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  1. mmcquain

    Les Paul GoldTop, do you prefer P90s or humbuckers?

    There's a time and place for both. I've had the 2011 (P90s) longer but the 9018 is starting to get a workout too. Love 'em BOTH!!!!
  2. mmcquain

    Best Gibson Dealer?

    I recommend you check out each of these... And while he isn't a Gibson dealer, he is a great dealer and comes across many used deals that may be just what you're...
  3. mmcquain

    Orlando Guitar Show 2016

    As the northeast was riding out the great blizzard this past Saturday I was looking at guitars at the 2016 Orlando Guitar Show. This year's show was missing some familiar faces (e.g., the guys with the BeatBuddy drum machine pedal, Rick Derringer and Warrior Guitars, Drew Berlin, etc.). With...
  4. mmcquain

    Bowie Died :(

    David Bowie wasn't just an artist... HE WAS ART in his ability to reinvent himself and constantly expand and push beyond the status quo. Whether it was in music, acting, theater, visual arts or whatever he sat his mind to, you could always expect something new and unique from him. His life was...
  5. mmcquain

    How do you play guitar? (mostly guys who have a relative pitch)

    Yes, it does get easier the more you learn. For example, once you have the 12 major keys you actually have the 12 relative minor keys (C major = A minor, F major = D minor, etc.). Its funny sometimes at band practice when somebody will ask "what key is this in?" And I'll say "E minor" and...
  6. mmcquain

    How do you play guitar? (mostly guys who have a relative pitch)

    I've got enough music theory and years of playing to quickly transpose between all keys -often in my head but sometimes I'll write it down - usually using the "Nashville" numbering (e.g., I IV V vi, etc.). As for playing leads, it really depends on how much thought I'm giving it: Put me in...
  7. mmcquain

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Crambone - Glad it all sounded good for you on Sunday. Enjoyed helping you out (and now I can uncross my finger that my solder connections held) :) p.s. Thanks for the spare parts and the Brick
  8. mmcquain

    Switching From Powered Mixer To Powered Speakers, Which Board Should I Get?

    I've had good luck with the Mackie Pro-FX series. I got two of them (the 22 channel version) for my church. But you can get by with one of the smaller ones with less channels.
  9. mmcquain

    R.I.P B.B King

    The Thrill Will NEVER BE Gone... RIP BB King​​ Over the years I've been blessed to have seen him like 13 or 14 times and I've met and spoken with him three times. There has never been a more humble, caring entertainer ever. He was the true meaning of class and grace. God bless...
  10. mmcquain

    What music video still holds up to the test of time?

    I still like the original version of this song (but the lyrics offended some so you can only find the edited version these days)... And Al's version still makes me laugh...
  11. mmcquain

    The three most identifiable voices on the guitr, and you choose?

    The three most IDENTIFIABLE voices on the guitar? B.B. King - he can play a single note and you know it's BB Mark Knopfler - Very unique style (on both Strats and Les Pauls - 2 very different guitars yet it always sounds very "Knopfler-like" Les Paul - nobody else really sounds like Les (yes...
  12. mmcquain

    Wah Pedals- Who has the best tone??

    I've owned several CryBaby models, an original 1960's Vox, and a Budda (the original purple model) and I liked the Budda the best
  13. mmcquain

    What delay is everyone using...

    A first run Alter Ego (the gold one) and a Boss DD-3
  14. mmcquain

    Do you have a wah-wah pedal?

    This is basically my story. Of all the modern wahs I've tried, I liked the Budda the best. But I kick myself for selling a real vintage Vox wah from the 60s that I picked up in the 70s. If I only knew then what I know now (LOL) :)
  15. mmcquain

    Tampa Gear Fest, Part II

    Did anybody get some pictures or record some video clips? Would love to see and hear what I missed (had to work in Kissimmee all day :( )
  16. mmcquain

    What is the single most expensive piece of gear you've ever owned?

    Most expensive was a 1961 Gibson Les Paul (from the period when they were in the process of renaming it to SG) that I sold for around $5K - I could have gotten more but it had a repaired neck break at the heal where it joins the body. It had original PAF pickups in it and was a really cool old...
  17. mmcquain

    How many pedals do you own? Use Regularly?

    I own about 20 pedals (and have probably owned well over 100 in my life). I currently have 14 on my board and at least 12 of those get used multiple times per month while playing at church. My dirt pedals get the most work out and my volume pedal. Next is a toss up between tremolo, phase and...
  18. mmcquain

    How fast do you go through picks?

    +1 - I use Dunlop medium (the green ones) and/or Fender thin and I get many months out of most picks. I'm using the thin less and less but even those last a LONG time. I'm sure I've got some picks that are well over a year or more and still hold up fine. They will get lost way before they...
  19. mmcquain

    Tampa Gear Fest, Part II

    I wish I could do the 11th but I start a new teaching cycle that day and my Saturdays are booked until mid June. I CAN make April 4th but it sounds like that is out now :(
  20. mmcquain

    Pics: Share your Les Paul guitar porn

    Some of the various Les Pauls I've owned over the years...
  21. mmcquain

    What songs do you never get tired of hearing?

    Yes, I think it is a very subtle phaser (sorta' like the phaser used by Gary Rossington on his solo in "Call Me The Breeze")
  22. mmcquain

    How many overdrives on your pedalboards ?

    4 levels of dirt on my board: * mild overdrive to give it just a hint of breakup (Dano Transparent Overdrive - Timmy clone) * overdrive (Dano Overdrive - OCD clone) * distortion (Dano Distortion - Crunch Box clone) * fuzz/distortion for lead (Golden Cello)
  23. mmcquain

    NGD Les Paul

    Congrats and yes, you got a good deal :)
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