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    New Voivod video

    me like! itHcrRaZhXs
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    Voidod Hellfest live now!

    For those interested it's on live now:
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    The Amp Factory where to start?

    Which bundle is best to start with? They seem all sound great... I'm puzzled! :)
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    This looks cool

    I was just browsing Kickstarter for fun tonight and came upon this: Just toughted it looked interesting and quite promising. It looks like they found a clever way of solving a problem for fingerpickers! p.s. hope I'm not breaking any rules here by posting this.
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    Gypsy/Manouche guitar

    Looking into buying one for fun... any suggestions? best bang for the $$$? Budget $1000 or less... Thanks,
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    Happy Birthday arrangement

    Anyboby would knows/has access to a cool guitar solo/duet arrangement for the song "Happy Birthday”? I can’t seem to find anything worth mentioning via Google… Thanks,
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    Kemper favorite clean jazz profile

    just wondering what's your favorite clean jazz profile for an archtop with flatwounds? I'm currently using the 1967 Vibrolux 2x10 clean profile... anything better out there?
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    Rocksmith for PC

    Anybody tried the PC version? Any lag? Worth buying?
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    Alternative Kemper Bag

    I gought this yesterday and the Kemper fits really nice in it: It doesn't have all the feature of the real one, but at...
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    In the long run the Kemper will make me...

    a better player! Just saying, since I got it I'm just playing/practicing even more than usual and enjoying it immensely... A lot of the tones/profiles in the box are usable right away and to my ears they sounds great.! I haven't tried profiling yet, but that'll come... Speaking ot that, I...
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    Kemper bag/case?

    Go my new Kemper, but the store I got it from doesn't carry the "official" protective case. I remember seeing something about this in the past, but I can't find the tread right now! So what are you guys using to protect and carry it around? Shoulder strap type bag/case would be mandatory for...
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    silly Kemper question.

    The Kemper finally arrived at my local store... they just called me... and I have a color choice! Which one looks better since I haven't seen it live? Black or white?
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    Amplitube 3 on sale $99.99 Is it worth buying since I already own S-Gear and TH2? I tried the demo and it sounded so so to me... minds you the demo version seems to be missing a lot of the amps/effects... Dominique
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    Kemper in Canada.. What's going on?

    Anybody knows what's going on with that situation? My local Montreal dealer keeps telling me that it's stuck at the border because it's missing the "CSA Approuved" certification or something... Any truth to that? Gee, I can't wait anymore as it should have been here since the first week of...
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    A friend of mine doing Oh Well...

    I just thought that it sounded pretty good and worth sharing! kD3L0Mf_sbY
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    Have you seen this video?

    ZCtp6vVm_Z0 Wow...! I don't know the band... but if they were able to record 17 albums that sold worldwide, they should have seen a bit of the money! The music biz is really :nuts
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    What's the name of that tune...?

    vWjUVQbHLnM Can you help me here? The riff he's playing from 4:17 to 4:25... what's the name of that tune? For the life of me I can't remember! I'm getting old... Lol...
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    Nice feel and singing...

    Just stumbled on this via my Facebook and I thought it was worth posting here! Nice singing and feel... I guess some people have it all! VmKfMbAaSuM
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    I have just enrolled for the Berklee Online Scales 101 Course

    My session starts on april 4th! I haven't done the "school thing" in over 25 years... what should I expect?
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    Brian Setzer Orchestra live right now!!!

    at the Montreal Jazz Festival: you need silverlight to view...
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    Hey... You can't do that on TV!

    my buddy Steve doing one of his new tunes on a popular tv show in Quebec... It's just fun to see that the show host lets dime his plexi and abuse his Les Paul all this backed up by a world class band! :banana
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    Grady Tonight!

    I'm going to see Grady tonight in a small venue in Montreal...! Can't wait... Earplugs and Rock 'n' Roll! :D
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    Vista 64 bits sound card

    Which sound card can I use with my new computer loaded with Vista 64 bits. It's this one: I currently have a M-Audio Firewire 1814 that I can't use since they have no drivers available yet and it...
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    Mojave Scorpion vs Germino LV55

    Humm... Here's he tough question, I own a Mojave Scorpion and a good buddy of mine kinda offered me to trade his Germino LV55 plus some other stuff for it... I heard the LV55 a while back, but I don't remember how different it is from the Scorpion... I just remembered that it sounded really...
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    How to make a shorted RCA plug?

    Hi... I know it's a dumb question for you tekkies, but I need to get the tremolo going on my silverface Fender Vibrolux... I don't need the pedal for now, just a shorted plug will do the trick... Anybody has a link to a website with a picture so I can see how it's done?? Or if you have a...
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