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    recommend me some good slide guitar to listen to

    Whenever watching films set in the "wild west" there is usually some very nice atmospheric slide guitar used as the background music. Does anybody have any recommendations to some good albums I could get which have some good slide guitar in. This is the closest I could find in my...
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    Please help me find an amp that fits this criteria:

    I'm on the lookout for a new amp but am looking for suggestions: - I like 100w, not because I want loudness, but I find 100w amps have a clearer bottom end - two channel - first channel clean, second channel hard rock - I like cranked plexi tones/hot rodded marshally voicing, amps which respond...
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    Recording troubles with the Komet 60

    Just after a bit of advice....... When I jam with my friends I use my LP>K60 with hotplate to about -8db, into a 4x12 with g12 heritage 20w. Usually sounds great when practicing. I desperately wanted to use the K60 when recording our few songs at my studio this weekend, but I couldn't get...
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    please tell me about the fender deluxe reverb

    I'm considering one, but am interested to know what kind of tones etc it can do. I'm looking for a combo with nice cleans, but also something with a bit of dirty rock inside, that can be pushed, esp with a pedal. is this the kind of amp I should look at??
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    FINALLY!!! I have a Komet 60 on its way to me!!!

    here is an old thread I posted gassing for a komet 60 For ages I have wanted one of these, but they are soooo rare in the UK I knew I'd be taking a risk. However I just couldn't pass up on a good offer recently and I have a nice komet 60 on its way to me now. It is black with green v...
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    not a single day goes by without me wanting to buy a Komet

    I have the cash there but it is earmarked for something else..... I can't decide on the 60 or Constellation - although the prospect of a Connie on a 4x12 with prerola GBs is absolutely tantalising. Maybe my credit card is just going to have to help me out:D
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    New Marshall JTM45-100 ltd edition stack

    Interesting...... link to marshall website Marshall are releasing a Ltd edition JTM45-100 full stack to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its first release. I can't seem to link pics from the website, but it looks sweet. It is different from the 1959 because it uses kt66 valves along with...
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    one thing most amp builders are still failing to address that bugs me

    I feel like I am going mad because there are so many cool amps out there that I would love but can't buy because they lack a vital feature that I need. Since I play in a two guitar band I need an amp that will allow me some way to have some sort of facility to give a volume boost for lead...
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    Fuchs Train/Lucky 7/ Blackjack 21

    I have exhausted the clips on the website. The Train sounds like an ideal amp for solos - superb tone. The Lucky 7 has a nice vibe to it that I like too, but no clips of the Blackjack 21? Are there more clips on the net of these 3 amps - I could do with more to listen to :cool:
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    Please tell me about Trainwreck and similar amps

    I have owned quite a few amps over the last few years - marshalls, soldanos, road king etc, but one thing I have never checked out is a Trainwreck or similar amp. I'm quite intrigued by these, esp Komet or Fuchs Train-45. Any info or background about them would be nice, plus is there anything...
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    Cornford mk50 overdrive vs RK100 overdrive??

    I am starting the final straight on my next amp purchase. It is either a Soldano or a Cornford. Leaving the Soldanos aside for now, I have a few questions about Cornfords The Hellcat is possibly too vintagy for me so I am looking at either the mk50 or RK100. Is the RK100 very similar to the...
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