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  1. teddy boy

    Question for EHX Microsynth users

    Hi, I just got an EHX Microsynth and I’m not sure it is operating correctly. So, I’m wondering if the square wave is supposed to swell in? Mine does this, but somehow I recall that it was just supposed to act like a normal distortion with immediate attack.... and yes, I have the attack rate...
  2. teddy boy

    Celestion Blue speakers... Made in U.K.?

    Gents, I was wondering if any of you know whether the Celestion Blue is manufactured in the UK? Cheers!
  3. teddy boy

    So I want to try something different with my '65 Vibrolux Reverb (speakers)

    Lads, I heard this guy on youtube that totally blew me away! Wow!! 7VkB5x8Z41w So I was wondering if I could try something like that with my Vibrolux Reverb. I know, I will lose some of it's Fenderiness, but I have a bounty of Fender-style speakers to put in if I want to go back. So I have...
  4. teddy boy

    Demeter Fat Control - Who uses one??

    Hello! I'm intrigued by the Demeter Fat Control. I read about it in another thread here and thought it deserved its own thread. Would you describe it as an always on pedal for strats and teles? Is it mainly to be used with drives or will it work on cleans too and how does it react to rolling...
  5. teddy boy

    NGD!!! Somehow I made my dream come true! PRE-CBS

    Hello all! Oh yes! My dream finally came true! I came across a player/collector who wanted to get rid of some of his guitars. I was lucky enough to try out a bunch of 60's Strats and found a couple that I really liked and ended up liking this 1960 refin the most. It is sweet! Really old...
  6. teddy boy

    Strat-like Tele neck pickup

    Dear friends! I know the Fender Twisted Tele is a stratty sounding neck pickup, but they don't sell it on its own do they? Are there any other manufacturers that wind stratty tele neck pickups? I have a very dark neck pickup on my tele and find it pretty unusable when the bridge is set to...
  7. teddy boy

    Tidying up the fuzz... Which EQ?

    Gents, Nowadays I've become lazy with the old tap dance and mostly play a strat into the JH-1F into a '61 Super with a TTE in between. The fuzz sounds great and I love it for chord work with the guitar volume rolled back. Sometimes, quite often actually, I wish I could get rid of some of the...
  8. teddy boy

    Which attenuator for a brownface Super?

    Gents, What attenuator would you suggest for a '61 Fender Super? I would like to run the amp at 6-7. I'm wondering if the Swart could handle it? I would also like an pretty inexpensive attenuator. E.g. the Aracom is about double the amount I'm ready to pay. Cheers!
  9. teddy boy

    Do I have a torn speaker? '65 Vibrolux Reverb

    Gents, I'm playing through my '65 Vibrolux Reverb moderatly loud (6), and on the neck pickup of my Telecaster the A-note on the E string gives a fart. What could this be? A torn speaker? The effect is also audible on the G# and A# of the same string, but nowhere else... Any clues?
  10. teddy boy

    New Weber Speakers for a '65 Vibrolux Reverb

    Hi, I'm in the process of purchasing a '65 Vibrolux Reverb... probably the best amp I've ever heard! As with some other blackfaces, especially ones with Oxfords such as this one, I've found I could get an even better sound out of them with Weber speakers. So I've been thinking of getting either...
  11. teddy boy

    Blackface Bandmaster + Eminence Tonker = ?

    Gents, I have a blackface bandmaster that I mostly use for recording with a Rivera Silent Sister. I would really like to use it live too but I need to get speakers for a cab to use it with. I would have the opportunity to fit Tonkers into a blackface cab. Has anybody tried this combo? What...
  12. teddy boy

    My babies!!

    Gents, Shared this over at Offset Guitars but thought you would enjoy it too... We had a nice sunny day despite the wind here in Finland today so I thought I would snap a few pics of my guitars, especially because I just got my '64 Jaguar back from a refin. Someone had painted over the...
  13. teddy boy

    Anybody tried the Weber Chicago 10's?

    Thought about retiring the original Oxfords from my '66 Super Reverbs. The Weber CTS clones seem like an obvious choice. Anybody tried them? Are they louder than the original Alnicos? Thanks in advance for any input!
  14. teddy boy

    Honey Bee @ 18v. Anyone dunnit?

    Can the honeybee run at 18v?
  15. teddy boy

    Can I use the Catalyst for a fuzzy-OD-rhythm tone?

    Gents, I have a blackface Super Reverb and an assortment of Fender Guitars. My main OD-sound comes from a BJF Honey Bee. I would like another rhythm sound with more gain, but I don't like to stack, so I use a G-Labs controller. Could the Catalyst work as a rhythm OD? Chords and basic...
  16. teddy boy

    What do the different tubes do in my Ampeg Gemini I

    Gents, Does anybody know what the different tubes are for in my 1965 Ampeg Gemini I. Looking at the amp from behind, the first tube on the right is a 12ax7, then going left we have a 6FQ7(?), 12ax7, 12zx7, 7199, and the power tubes are 7591. Which is V1 and so on? Cheers!
  17. teddy boy

    Ampeg Gemini I - new speaker needed!

    Gents, i have recently acquired a 1965 ampeg gemini I amplifier that came with a non-orginal 1964 Oxford speaker. The speaker is not well suited for the amp. Firstly it is too quiet, and secondly it seems to fart out really fast. The amp appears to have a lot more volume on tap but the...
  18. teddy boy

    Using a '66 Bandmaster with a Rivera Silent Sister - which speaker?

    Gents, My guitar recording is being revolutionized with the Rivera Silent Sister. It really does sound good with a ribbon mic! I'm thinking of using a '66 Bandmaster with it, but I I don't like the way the stock Celestion sounds with it. What would you suggest as an American vintage style...
  19. teddy boy

    Which speakers are in my '66 Super Reverb?

    Gents, Could you please help me... Are these Oxfords?
  20. teddy boy

    Please help me identify this speaker: '65 Ampeg Gemini I

    Hello people, I've been eyeing this amp and I would really love to have it. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm interested. I just received these pictures. Can you ID this speaker please? Thanks alot!
  21. teddy boy

    Ok, here's a toughie for you amp-geeks

    Gents, I got a '66 Super Reverb a couple of weeks ago. I love it! The best amp I've ever had. Now I have it I've started thinking all metaphysical. Super Reverbs have always been considered good amps right? Do we like different aspects of those blackface amps now than were considered good...
  22. teddy boy

    NAD - 1966 Fender Super Reverb

    Laydeez and gents, I've been an EL84 guy since I bought my first tube amp in 1999. For the last year I've een craving for something different. Then I got the Bass VI, that I have tuned A-A. My 15w Bad Cat Cub IIR just couldn't handle it and gave up from the word go. I had always wanted a...
  23. teddy boy

    Refinishing help required - Candy Apple Red '64 Jag PICS!

    Gents, I have a sweet 1964 Fender Jaguar. It has originally been Candy Apple Red, infact the headstock still is, but somebody has painted over the body with somethng that looks like Dakota Red. I would love to refinish the guitar to its original glory. Could you please help me? Nobody has done...
  24. teddy boy

    Anybody tried the Graph-Tech Tusq saddles for a strat???

    If so, what do you think of them?
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