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  1. GuitarG

    Mojotone Blackout 5E3

    I've had my Mojotone Blackout for about three weeks and have been checking it out in my studio with the stock speaker and my Universal Audio Ox. For reference I had a remarkable '58 Tweed Deluxe for about 15 years and spent many hours getting to know and love that amp. As many have said, the...
  2. GuitarG

    BF Deluxe Reverb Speaker Selection - What do you use?

    This is my favorite speaker for Black/Brownface Fenders. Have used them with a BF Deluxe. Currently use two with my '63 Bassman.
  3. GuitarG


    I love my Alessandro Grado Headphones, but I've been using my JBL S700's almost all of the time since I bought them. The JBL's have a DSP feature that I don't care for at all, but with the DSP bypassed, they are as good as anything I've used. I use them as my main recording cans and for...
  4. GuitarG

    How many guitars do you bring to a gig?

    Always four, an LP and a Strat in standard tuning, a G tuning guitar, usually a Tele or a Supro, and an E tuning guitar, it varies, tonight I used a Hamer Standard. I may bring one or two more if there's something I feel like playing that night, say a 335, or if someone asks me to bring a...
  5. GuitarG

    Warren Haynes playing Duane's '59 burst....

    Reddog, I'm pretty sure that is from the 10/28/2014 gig. I recorded the Sirius rebroadcast of the show and that sounds like the version of One Way Out from that night. When I first heard it I was surprised Derek was using the Bridge pickup on his solos and suspected he was using a different guitar.
  6. GuitarG

    Warren Haynes playing Duane's '59 burst....

    Does anyone know on which tunes from the 10/28/14 show Warren used Duane's Burst?
  7. GuitarG

    Scuffham S-Gear is now available

    This treble booster sounds really nice. I've owned a number of rangemaster clones, and this VST has some great, classic treble booster tones. Very tweakable with controls that let you bring some bottom in while retaining the high end edge. Sounds great in front of the Steeler running with a...
  8. GuitarG

    Telecaster Players: Have Any of You Settled on Your Favorite Pickups?

    I've had Fralin Blues Specials in my #1 Tele for a lot of years now. The neck pickup is hands down my favorite Tele neck pickup that I have ever played. The bridge might be a little hot for some looking for a classic Bakersfield Tele spank. But I am using the guitar primarily as a open tuning...
  9. GuitarG

    Favorite Joni Mitchell Album?

    'Hejira' and 'Shadows and Light'
  10. GuitarG

    Does Mick Mars get any respect these days?

    Motley Crue is a band that sounds better to me with each passing year. I didn't give them or Mick their due back in the day, but these days I absolutely love all of their tunes and the recent live stuff I've seen is smokin'. The riff on Kickstart my Heart is just dangerous. I remember Mick...
  11. GuitarG

    Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face

    I've spent the last two days with my EJ FF and I am really impressed. The is a Si Face done right. I've used a dozen guitars and three different amp rigs and for the most part, the EJ delivered stellar tones throughout. The box seems to like an amp setting with a slight amount of dirt of it...
  12. GuitarG

    Van Halen live segment...Great Audio

    Re: all the Dave criticism, his performance does not bother me in the least. He has always been the master of ceremonies, circus ringleader type of frontman/vocalist. He and the band look like they're having a blast. Let 'em play.
  13. GuitarG

    Van Halen live segment...Great Audio

    Mean Streets and Unchained are smokin'. Man that put a smile on my face. It is so good to see Ed rippin' it up.
  14. GuitarG

    Thoughts about TV Jones Filtertrons on a Solid Body?

    I just picked up a Gretsch Elliot Easton model and replaced the stock Gretschbuckers with a vintage Alnico Filtertron in the neck position and a TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge position. I'm still working on getting the height adjustment where I want it, but so far the pickup combination...
  15. GuitarG

    The Fuzz Thread

    I agree with sixty2strat, while the components themselves don't cost that much, tweaking and refining them is where the expense in a great Tonebender comes from. Case in point, I bought the Mark II Bender kit from BYOC for approx $100 and had a reputable tech do the build for me. When...
  16. GuitarG

    Owsley on GD amp mods circa '66

    I completely agree re: modern sound reinforcement. The interview is the first time I heard him discuss guitar amps. pula58, What was Garcia doing to hit the PI caps so hard as to blow the tubes in a Twin? And at the same point in the same song. That's what I call peaking out a solo. :)
  17. GuitarG

    Ampeg back in the guitar amp game!

    As a longtime Ampeg fan, I am really excited about thw new line. My primary amp is a '72 V2, and even though I have a number of great vintage amps, it remains my favorite. Can't wait to hear the new line.
  18. GuitarG

    Owsley on GD amp mods circa '66

    Here is a fascinating interview with Bear Owsley discussing guitar amp modifications he did for the Dead around '66. I've read a lot about his experiments and concepts with sound reinforcement, but this is the first I've read of his work with their guitar amps. If the time frame is correct...
  19. GuitarG

    Foo Fighters Vh1 Documentary.

    I really enjoyed the documentary particularly the scenes of the band tracking at Grohl's home. They were discussing the power that Pat Smear's rhythm playing can give to a track, then cut to him laying down a rhythm part. He started playing and Hawkins jumped about a foot off of the couch That...
  20. GuitarG

    Wichita Lineman (jt)

    Thanks for posting the GC. I love that Bass VI part.
  21. GuitarG

    GR4 v Amplitube v POD v TH1 v Everything Else

    Line 6 PodFarm is currently my go-to modeler. I use Sonar X1 on a Windows 7 64 bit system as my host DAW. I had been using Guitar Rig 4, and there are a lot of great tones to be found there, but The Pod Farm sounds seem to have a bit more detailed tone and they sit in a mix a little better. I...
  22. GuitarG

    M13 Sound and Effect settings Thread

    Can someone post the parameters for a good ToneBender patch using he Line 6 Drive model? Preferably one you have been able to A/B with a real Tonebender or clone. I know you need to had the mid control set between 0 and 5 to get there. I've been getting close but I'm still not there. Because all...
  23. GuitarG

    Anyone loaded M-13 update

    I've downloaded it but haven't installed it yet. The truth is, with each update I have to relearn the update procedure. It is always a bit of trial an error before I get my scenes backed up and get the update loaded. If memory serves me, I can only get one of my MIDI In/Out ports to work for the...
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