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    Adding p90 to esquire

    I've got an esquire I love but am thinking about throwing a p90 in the neck. I'm thinking the seymor antiquity soap bar. As far as the pots go how much would need to be changed over?
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    Need pricing help for a 2001 Gretsch 6114 New Jet

    I had one, it was a cool guitar, I think I paid $1100 which was a little on the higher side. The guy ended up wanting it back so I sold it back for the same price
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    Price Check: 2001 ES335 Dot Reissue

    Im considering trading my Duesenberg Starplayer TV for an 01 Gibson ES335 Dot reissue non custom shop.he said it has a slight bit of flame on the top. It has the cherry finish which I'm not too excited about but I'm gonna go over and at least try it. Any idea on the price and if of would be...
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    Duesenberg Starplayer vs. CS 335?

    Here's the story I've got a Duesenberg Starplayer right now, which is a killer guitar, but it's too nice and I'm scared I'm gonna ding it. Also it's hard to find a use for the the middle position that is all quake. Anyways, I've exchanged a few emails with a guy who has a Custom Shop Gibson 335...
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    Les Paul, Jazzmaster or Duesenberg Starplayer tv?

    I have a Starplayer tv that is cool but I have been curious about trading for a Les Paul maybe. The reason is that I find the neck pickup to be too dark and the middle position to be unusable. Then the bridge pickup is ok but is a little thin sometimes. For those who have had both what would...
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    The weirdest production Strat I've ever seen!

    It's odd that it just says Japan on the back and not Crafted or Made in Japan like every other genuine Fender I've seen
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    Does this look like artificial relicing to you?

    well he wants $1500 for it so im a little worried. Now he said the first year they made an american 52 reissue but I cant seem to pin down the actual year and 1500 is just plain too expensive
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    Does this look like artificial relicing to you?

    I just saw this guitar on craigslist. Its a 52avri and its the first year which they came out with this model and the guy says that there has been no artificial relicing done but take a look at the picture and tell me what you think. Its not that I dont believe him thats just a LOT of playing time
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    Favorite Seymor Duncan strat or tele pups?

    So I've got a chance to get a killer deal from seymor and I'm thinking about getting some replacement pups for my strat as well as getting some for my tele I'm building. What are your favorite strat pups from seymor? And for tele I'm thinking bridge humbucker and neck p90. Let's here...
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    The next big guitar company..

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    more like they wouldnt be able to ship so they wanted to make some money quick than have people order and not be able to ship during the storms its not like they were profiting off dead people or saying "hey people died buy our stuff" that would be like saying im never buying a car because...
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    Jazzmaster or Goldtop with p90

    I actually an just a waiter in a restaurant and am in school. I just got a give tax refund. But I'm not super scared about the head stock but it would be in the back of my mind. My duesy has a p90 in the neck and a humbucker in the bridge. I can totally get by with only my duesenberg but...
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    Jazzmaster or Goldtop with p90

    Ya that audley freed video is what got me going on an r6 What's a goldtop r4 going for on the emporium?
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    Jazzmaster or Goldtop with p90

    So my tax return will be here soon so I've got some dough for a new guitar. I'm thinking either a fender custom shop jazzmaster or getting an r4 or r6 goldtop with p90s. Anyone have any preferences? What's holding me back from a Gibson is I know I will be worried about breaking the headstock...
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    Price Check: 90's Ric 660-12 Fireglow

    so i was given a ric 660-12 from the 90's that was never played. Its in mint condition with all the case candy and everything. Its got the fireglow finish(or is it fireglo?) anyways whats a fair asking price on this?
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    Duesenberg video

    Best feeling guitar I've owned Must have been a bad one?
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    Duesenberg Staroplayer bridge moves when I use Trem

    so no huge issue then. I have been looking around google and found a mixed bag. Some say it should rock a little and some say it shouldnt. when i pull mine up a full step it maybe goes a sixteenth of an inch also it is an adjustomatic style bridge with out rollers
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    Duesenberg Staroplayer bridge moves when I use Trem

    So i was just playing my duesenberg and noticed that when i use the trem/ bigsby that the bridge moves back and forth as i push down or pull up on the bar. Its not too much but it caused me a little worry to see my bridge that is screwed into the body moving back and forth. is this normal? or...
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    NGD! Duesenberg Starplayer TV!!!

    I just got a black on last week and it's great Played three services on it today and it's perfect
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    Anybody not been happy with their duesenberg

    So i pulled the trigger on a Black starplayer tv today. I havent gotten to play it though my amp but the set up is great and it is a super smoother player. cant wait for tomorrow
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    Workhorse guitar to go with my strat?

    anyone else have any ideas? The nash ended up being a copper color that i REALLy dont like so im gonna hold out for now
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    Workhorse guitar to go with my strat?

    Ya a Nash tk54 just popped up locally too Here is the thing I had two telecasters previously and never bonded with them. One was a mim and just sucked, the other was a Japan model that was just dead so I don't feel I've given them a fair shot, but I still want to change it up. I guess if I can...
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