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    Gretsch mini humbucker question

    I had a pro jet with those pickups years ago. P90s drop right in and they make covers for gibson mini hums that fit p90 routes as well. I wouldn’t go to the trouble to custom fit something to those covers. You could probably fit filtertons as well but might have to get creative with mounting.
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    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    Yep! I recently got a 1960 Silvertone with a nice looking Brazilian board and bridge saddle. This should end the argument that there was something special or exotic about it at the time as silvertones and danelectros were made of the cheapest possible components.
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    How many screws should a bolt-on neck attachment use?

    Lots of supro/valco/national resoglass guitars were 1 bolt. They look like 2 with the silver covers but iirc the other is neck tilt. I had the jb hutto/jack white resoglass years ago and it was 1 bolt. My silvertone is 2 bolt. Never an issue.
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    Source for good, reliable pots that aren't $15 a piece cork sniffing grade?

    +1. Bought from them many times. Great prices & they have variety of options.
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    And its over... Kiesel - an in-depth look at build quality (* pics added * ) - MFG response

    Understandable that the order would be non-returnable but surely you have a warranty issue with the truss rod & tuner issues. What did Kiesel say when you contacted them about correcting?
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    Gibson Custom 355 Volume Pot Value Question 300k or 500K?

    450s is a 500k audio taper cts pot code. So you are good! Not sure what the remaining numbers are - probably specific to Gibson’s ordering
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    Late 1987 - Early 1990 Bill Lawrence "the Original" Hb-r/hb-l Pickups: Share Your Experiences

    I had one of these in bridge position of an old sg in the mid nineties. Never loved the tone. Found it harsh and mid scooped. Eventually replaced with a paf clone and there was that smoother creamy vintage tone I was after. Ymmv!
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    Kiesel Fires Back at Gibson! (Video)

    Yeah I’m not watching that since he’s gone full libertarian infowars sensationalist. I like some of his early amp repair vids. He had some great mods for a 60s Gibson falcon amp that I used and made it killer.
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    That last 10% is a mother

    Yeah I don’t subscribe to this percentage foolishness. It’s talent (and practice, dedication) that matter. Not the gear.
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    Nash Guitars... I'm confused?

    Sorry misread the tone! Yeah I have a pinecaster I built with an allparts tro-fat neck that I love. That sucker is huge 1” stem to stern!
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    Nash Guitars... I'm confused?

    Not sure why Nash gets dinged for this - so does Danocaster and his guitars are fetching premiums now. I think a lot of these builders are essentially offering partscasters (allparts, warmoth, uscg) and are distinctive by the finishes and selections they offer. Nash has a unique relicing from...
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    Tyson Tone pickups

    I ordered from him in 2014 when I think he was just building the business. Got a great deal on a set of p90s to my custom specs. Nothing recent but he was easy to deal with then. The pickups were great but I ultimately parted out the guitar they went in.
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    Why do they do this on Epiphone SGs??

    Thanks for this! I was highly skeptical that they were using a veneer. So it’s the species of wood & the angled cut that makes it look this way. Using a veneer on front and back makes no sense as it would add so much more time and effort to production process. No way at the price.
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    52ri wiring issue after pickup change

    If the middle position is thin and weak the pickups are out of phase. Neck pickup sounding now dark is curious. You might be shorting the tone cap so getting full roll-off? Can you post pics?
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    anyone take a sabbatical from guitar playing?

    I’ve been in a 2-month situational sabbatical from guitar. Moving cross country and shipped all my stuff ahead of time into storage and wrapping up work in temp living situation. Only brought a mandolin which I’m new too & have only played sparingly. Looking forward to reuniting in the next...
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    How I saved hundreds of dollars on new guitars!

    You can keep repeating this but you are factually & legally wrong. It’s a partscaster even if all fender parts.
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    Burstbucker Pro's versus 490T

    Having used both in the same SG I’d use 490 r/t hands down. They meter in the paf-ish range but have a bit more mids & output. I found the bb pros unusably bright and thin.
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    How I cleared $5,000 selling guitars in today's market

    Bravo OP! A relatively obvious cheap & easy joke on the state of guitar resale has brought out the wrath and anger of the pedants. Can never predict the life and evolution of a classic tgp thread. Cherish it!
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    Setup - What do you tell your tech?

    I do my own work but if bringing in a guitar it’s important your tech knows your playing style. Do you have a light touch? Ham fisted? What guage strings? I am typically setting a few 64s above factory spec as I hit the strings hard. Others as noted like as low as possible. Factory spec is a...
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    Question about Gibson Firebird

    This is not 50s wiring. That only effects how the tone control is wired and not the dependent volume wiring that ‘modern’ wired gibsons also share.
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    Aftermarket pickups and the Gibson circuit board!!??

    Are you wiring it yourself? If so I’d search art of tone on ebay as they have great prices on pots. Check shaft length though-not sure if short like an sg or long like lp with maple cap.
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    One pickup ...

    That’s a beaut! Like the bowtie bridge. Did you have to add a riser to the base? Gives a cool gretsch flavor.
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    What are your personal favorite wiring mods?

    Tele with 4 way switch. 2nd position is bridge with a .0047 tone cap. The ‘cocked -wah’ mod. Adds a nice midrange growl for an almost paf sound. Been running like this about 10 years. I also just put together a vintage mustang partscaster. 1st switch is pickup selector, 2nd is in phase/out of...
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    Juliens auction house shady dealing

    Ah, not familiar with auction houses only ebay, reverb etc. As a purchaser you are covered against this type of unmentioned damage. Doesn’t seem like a good way to purchase a guitar.
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    Juliens auction house shady dealing

    Sorry to hear that! I am not familiar with Juliens and that indeed sounds shady. No return policy? How did you pay? If with a CC I would dispute the charge despite their policy.
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