable links. 5vBIENVsrGE
  25. guitarnoize

    Strymon Flint Demo

    Finally finished my Strymon Flint demo, I tried to cover as many features as possible so it is quite long but hopefully useful to some people out there: 3NOjpW8kwrQ
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