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  1. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    Another quick little demo:
  2. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    Just wanted to post a quick soundbyte of the guitar, here's a blues jam I recorded today:
  3. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    Here's a few more close ups I took on my phone when I got home from Melbourne
  4. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    Thanks! Yes I flew home with Charles and we took my guitars on the flight with us so I could take it home :)
  5. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    I will record some clips asap it sounds amazing, and the slim neck carve I went with is perfect for me, very comfortable and modern feeling. The top looks even better with natural lighting, I know it isn't going to be everyone's taste but I love unique woods so when Charles picked out this piece...
  6. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    Here is the finished guitar at the Melbourne Guitar Show this weekend
  7. guitarnoize

    Incoming Cilia Halo!

    I just got a progress shot of my new Cilia Guitars Halo and it is looking pretty epic. I went over to the workshop about a year ago and Charles showed me a piece of Burl Maple he had been keeping for a special project, I wanted a black burst similar to a Les Paul photo I'd seen with Gold...
  8. guitarnoize

    MI Amplification Megalith Gamma demo

    I recorded a quick demo of my new Megalith Gamma amp going into a Jet City Jettenuator used as a load box running out to a my Mac and then using Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound III cabinet emulator for each track panned hard left & right. I'm playing over a Pantera backing track that has the...
  9. guitarnoize

    TMG Guitar Co. - Interview with the owner

    I understand you are excited by your new guitar but you said you are a "new player", just wondering how new? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. guitarnoize

    TMG Guitar Co. - Interview with the owner

    Err Suhr use Gotoh and Hipshot hardware actually Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. guitarnoize

    TMG Guitar Co. - Interview with the owner

    This Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. guitarnoize

    Boost for Royal Blue Overdrive?

    I tried my TC spark booster in front of mine and it sounded good, you have 3 boost modes but sounds like the "fat" or "mid" modes would be what you're looking for? Or a Suhr Koko Boost I love that pedal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. guitarnoize

    Goin from CM Plexitone to Boss St-2 Power Stack

    I recommended checking out the MI Audio Super Crunch Box, low and high gain mode and three different clipping types depending on how much compression and gain you want to add Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. guitarnoize

    A thread for Charles Cilia's spectacular guitars

    Just in case anyone hasn't seen it you can check out Cilia Guitars on Facebook, Check out the photos for heaps of incredible build pics like this beautiful Aurora!
  15. guitarnoize

    TSE Audio X50 V2

    This amp sim sounds amazing if you want to get a great Metal tone. It is a bit of a one trick pony but what it does, it does extremely well! ci_hzkumzjw
  16. guitarnoize

    Randall RG13 Pedal/Amplifier

    I know a lot of people won't like this but if you are looking for a compact Solid State high gain amp, this 3 channel pedal is pretty cool, especially as it has an emulated 4x12 output (XLR) plus a regular instrument line out AND a speaker out. Plus it has an effects loop which is...
  17. guitarnoize

    LePou Le456 w/ Two Notes Wall Of Sound III

    Here is another little demo track test I recorded using the LePou Le456 with Two Notes Wall of Sound III cabinet simulator plugin. Y4S-kShDrSE
  18. guitarnoize

    Amplitube German Gain w/ Torpedo Wall of Sound III

    It definitely helps using the Two Notes Torpedo Wall Of Sound III cabinet emulation but you can get some great metal tones IMO from the Amplitube German Gain model. 02QOJpp8NKY
  19. guitarnoize

    BOSS OD-1X OverDrive Demonstration

    There is no reverb ;) I did have a little bit of Delay on though. Double tracked guitars probably give it the impression of reverb?
  20. guitarnoize

    BOSS DS-1X Metal Demo

    Updated the original post with a YouTube video instead of the SoundCloud embed.
  21. guitarnoize

    BOSS DS-1X Metal Demo

    Full details about how the track was recorded is in the description on SoundCloud, wrote and recorded this little demo in about 3 hours but I'm pretty happy with it. -EmRpVrjHS4 (please view in HD for the best audio quality)
  22. guitarnoize

    Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive

    This is a classy piece of kit _IowBgitRIU
  23. guitarnoize

    BOSS OD-1X OverDrive Demonstration

    Sounded much better than I expected, great for VH style overdrive mOA-zJayT4M
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