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    What’s your backup plan for a gig?

    In my old band I never had a backup amp. If I ever had an issue I’d borrow from another band on the bill. That happened a few times and I’ve been the backup lender as well. Usually would bring a 2nd guitar but sometimes just strings. Some of our tour dates were all borrowed or backline gear. A...
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    Any news about Cameron amps in 2018?

    This is a pyramid scheme which is an illegal business model.
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    Need to sell an amp, which Fender goes?

    The BMR is a great amp! I had a 68 that was my gigging amp for years in a garage punk band. I regret selling it when I moved & needed to downsize. If you prefer a combo you can get a 1-12 or 2-12 combo shell cab to transplant the head into. I wish I had kept mine and done that!
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    Rebuilding Sovtek MIG-50

    I would def replace any burnt resistors, probably recap it & change the pots which seem to be a common problem. This guy has a good walk through & repair on these:
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    How much does a broken and repaired cabinet joint affect the value of a collectible amp?

    100% return that. Don't fall into the engineered-collectability trap. Vox has done countless LE versions of the ac30 & ac15 over the years. Just because this version is limited to 150 doesn't guarantee it's value or desirability on the used market. Especially with the damage you would take a...
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    Ampeg Jet J20 Blue diamond - opinions wanted

    Great amp that benefits from a few mods. I've had one about 10 years & its my only amp. First thing I'd do is remove cap c10. It is a presence cap "on 12" that was not in the original fender circuit. Causes the shrill bright sound. Night and day difference imo. Seach hasserl mods for a bunch of...
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    My first amp - vintage, Neil Young, Jack White crunch and breakup

    Wide range of responses here & some I'd disagree with! Not really that hard to get the neil/jack tones. I'd say a 6v6 combo is your best best. 5e3 clone, ampeg jet & reverbrocket. I think this amp has been discontinued but a great value & the tone is there. Add a big muff for jack tone & ds-1...
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    What am I doing wrong with Vox?

    You don't HAVE to like them. I thought I did until I got an ac15. I really don't like the congested thin mids of el84s. The looser 6v6 does it for me.
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    Question regarding speaker wattage compared to amp wattage - blown speaker

    I blew a ri jensen p12n (50 watts) with a 5e3 (12 watts). Not sure if the voice coil melted or manufacturing defect but it happened. Jensen said they could not repair so I don't buy from them anymore. I'd stick with eminence and weber for speakers.
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    Worst Tube Amp You've Owned

    Don't feel too bad-that 90s vibroverb ri was pretty weak. Could barely keep up with a drummer and sounded wimpy. I dumped mine for a bandmaster reverb which was excellent.
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    Cannabis Rex Break-in Period - Ampeg Reverberocket 2

    Speaker break-in will offer little if any perceptable change in sound sorry to say. Can you return the speaker or exchange for another emi?
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    Eminence GB128 vs Celestion Creamback

    I've never played the creamback but the emi gb128 is my favorite spreaker. Not dark at all. I'd describe it as a very efficient greenback with a fuller eq response-balanced highs and lows amongst the characteristic woody mids. Considering it's $65 I'd say a no-brainer.
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    Is tech like Kemper going to make tube amps more a hobby?

    Came here to say this. Or more succinctly "Come see me in 50 years mr Kemper" - 5e3.
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    In theory, I'd love my AC15. But that's not happening

    There is no shame in not liking an ac15! Don't go dumping money into tubes & speaker swaps. The fundamental tone and what you dislike about the amp will not change. I also went through an early korg ac15 and a few other 2-el84 amps before swearing them off and going back to 6v6 fenders.
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    What is a church rig?

    I don't know why a distinction needs to be made either. However it is clear that the owners and mods are of faith as are many of the members here-there used to be link to a pw forum that I used to accidently click on all the time. I am surprised by some of the mods comments-talk about divisive.
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    Does Dumble still make amps? Are there any recent examples?

    I think you owe him $10k now! He must be getting up there in age? Wonder how high values will go once he retires.
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    Looking for Advice (Amp Sale Gone Awry)

    Tell him to send it back on his dime and you'll refund the rest of the purchase price. Since you already gave him a partial refund he can't keep bleeding you-sounds like extortion scam.
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    What are the lightest tube combo amps? (under 20 pounds only)

    You didn't say what wattage but at under 20lbs it is going to be low watt and small speaker mostly. For reference my 12-15 watt 5e3 tweed deluxe is 25 lbs.
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    New Fender '68 Custom Amps, based on actual Silverface or is it Blackface?

    I put a NF pot on my 74 dr and it adds much more gain and grit and volume. I never noticed a difference when pulling v1. I'm not sure about the new amp specs but I love the sound of reduced negative feedback on a fender. It sounds choked and a bit wimpy stock to me.
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    Which part of my setup would you change?

    I play fender amps with british style speakers as I love the sound so would suggest a speaker swap too. I have a sfdr with an weber silver bell and a tweed deluxe with a emi gb12 (greenback clone). I wouldn't suggest either for you as they are both very loud and efficient. A low-db greenback...
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    Epiphone Electar Century Amp reissue

    Looks pretty cool! I think there is a typo on the weight specs though on the zzounds link: 8 lbs. lol
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    Head or combo?

    Ha-true. Though it is also easy to lose that one cable on a gig and you can't find a spare speaker cable. I have always preferred small 1-12 combos but have used heads and cabs in the past. These days I grab my sfdr or 5e3 if I really want to travel light (25 lbs! Most heads are more than that).
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    Time for new tubes: AC-15HWX...

    I wouldn't change all the tubes at once. Start with new power tubes and I'll bet that will bring you back to what you want.
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    The Egnater fad run its course?

    I had a rebel 20 years ago when they came out. I thought there were too many features and not enough variety in sound. The preamp had a lot of gain so I usually ran the master high and gain as volume. I moved on to a vintage sound but it was a good reliable amp & easy to carry.
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    Original Deluxe Reverb Owners?

    I have a '74. I added the raw control in the ext speaker jack (which reduces the negative feedback). That is a must mod to me for the DR-makes the amp louder and looser. I also like brit style speakers-currently using a weber silver bell ceramic.
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