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  1. Festus

    I'm done with the band thing

    I feel your pain. I’ve been in a steady gigging band for several years now, and the luster has finally faded. I still want to gig, but there are no other opportunities that are appealing right now. So....what to do?
  2. Festus

    Once again please explain to me how you measure if a famous 'guitarest' solos with 'Soul' or not?

    Boomer Bends. It’s all about the Boomer Bends, man. (sorry Joe, I couldn’t help it)
  3. Festus

    What is everyone's thoughts on Tim Henson's "Boomer Bends" comment?

    G.O.A.T. Is pretty cool. It’s not particularly innovative, though. I’ve heard similar stuff (can’t come up with bands/songs at the moment, my boomer brain and food poisoning is impairing my memory - don’t put the spicy cabbage on your street tacos. Just sayin’). What I did notice is the bass...
  4. Festus

    Weekend cover band players: Do you use a tablet for music or lyrics?

    Fine, call BS. That tells me you don’t work with musicians.
  5. Festus

    Weekend cover band players: Do you use a tablet for music or lyrics?

    uh, yea, that is how it goes down in my world.
  6. Festus

    Weekend cover band players: Do you use a tablet for music or lyrics?

    Wrong. If you’re a better than average musician, then you’ll get the tune down after playing it a few times after using a chart. Unless it’s some wild azz Zappa tune. As for rehearsals, I only do them if I’m paid to rehearse. Otherwise, I’ll show up to the gig with all songs learned (maybe some...
  7. Festus

    Music stands

    It seems those that disapprove of music stands on stage are the same guys standing at the back of the venue with their arms crossed because they don’t have a gig. For the record, many gigs these days I don’t use a music stand. Some gigs (20 tunes to learn in a week) I do use charts. I get paid...
  8. Festus

    Music stands

    The idea that music stands are unprofessional. Bullsh*t. Just plain bullsh*t.
  9. Festus

    Does a band really need a producer ?

    Yes is the short answer. As evidenced by the replies, it’s a also the long answer. Most of the time it’s someone hired to produce the song/album, preferably based on experience/track record. Occasionally it’s friend of the band who knows a guy who knows a guy in the music business. That’s a...
  10. Festus

    USA Anthem played by guitarist before AFC Championship game

    I’m a boomer. I liked it. :aok
  11. Festus

    Playing Sweet Home Alabama at a gig. Your opinion?

    Come heckle me bro! well, not really. I haven’t played it in a couple years or so. I have played it several times in the past. But yea, I’d play it if someone tosses some money in the tip jar... why not? I didn’t show up to the gig just to play Achey Breaky Heart!!
  12. Festus

    Scales or chords... pick one.

    Water or food. Pick one.
  13. Festus

    Is Coronavirus creating a music gear buyer's market like we've never seen before?

    I have gear I want to sell, but will probably hold on to it till later this year. No way I’m sucking bilge water just to move gear.
  14. Festus

    Tony McAlpine~ Yay or Nay

    I really dug his playing on the CAB albums with Bunny Brunel. I need to check out more of Tony’s stuff.
  15. Festus

    Get your cell phones out, call your next of kin...

    There’s some stank. Good stuff.
  16. Festus

    “when Did The Electric Guitar Become Such A Pariah?”: Joe Bonamassa

    Man, some of the stuff I’m reading in this thread. It’’s...well...
  17. Festus

    But can he play smoke on the water?

    Yes, I work with a bass player who is that capable fairly often. His name is Mike Velasquez, he’s done a fair bit of touring (as well as myself). It’s a blast when we get to make noise together, always works out great. We play R&B, Soul, Funk, Latin rock. He gets a number of solos during a gig...
  18. Festus

    Cancelling a gig with one band to take a gig with another or not?

    Wow. How many people are you guys all married to?
  19. Festus

    Cancelling a gig with one band to take a gig with another or not?

    Well, I don’t do “for the door” gigs, so that’s not an issue.
  20. Festus

    New Tedeschi Trucks Band

    One of these images depicts a bar band. One does not. Anyone?
  21. Festus

    Listening to Long Cool Woman... Did The Hollies play on their own records?

    I dug that song when I first heard it. I lost a girl friend over it, too. That was a good thing.
  22. Festus

    Frank Gambale tearing up the blues.

    Wait, that can't be "the blues".... I'm sorry, couldn't help it. I kid, I kid. I love seeing and hearing Frankie tear it up like that. And I really like the bass player and drummer. Thanks for posting this, good stuff! :aok:aok
  23. Festus

    Stones' Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out

    I bought the album when it was released and just about wore it out. Then I forgot about the record, not having a record player for many years. I recently picked it up on CD after reading about it here on TGP, and BAM! Those are the guitar sounds I’ve been chasing! But didn’t really know it...
  24. Festus

    Need some more Christmas Songs to cover on Dec 21st Gig

    Lol! Beat me to it. I mean, what could go wrong, right?
  25. Festus

    Session fees vs offering members percentage of profits from copyright

    20 years ago (maybe more?) touring was used as a loss leader to boost record sales, generally speaking. Points for playing on a record might have had some pull, depending on the situation. The current biz model seems to use recording as a loss leader to generate live performance. YMMV, INRFDR...
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