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    looks for the wife, Big sound for me

    Those old console stereos are fun but your ability to get great sound will always be compromised due to the speaker placement options being severely limited.
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    Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar?

    what other materials and non- traditional woods do you have experience making guitars from?
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    I Inherited a Record Player...

    My previous post is based 100% in that philosophy. Unless the OP is 100% ready to go down the vinyl rabbit hole, any money spent on getting this free turntable integrated into their current setup, including the cost of any albums, would be better spent on a DAC. That's of course, just my opinion.
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    I Inherited a Record Player...

    Unless you feel like you'll enjoy the "ritual" aspect of the vinyl experience, I'd say just sell it. Vinyl is not automatically superior to other formats and is absolutely more finicky. From a bang for buck (strictly audio fidelity) perspective, vinyl offers the lowest returns. Turntables are...
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    Do you ever ask to play someone else's guitar?

    I play lefty so this is one of those situations that never arises.
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    Valvetronix amps - what do you think (@why so inexpensive)

    I’d recommend the THR over the valvetronix. I had a valvetronix about 15 years ago (so I’m sure it’s changed since then) and there were definitely good tones to be found but I found it finicky and complicated. I recently got a thr10 and have been thoroughly impressed. Sounds great and easy to...
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    Seething rage bout my goldtop w/roasted neck

    How's it smell?
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    Tube amps for home stereo

    No, that general rule does not apply.
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    What are you all using for home audio?

    I have a simple two channel rig. It’s a very dynamic, “fun” sounding setup. - Sophia Electric Baby 10w integrated tube amp - Tavish Design Vintage 6sl7 tube phono stage - Project RM 5.1 turntable with a Sumiko Bluepoint #2 cartridge - bluesound node 2i for streaming - Klipsch Forte III
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    Watching all these freaks on YouTube can be depressing

    delete your tgp profile and spend that time practicing.
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    Recent guitar shipping costs?

    I’d take the $800 cash. No worries of shipping issues or a buyer deciding to return it.
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    White Wedding Hybrid Picking

    That was great.
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    Educate me on Telecaster Pikcups Please

    Gotcha, yeah I have the MFDs so everything I said can be disregarded.
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    Educate me on Telecaster Pikcups Please

    Are you using the tone and volume knobs much on your ASAT? If not, you might get a lot of mileage out the stock pickups. You can also adjust the pole heights individually on the ASAT. You may still like after market pickups better but I thought I'd mention these things because I find the...
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    Why so much hate for Nickelback and Creed?

    It’s been ages since I’ve heard any of it but I didn’t think Creed’s first album was bad. I found nickelback bland.
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    Where do you buy good stereo equipment?

    There are some stereo shops that have used inventory online. I check these ones out if I'm looking for something.
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    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    You can get a tele with contours if that's the issue.
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    What guitar brand do you have the most of?

    1 G&L 1 Larrivee :eek:
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    H.E.R. was incredible on SNL last night

    Good news, you're the only person to use the term "amazing" so feel free to relax. All the superlatives seem to focus on the performance as a whole not just the guitar playing.
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    What happened with Elvis, did he sell out?

    Elvis never had soul. It was co-opted schtick from day 1.
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    Generational Music Appreciation Thoughts

    If you were listening to an FM radio station that plays "classic rock" they've had 40-50 years to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding music made in the 1970s. There was plenty of crappy music getting made and played on the radio but it's had decades to fall by the wayside. I'd almost...
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    So, you thought your blues solos were getting better huh?.....

    Wow, his right hand is something else. I really enjoyed his take on 'Hot Wired'. I doubt you get that talented by putting much stock into what internet blowhards think fits into a particular box.
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    22/10 Updated: What would you do? Dealer passing off a used guitar as new.

    I guess I missed where he named the company. Would have been helpful to just put in the OP instead of all the hand wringing about what to do.
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