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    Tuttle Owners

    I have a Tuttle Tuned S and a Tuned T that I picked up last year, after having played a number of his guitars at Soundpure a few years ago and being completely floored. Amazing guitars that just sing up and down the neck.
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    3rd Power Hybridmaster - as effective as a Power Station?

    I recently purchased a 2021 Dirty Sink head/cab. Unbelievable feel and tone at bedroom volumes. I'm taking it to play with a drummer today to crank it up!
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    Sold Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12 - Pending

    I am having a mid-life reality check situation and realize I need to downsize my collection a bit. I am regretfully selling a stellar sounding Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12. One of the best values in point-to-point handwired tube amps ever made. If you don't know Alessandro, check out...
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    Sold PRS (Paul Reed Smith) CE24 - 1991

    What's the neck carve on this one?
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    Both humbuckers in my Les Paul are the same resistance.

    Is your middle position setting incredibly awesome and bluesy?
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    Any options other than 65 Amps London, Matchless Lightning, Bad Cat Cub?

    What Slevin said. I personally love the Focused/Spectrum models: it's like getting a Lightning and Spitfire in one. Or something like that. Both modes rock.
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    Bumbox appreciation!

    1-watt 1482?? that is too cool. What is this guy not making amps anymore?
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    Bumbox appreciation!

    Resurrecting this thread because I just got a Bumbox Origin and I think I'm in love.... what a cool cool amp! tons of personality, retro sound, but tight bass, warm highs, plenty of punch, sounds huge for its 9 watts! Who else owns the other 3 Origins that are reported to exist? Any TGP'ers?
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    Sold 2014 Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-330 VOS

    this is a great deal
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    1963 ES-330 Opportunity...Good deal?

    But not a skinny neck like a mid-late 60's gibson, right?
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    Sold 2012 Gibson '59 RI ES-330

    Wow! Somebody steal this...
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    1963 ES-330 Opportunity...Good deal?

    seems like a really great deal if it has no issues!
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    Who would take a Collings I35LC over a '65 or later 335?

    I've played a number of late-60s 335s always hoped one would feel and sound great, but haven't found the one. However, I stopped by Soundpure in Durham NC a few months ago and played a few I-35 LCs and they were all stellar. I like the 290s from Collings I've played as well, but the I-35 Lc's...
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    Thinking of trading out the pickups in my PRS

    BG buckers are really amazing pickups: nothing brittle, slightly overwound compared to PAFs but still with that vintage tone. They have short legs so they fit in a PRS. I have them in my 2001 ce-24 and love 'em.
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    The blues man and ONE guitar

    guitars are fun....grab a few
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    Low end guitar + good pickups = ?

    I don't know that model of guitar, but if you really like the way it plays up and down the neck, and the way it sounds unplugged (I go for bright but full sounding, responsive guitars), it could be worth it. I put new electronics and throbaks in a Samick SAN-450 that I bought for $200 and it is...
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    Sold 2012 Gibson '59 RI ES-330

    Looks like a killer guitar
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    What gear did you break even or make money on?

    Honestly, only once in very many deals! It was on a Zendrive before it got outsourced (or whatever exactly happened with that deal). And I made maybe $40. Otherwise, guitars are a passion and every passion has a cost :)
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    Tweed amps for "jangly" American rock n' roll?

    Divided by 13 cj11 might fit the bill
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    New Guitar for a Meters-esque side project.

    Gorgeous guitar! And I'll bet it slays. This belongs in the "tele with humbuckers" thread. Congrats!
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    ES-330 59 RI

    I have an early 2014 VOS and it has a one piece fretboard and one piece laminate body, so the must have ditched the 2-piece anything at that point. Great guitar!
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