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  1. garret

    An Interesting Find, Old RCA Tube Kit

    Brother-in-law was cleaning out a family members house who had passed. My eyes popped outta my head! A few cherries in there too!
  2. garret

    Kansas on AXS TV

    Did anyone else catch this history of Kansas on AXS? I have a new appreciation of the band and how the music industry used to support up and coming artists. They were a million dollars in the hole until Carry On went platinum. What a tremendously talented group of musicians. If you get the...
  3. garret

    Korn and Alice In Chains fan?

    Pre-sale tickets start today for the tour with Korn and AiC!!!
  4. garret

    PSA Tube Depot 10% Off Everything Use the code XMAS2018 at checkout to get 10% off your order at
  5. garret

    MIM HSS Stratocaster Plus Top vs Standard Top

    I'm going to get one but was wondering if there is any difference in the sound relative to the top? I like a bright sound but not overly bright. Appreciate any first hand advice between the two.
  6. garret

    NAD: No Cork here, sniff the Twist Off Cap

    Disclaimer: I'm well aware of Bugera's history and rip off designs. I know the components are cheap and the head is not as robust as other manufacturers. I'm just a basement player and don't gig. I initially picked up a used 333 for $220 from GC. It was a blue jewel non-Infinium even though...
  7. garret

    Recommend a Tele Style Guitar with Humbuckers

    Before you purists get too angry with me, I do have a MIM Standard Telecaster. Love it, was my first foray into telecasters and it's a rock solid instrument. Not going anywhere. I also have a beautiful Les Paul studio in arctic white with ebony fret board and gold hardware. It's a very nice...
  8. garret

    Godin Freeway Classic

    I'm one of those guys that has never really bonded with a strat. The neck on my Lite Ash MIK is a pretty birds eye maple, but the neck is not very stable. And the whammy bar just adds to the frustration. The guitar holds tune quite until you use the whammy bar or you change tuning. The truss rod...
  9. garret

    Allman Brothers Tribute Band on AXS TV March 29th

    I did a search and didn't see a post. Did anyone else catch these guys?
  10. garret

    Used Amp Day; Budda SD 30 II

    I've only been playing for a few years and the amp tone quest started soon after. Went through a lot of lower wattage amps trying to get a similar tone to a JTM45 clone with pedals. I like the tones from that amp but have been itchin for a medium to high gain channel switching amp. Play old...
  11. garret

    Tube Depot 20% Off Sale

    Three amp kits are 20% off plus selected tubes. The 5F1, 5E3 and JTM45+ combo. I've built a couple kits from them, solid products. Really good pricing with this sale.
  12. garret

    Laugh Al-Saadi on The Voice

    I was in the other room and heard this... I've seen The Voice in the past and while they have very good singers it was always missing something. Laith did a great job.
  13. garret

    Tube Depot 5E3 Kit Build

    I know some parts in the kit are heresy, but it sounds really good. It is a PCB but its very thick and well constructed. It was on sale a couple weeks ago for $540. Had a good experience with the JTM45 kit so thought I'd give their 5E3 a shot. Great cabinet came with the kit. Looks great and...
  14. garret

    Samick JZ Series Guitars, How Are They?

    I had not heard of this series before. Was looking to trade an amp for a hollow or semi-hollow body guitar and someone offered an older JZ-123. Not a great deal of info on this guitar on Google. You get more info on the Gregg Bennett models that came out after the 123. Appreciate your thoughts.
  15. garret

    Deep Purple 2015 Tour

    Saw them last night at Freedom Hill in Michigan and was totally impressed with how tight they were. The talent level on stage was fantastic. Anyone else see this tour? If not, I highly recommend seeing this show!
  16. garret

    Hard to Refuse Cheap Cab Deals

    Like many of you guys, always at CL as you never know what might pop up for cheap. Didn't need it but for $60 why the hell not? Tolex is rough but he even threw in a 3 foot Monster speaker cable. The speakers are a bit treble-y but not bad sounding for what it is. Solidly built cab out of birch...
  17. garret

    1967 Blues Breaker CL Ad But why post such a rare amp on CL if it is authentic?
  18. garret

    JTM45+ Clone Build Help Request

    Looking for a bit of help from some of the very sharp individuals on TGP. Put together a JTM45+ clone build from Tube Depot and was in the power up phase. All voltages are reading correct for the preamp circuit except for the cathode triode voltage on pins 3 and 8 of V3. The assembly manual...
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