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  1. stinkfoot

    Boost on a treadle!

    Well, you won't get all the way up with the minimum volume pot - it will always be louder with the foot pedal all the way up. But that'd be the case with the Vertex too, so...
  2. stinkfoot

    Boost on a treadle!

    Actually, all it does is insert the volume pedal in the signal path - basically the same as if you were to run the volume pedal after the booster. There's no "expression" function there, just an insert point. You could do this with any boost pedal + a volume pedal that has a minimum volume...
  3. stinkfoot

    Crybaby 535Q

    Most likely, yes. I can't really think of anything else it could be, especially since it happens when the switch is being used.
  4. stinkfoot

    Crybaby 535Q

    It’s definitely the switch - either it tries to switch over, but doesn’t quite make it (in which case the solution can be to change your switching technique to put more weight on the toes when switching, or to raise the switch slightly), or it is starting to fail (in which case replacing it is...
  5. stinkfoot

    Is this fuzz DC center negative or positive? Is there a way to know it?

    We know that the OC81D is PNP, and thus expects the 9v+ going to ground. The adapter jack is definitely wired with the sleeve/barrel going to ground (via the input jack "ring" tab, where the plug completes the circuit), while the center pin connects to the circuit board. Also, in bypass mode...
  6. stinkfoot

    conductance of patch cable plug housings

    You can get a ground loop issue if the two pedals where the plugs touch are in (vastly) different positions in the signal path - especially if one is in front of the amp input, and the other in the fx loop. But that’s nothing a bit of electrical tape can’t fix, if it were to happen. There are...
  7. stinkfoot

    Pedalboard Buzzing Help

    First off, you need to determine if it is actually a problem within your pedalboard. Does the hum/buzz go away when you turn the guitar volume off? If so, it’s the guitar (which would be my first guess, going by your description that the buzz all but disappears when you touch the strings). And a...
  8. stinkfoot

    Vox v847 mods and questions

    The felt pad is original - or at least, there is a felt pad there from the factory. You can replace it with a new one if you want the switch to engage slightly easier, although over time it will be compressed where the switch hits it, like the one already there. When the pedal sometimes goes...
  9. stinkfoot

    Yet another Voodoo Lab/Boss ACA thread!

    Well, all I can say is that it *should* work. Assuming the power supply output is providing 12 volts DC (on the PP2+, outputs 1-4 can be set to 12vDC/ACA mode), so double check that the correct DIP switch is used. When daisy-chaining, 9 volts DC should work fine - assuming there is a regular...
  10. stinkfoot

    Fender '65 Vintage Pickups...Opinions

    On a strat, normally the bridge pickup doesn't have a tone control connected to it. If you rewire it so the bottom tone pot connects to the bridge pickup (as well as the middle), simply having that tone control there will shave off a little of the top end. But if you wire it so the bottom tone...
  11. stinkfoot

    New GigRig G2 pedalboard build, done, but not exactly as I planned

    Position the volume send/return so it sits between the last "in front" pedal and the first "fx loop" one. Connect the volume send jack to the amp input, and go from the amp's fx send to the volume return. The main output on the G2 then connects to the amp's fx return. If you're really only using...
  12. stinkfoot

    Please help me with this bizarre script phase 90

    I have a simple guide here: It's for a 1976 Handwired Dynacomp, but the principle is the same. The circuit output wire may be a different colour (purple instead of brown), but as long as you identify the main input and output wires, the only remaining wire on...
  13. stinkfoot

    So much for Boss pedals being indestructible. DC-2 hinge bolts broken - any experiences?

    If I remember correctly, the only part where there are any threads for the screw to mate with is the bit that's in the lid itself - the part that is in the main body of the pedal is just a hole that the screw pokes into, to hold the lid in place. So if the screws broke off in between the lid and...
  14. stinkfoot

    Turning off 9v battery powered pedals

    Indeed, with almost all pedals, inserting a plug in the adapter jack disconnects the battery positive. The only exceptions I'm aware of are a couple of Korg tuners (the DT-10, for instance), so for those the only way is to unplug the input cable. But with all others, a dummy plug in the adapter...
  15. stinkfoot

    I don't think cable quality matters very much. Change my mind.

    Low capacitance does not = quality. For me, a quality cable means something that will hold up to use, with minimal handing noise and excellent noise rejection. The capacitance then becomes a preference, which can be adjusted by choosing a higher or lower capacitance quality cable, or using a...
  16. stinkfoot

    Power supplies with pedals both in effects loop and front of amp

    The CP-04 is definitely not isolated, despite what it says on the box. It (to be precise, an identical unit sold under a different brand name) has been measured and confirmed to have common ground/negative throughout. And the ground loop hum you heard is a clear indicator as well. When you use...
  17. stinkfoot

    Old Boss Pedals vs New Boss Pedals

    Boss has a huge range of products, and their method seems to be to keep them the same until something forces a redesign. New designs tend to use the most up-to-date technology available at the time (which for quite some time has meant SMT), and then they stay the same until something forces a...
  18. stinkfoot

    Boss Changeover to Surface Mount Components!.

    One of those really helps, absolutely, and you also need a pair of tweezers and a steady hand. Replacing components is one thing - that works just about the same as with through-hole, assuming the new components are the same size. But if you want to replace a component for one that isn't the...
  19. stinkfoot

    Boss Changeover to Surface Mount Components!.

    I haven't heard anything about the OD-3 being redesigned. But the SD-1 seems to have been recently changed to the new layout/form factor. And since the SD-1 already had the old style adapter jack, that means spotting one of the new ones from the outside is much harder than with the DS-1 and BD-2.
  20. stinkfoot

    Earthquaker Hoof Shorting Out Pedal Board

    Ok, so all the pedals are powered, but sometimes the sound just cuts out? That could be a switch failure (if turning the Hoof on/off a few times cures it, I'd suspect the switch in that pedal) or a cable problem which can be completely unrelated to the Hoof. It might be a patch cable that gets...
  21. stinkfoot

    Earthquaker Hoof Shorting Out Pedal Board

    True, but the OP mentioned it working some times, and other times not. At least that's how I interpreted this bit: This to me points to something mechanical, rather than the Hoof being positive ground, as was suggested earlier in the thread (since that would cut the power out immediately and...
  22. stinkfoot

    Earthquaker Hoof Shorting Out Pedal Board

    When you say the rig "goes quiet", do you mean the sound dies, or do the other pedals cut out as if the power is lost (LED's go out etc)? If the pedal works some of the time, it's not a matter of it being positive ground - if that were the case, it'd short the power out for all the pedals as...
  23. stinkfoot

    Dunlop 535Q Wah LED Mod

    Then you know the LED isn't the problem (although I still advocate using as high value resistor as you can get away with, to cut down on current draw and minimize the risk of switch pops from current rush). The issue is somewhere in the audio portion of the wiring, so double check the switch...
  24. stinkfoot

    Dunlop 535Q Wah LED Mod

    The first thing to do is disconnect the LED to see whether that cures it. If it does, you probably used a too small resistor for the LED, so the LED is using too much current (thus starving the circuit). I use ultra-bright LED's and 6.8K or even 8.2K resistors, to make sure the LED only uses a...
  25. stinkfoot

    Help me understand if I need a buffer.......I'm conflicted AF

    Personally, I'd wanted to have a buffer somewhere early in the chain (as early as possible, without disturbing any pedals that prefer to see the pickups head on), just to make sure the guitar has something consistent to work with. But - and here's the bit you probably don't want to hear :D - if...
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