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  1. phillygtr

    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    Not a deal breaker, but am I correct that the Badlander has no send level/return gain for the fx loop?
  2. phillygtr

    Strymon Nightsky

    I'm still trying to explore my Eventide Space from almost 10 years ago... That being said, this pedal looks cool. It's interesting how the ambient/modulated reverbs are accepted alongside traditional spring/plate/room stuff as regular options rather than the weird side of 'verb. Speaking of...
  3. phillygtr

    Switched OP Amp from JRC4559D to JRC072BD - Should be OK?

    Thanks for the reply. The 072 does sound nice.
  4. phillygtr

    Switched OP Amp from JRC4559D to JRC072BD - Should be OK?

    I have a Barber Small Fry and decided to roll some Op amps. I tried a 072BD (JFET) from another pedal and it sounds pretty cool. Not as much gain, but I hear a different character that I like. Any issues with the pedal by swapping to the JFET?
  5. phillygtr

    RIP - Ric Ocasek.

    He was a superb producer.
  6. phillygtr

    RIP - Ric Ocasek.

    Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney are both 77, but Ocasek seemed like such a newcomer compared to them. Like they were from two totally different eras.
  7. phillygtr

    Delay + Overdrive in one Pedal

    Helix Stomp. You can create presets that explore a lot of pedal “what if’s”
  8. phillygtr

    What Song Scared You As a Kid?

    Scared? Not sure about that, but when I was a kid the video and song "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring always made me nervous. Being 8 or 9 hearing "when the bullet hits the bone" was creepy.
  9. phillygtr

    Can't raise Strat saddles high enough. Need advice.

    The pic with the Stew Mac gauge shows a major gap at the very bottom at the neck & body.
  10. phillygtr

    Synergy portable power...

    Probably true. However, I must say if I had a Synergy, I would absolutely try it through my SS amps.
  11. phillygtr

    Synergy portable power...

    A couple of years ago on Facebook I suggested to the Synergy people that it would be cool for them to demonstrate the units through various solid state amps that people might have lying around - JC-120, Peavey Bandits, Crate Powerblock, Line 6 Spider etc. I thought that would be a cool demo of...
  12. phillygtr

    Let's Dance

    under the moonlight the serious moonlight
  13. phillygtr

    NYLE Compressor/Preamp

    This sounds like a really cool pedal. I like the combo of comp & mic pre sound.
  14. phillygtr

    Helix 2.8?

    This is not going to happen, but I'd like to see more support for the Stomp as DAC/headphone amp. I've really been enjoying the Stomp as an HD audio device. It's on my bedside table. Late at night, I plug my iPhone 8 through it and listed to some 24/96 music I have on there (I have Beyerdynamic...
  15. phillygtr

    What pedal do you wish existed?

    Of course you could stack these fx to do that. Also my HX Stomp can do it easily (load up a preset with two EQs, drive/preamp, & compressor). Just thought it would be cool in one analog pedal.
  16. phillygtr

    What pedal do you wish existed?

    OD/Distortion Pedal with: Pre-EQ > OD/Gain > active Post-EQ. A drive pedal with both pre & post distortion EQ in one pedal. Maybe throw in nice compressor in there too for fun. Maybe Ethos OD with HRM mod would do this. I dunno. Or: Maybe an OD pedal with a loop that can be blended in parallel...
  17. phillygtr

    DigiTech PDS 1002 - referb? Mod?

    Those are the mods we've been discussing in this thread.
  18. phillygtr

    Line 6 HX Stomp

    My question is that if you use an IR, does that mean your entire signal path gets reduced to 16-bit 48kHz?
  19. phillygtr

    Keyztone Exchanger Analog Pickup Remodeler

    I love the concept. I’m looking to try the 3 sigma IRS that do a similar translation and load that into my HX Stomp. I think pickup modeling is a new frontier.
  20. phillygtr

    HX Stomp as headphone amp DAC for iPhone

    I’m not complaining, just trying to understand. And yes it does matter. If I’m spending extra money on HD audio tracks, it would be nice to know if I’m wasting my money with higher sample rate files if the stomp can’t play them.
  21. phillygtr

    HX Stomp as headphone amp DAC for iPhone

    Thanks. I wonder if it would be cool to use it as a phono preamp? Maybe load up some IRS that simulate RCA eq curve and add some makeup gain? Might be cool for L6 to even add a dedicated phono preamp block that maximizes sapling rate if IRs are limited to certain number of bits and sampling...
  22. phillygtr

    HX Stomp as headphone amp DAC for iPhone

    Thanks. For digital playback via USB, is helix stomp limited to 24/96 or can it go 192? I know the actual modeling fx stuff is high sampling, but just asking specifically how hi res can the playback get? I’m just cataloging the various uses of the stomp. I had contemplated buying a standalone...
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