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    Pickup ohm question for Ibanez RF365

    I just received a new Ibanez RF365. The fit finish overall build quality, setup and tone are great...except for one thing. There is a great deal of volume difference between the single coil neck pickup and the bridge humbucker. Yes, I know that generally to be expected. The bridge pickup...
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    Is there a guitar picking sensitive pedal?

    I would really like a pedal that simply gives more sensitivity response to the amp and does little or nothing else. I have had pedals that give more pick response but always at the cost of its own flavor of distortion. I want it cleaner when with soft picking and more grit when I dig in.
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    Amazon, Chicago Music Exc. All Parts Story

    I placed an order through Amazon for a replacement bridge for my 80s Danelectro. (The bridges sag under string pressure.) They didn't tell me but they put the order through Chicago Music exchange. I didn't notice at first when I installed the bridge that the screw that they provided to adjust...
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    Black Shadow EVM, C90 or V30 in Boogie wide body cab

    I have an original Boogie wide body cab that is about 40% open back, equipped with a Black Shadow C90. It actually sounds quite nice and does a great job of spreading the sound. I'm thinking about trying out an original Boogie EVM 12L and a Boogie Black Shadow V30 speakers. I am using a 15 watt...
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    Tweed Bassman Super Reverb cross?

    I would like to find an amplifier that can cover the range between an old tweed Bassman and a black face Super Reverb and don't need 40 watts of power. Fifteen to Twenty Five watts would be plenty. Just a head would be best because I like using different speaker/cab combinations. I would even...
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    Can I date my Fender SCXD?

    The s/n is CKWL 08002024.
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    Fender Super Champ XD small problem

    I really love my SCXD but find that many times when I first turn it on, the volume is low in the gain channel. If I switch to the clean channel and the back to the gain channel, the volume comes back to normal. I don't know if this is worth fixing. I got it in new condition but I am not the...
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    Any Love For Celestion G10 Vintage?

    I am looking for a replacement speaker for my little Fender Super Champ XD combo. I have tried two other speakers in it but actually liked the stock better. I don't want a lot of coloration but just a bigger sound. The amp sounds fantastic with my MESA single 12" wide body cab with Black Shadow...
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    Conditioned power supply for amp + pedals?

    Is there a all in one conditioned power supply for both amp and pedals?
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    Any love for Shadow "Pro Overdrive"

    I have a love hate relationship with this pedal. It doesn't go well with my Super Champ XD. It has the best pick attack, guitar volume sensitivity of any pedal I have ever tired but the distortion is too dark for me and I am looking for a much softer, tube amp like distortion. What pedals should...
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    Fender Super Champ XD with pedals?

    I would like to hear what others have experienced, paring the SCXD with pedals. I have only tired three so far, a Wampler EGO, Wampler Euphoria, a Tube Screamer and a Shadow "Pro Overdrive". So far the Wampler EGO is the only pedal I have liked with the amp and it is a compressor. The TS lost...
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    Eminence Ramrond 10" in Super Champ XD

    I installed a Eminence Ramrod 10" speaker in my Fender Super Champ XD. I think it makes a great speaker for this amp. It can handle 75 watts and has a much larger magnet than stock. Sound wise, the speaker tightens up the bass, is punchier/more alive and louder than the stock speaker. The highs...
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    Wiring for Tele W/one single coil, one Humbucker

    My Tele has a Humbucker in the Bridge position, (That is right, not the usuual way.) and a single coil at the neck. How should the wiring be configured, which pots, resistors, capacitors? Thanks
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    Blackstone OD???

    What is the deal on these? I want a high quality OD that has to sound natural and doesn't have to have an extreme amount of OD. It seems like there was a big buzz about these a few years ago but I haven't noticed that much lately. Has it be outdone by other pedals or is it still a good choice?
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    Which Reverb Pedal, Boss or EH

    I just saw a You Tube with Bonamassa showing his pedals. He uses a Boss Reverb but I never hear anyone talking about them and the reviews I have seen aren't that good. Hearing is believing though and his sound is fantastic though admittedly there is a lot going on with other pedals...
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    Analogman KOT or BJF Honeybee??? OCD???

    I am trying to decide between these two pedals because the sound clips I have heard of both sound great to me, though I have never heard either live. They are both expensive but sound like they have sounds I have been looking for. I am also thinking about going a cheaper route and get an ODS...
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    Hiwatt Lead 50 R dating question

    Does anyone know when this model was made and how desirable it might be? What would be a far price for an average one?
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    What's the deal with pine body Telecasters?

    I just heard of them recently and after seeing and hearing a You Tube video of Arlo West doing "Cowboy Song" I think I want one. What should I know?
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    Is This A Mullard 6CA7/EL34???

    I have an opportunity to get some tubes that the seller claims are NOS NIB Mullards that are National Electronics labeled. Here is what is on the tubes; National Electronics 6CA7/EL34 Made in E. Germany They have a single halo getter. The logo looks something like a cross hairs with the top...
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    Yellow Jackets with EL34s in a JCM 800???

    I have a pair of Yellow Jackets with JJ EL84s that have been lying around, unused for a couple of years. I also recently got a Canadian Marshall 2204 that came from the factory with EL34s. Has anyone tried this setup in their JCM 800 EL34 50 watters? Do I have to rebias? What sound changes...
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    Which MXR Phaser to get???

    I am not up on the different vintages. Is one any better than the other?
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    What the heck is a low voltage Marshall JMP?

    I see a 1979 Marshall JMP listed on eBay as a low voltage one. I have never heard of this before. According to the ad, Doug Roccaforte told him it was a low voltage JMP. Does anyone know anything about they really exist... would that be disirable in the first could you...
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    Marshall 2204, Amersican/Canadian Transformer Question

    I have an American 2204, from 1981, which was originally shipped with 6550 output tubes. I also have a Canadian 2204 from very early 1985 (still has the vertical inputs), originally shipped with EL34s. I understand that to optimize an an amp for different output tubes, that the transformers...
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    Billy Gibbons, Crate V3112, Austin City Limits

    I saw Austin City Limits last night and saw Billy Gibbons with Rocky Erickson (Thirteenth Floor Elevators) and playing through one of his Crate V3112 amps. I have heard others mentioning his using a pair of them on stage before. A friend turned me on to these amps so I found one on CL last week...
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    Which Pedals for my "new" JCM 800, 2204

    I started looking for a head version of the 83 JCM 800 50 twin with Rola Celestion G12-65s about the day after I sold it and got a bad case of seller's remorse. Last weekend I scored a 1982 2204 in fair cosmetic but very clean and bone stock original electrical condition. These amps aren't all...
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