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  1. alivegy

    EMI driving me crazy!!

    I dont think an expensive power conditioner is going to help you. Your new apartment clearly has a lot of emi. The best thing you could probably do is shield the cavities of your guitars but that will be a lot of work for minimal improvement. This is an opportunity to get really good at riding...
  2. alivegy

    Did the CBS sale of Fender to the new FMIC in the mid 1980's include the tooling for the guitars ?

    Thanks for sharing those photos. That was a fun mini tour.
  3. alivegy

    On Vacation in LA, looking for shops with Gibson Les Paul Historics, Custom Shops

    Norms rare guitars. Check their website to get an idea of their stock.
  4. alivegy

    Gigged my P90 Les Paul last night

    The key to using any single coil guitar, gain and a noisey stage is to become very adept at riding that volume knob. In the end it will be more organic than any noisegate and eventually you wont even notice anymore.
  5. alivegy

    Switching from a LP to a Strat on stage

    I have found that if I set up an amp to sound good for a lp it's not necessarily going to work well for a strat. However, if I setup the amp to sound good with my strat it will usually sound good with the lp as well. As was mentioned earlier it works best if the amp is already breaking up...
  6. alivegy

    What's Wrong With Elixirs?

    I love the tone and feel of nanowebs on my acoustics. I had used them for years, so I tried a couple brands of uncoated strings to see if I liked the difference and ultimately decided that the grass wasn't as green and other strings didn't have the same durability. I went back to the nanowebs...
  7. alivegy

    Beware of this Reverb seller

    Old New Stock?
  8. alivegy

    Custom imprinted Guitar Picks - Where do I get them?

    We just got a bunch from dunlop. They were fast and easy to deal with and we’re really happy with the results. Plus, i could customize the picks that I actually use.
  9. alivegy

    Pure Nickel strings - Who uses them?

    I've always preferred the tonal balance and feel of pure nickle strings. I have a very strong pick attack and they help tame the shickkkkk sound somewhat.
  10. alivegy

    Anyone else sick of production run guitars move solely to Custom Shops?

    I prefer to go the more cutom shop route because after playing for 2 decades I’m really particular about the specs that I want and thise specs aren't typically found with off the shelf guitars. Im sure thats not an accident. For tele sytle guitars I’m more inclined to piece together a series...
  11. alivegy

    Strat style geetars with a wider neck

    I would also recommend checking out a G&L legacy if you would like a strat style guitar with a wider neck.
  12. alivegy

    Samick Avion series (LP style)

    I have had a sammick artist series for a while. The tuners eventually got brittle and cracked so I havent played it in years. It actually sits in my kitchen. I should probably clean that guitar up and get it playing again.
  13. alivegy

    Anyone playing hard rock with SSS Strat: what’s your approach

    Which is why if you read my whole post I said “It doesnt sound like a humbucker.” That doesnt mean it doesnt sound great for heavier music.
  14. alivegy

    Anyone else hate Relic'd guitars? How about cars? CME video Content...

    I didnt particularly want a relic. But i found a strat that sounded and played exactly the way that I wanted, and it happened to be a relic. I must admit it did take some of the anxiety out of the guitar getting that first ugly nick. If i had to pick I would just eant a thin nitro finish that I...
  15. alivegy

    Anyone playing hard rock with SSS Strat: what’s your approach

    If youre pushing the amp to the point of compression it really doesn't matter if youre using a single coil or humbucker. I set the master of my 2203 to the point the power section begins to compess and distort. If i need more I hit it with a fuzz or timmy, if I need clean i roll my guitar...
  16. alivegy

    Why do you like fat necks?

    When I started shopping for les pauls after playing mostly strats for 15 years I thought that I would prefer the thinner 60's neck. What I found was that because the width of the fretboard was wider that I prefered a fatter neck to hold onto. So after assuming that I would want a 60, I ended...
  17. alivegy

    I 'need' a P90 guitar, limited budget.

    Either get an SG Classic or one of the new tribute les pauls. For the tribute les pauls you're going to have to play a lot of them until you find a good one.
  18. alivegy

    Strat bridge PU with a softer feel?

    I would think that weaker output pickups like everyone is recommending would only add to the treble output. It sounds like what you really want is a hotter pickup with more midrange and less treble. My recommendation would be to wire the lower tone control to the bridge pickup so you can roll...
  19. alivegy

    Chambered Les Pauls and flubbiness?

    I compared a couple of cloud 9's verses several solid body reissues over the weekend. I didn't plug them in but the chambering did seem to have an impact on the acoustic tone of the guitars. The chambered guitars seemed to emphasis a different mid frequency than the solid bodies. How that...
  20. alivegy

    Gibson Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute with Humbuckers

    I tried a few as I wanted a mahogany guitar with some p90's to fool around with. At first glance the price point seemed to make it a no-brainer. The 4 or 5 that I picked up all felt like toys to me and I was rally disappointed. I will still continue to try them out where I see them in hopes...
  21. alivegy

    Fralin Strat Vintage Hot vs Vintage Hot underwound

    I would think that the underwounds would be brighter with less mids.
  22. alivegy

    What if the Guitars that Sounded the Best Commanded the Highest Price?

    I've played plenty of nice/expensive/vintage/custom shop guitars. But I have to admit that one of my favorites is the squire bullet that I bought to leave at my parents house for when I'm visiting. I did some fretwork on it myself, and I know if I stripped off the paint it would just be a...
  23. alivegy

    Mike McCready's Strat

    I think No Code is one of their best sounding albums, guitar wise. Some killer tones on that album.
  24. alivegy

    Mike McCready's Strat

    I'm a huge Pearl Jam fan, but I haven't really liked the way his tone has evolved since about 96. When they were on Conan recently I thought thathis tone was particularly buzzy. It sounds over processed to me to the point that you can't tell the difference between the different guitars he...
  25. alivegy

    Any G&L Legacy owners?

    They used to carve all of the necks by hand so each one was different.
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