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  1. Rusty G.

    Looking for a way to share music tracks

    I'm looking for some advice on the best way to share tracks. I use ProTools HDX. . . the person I want to share and write with uses Logic Pro X. . . How would I be able to send, say a two track drum track, bass track, keyboard track, guitars and/or vocal tracks to him via the internet? And...
  2. Rusty G.

    Getting a Guitar Repainted

    I've got a guitar that I really like. I bought it a few years ago and like everything about it. . .but. . . I just don't like the color. It was made by a small luthier who has gotten real busy and I don't want to even try to send it back to him to get it repainted. So, has anybody here ever...
  3. Rusty G.

    Where to get a Firewire 400 to either USB or Thunderbolt adapter

    Guys, I need your help. This summer I purchased a new Mac Pro (trash can), and Sonnet box, along with Pro Tools HDX, and the Omni. (I also have an Apollo Duo Twin that I use with my Pro Tools setup). Anyway, I have an old hard drive (rocstor) that I used with my old Mac G4 and Pro Tools TDM3...
  4. Rusty G.

    John Fogerty Memoir

    Alright Creedence Clearwater Revival fans. . .John Fogerty is releasing a "Memoir" about his days with Creedence. It seems that in 1968, he made an agreement with the...
  5. Rusty G.

    NGD: Whitfill Slimline

    I liked my Whitfill Tele style guitar that I received from Cliff and Patty at Destroy All Guitars so much that I placed an order for another guitar. This time, I wanted a Slimline: Front Shot: Close up: Headstock: Side View: Another view of the body: Once again, I've got to say...
  6. Rusty G.

    Another NGD thread: WHITFILL

    I received a Whitfill Tele from Cliff and Patty at Destroy All Guitars a couple of weeks ago and didn't want to post anything for at least 14 days because I wanted to get a handle on the guitar and don't want to seem like too much of a "fanboy". My overall impression: This guitar is...
  7. Rusty G.

    What kind of Les Paul in this video? (ZZ TOP Content)

    Here's a video of ZZ Top performing Sharp Dressed Man live. What kind of guitar is this in the video? Is it something that's available for the public or something custom made for the Reverend Billy by John Bolin?
  8. Rusty G.

    Tell me about the Les Paul Custom

    Does anyone here rock a Les Paul Custom as their main guitar. I've been jonesing for a Les Paul Custom in ebony lately and decided to put the question to the folks here at TGP for their responses. I'm looking for opinions and thoughts on the guitar. One of my favorite players is John...
  9. Rusty G.

    Billie Jean Cover--Dueling Drums/Pianos

    Check out this video of these two dudes. Great timing and talent:
  10. Rusty G.

    Gustavsson Fullerblaster

    I received this new Gustavsson Fullerblaster from Cliff at last week. Black with mint green pickguard. . .aged finish and hardware. Here's a close up: Glendale bridge. . .Wolftone rod P-90 and Tele bridge pickup. . . I really like the aged hardware: The...
  11. Rusty G.

    Who makes aged pickguards and parts for Teles?

    I've got a fantastic playing Linhof Tele. It's black with a matching black headstock and rosweood fretboard. It also has a black pickguard. I would like to get an "aged" white/black/white pickguard and possibly some new "aged" hardware. The tuners are already aged, but I'd like to change the...
  12. Rusty G.

    Dr. Z AirBrake and BrakeLite differences

    I've got a Dr. Z AirBrake attenuator and really like it: I find it works great for cranking my non-master volume amps to their sweet spot while taming the volume issues: However, I have recently heard of the Dr. Z BrakeLite, and would like to know if anyone here has any experience with both...
  13. Rusty G.

    Tommy Katona--SRV

    Just cruising youtube and found this guy who sounds alot like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Pretty good tribute band: To me, his tone and playing, and his singing sound alot like SRV. What do you guys think?
  14. Rusty G.

    ASW Alnico Absolute--Opinions Wanted

    Does anybody here have any experience with the Austin Speaker Works Alnico Absolute? How do they sound? How similar are they to a Celestion Blue? I've got a Victoria 20112 and I'd like to take out the Eminence Ledgend and put a "Blue" flavored speaker in it, and I'm thinking the Alnico...
  15. Rusty G.

    5E3 Tweed Deluxe Style Amp with modifications:

    Say I wanted a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe style amp, but with the following modifications. I would like one with a Celestion Blue speaker. Second, I would like some kind of built in attenuator. I've never played, but listened to youtube videos of: 1) Victoria's 20112; 2) Lazy J amps J-20; and 3)...
  16. Rusty G.

    Is this a Keyboard Bass or real Bass?

    Is this a Keyboard Bass or real Bass? Big n Rich might not be your cup of tea, but how did they get this huge growling bass in the song Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. . . Thanks, Rusty
  17. Rusty G.

    What is up with the price of Klon pedals?

    Call me out of the loop. . .O.K. . .But I've decided to start looking for an overdrive pedal, to see about getting some dirt in some non-master volume amps without using an attenuator. So, I was checking the prices of the Klon. . .This one is asking $1450...
  18. Rusty G.

    Two Rock Jet speaker question

    I've had a Two Rock Jet head for a little over a year or so. I usually plug into a Germino cabinet with 2 X 12" G12M heritage speakers. I'm looking to pick up a 1 X 12 Two Rock cabinet. Musicians Friend has them loaded with a Warehouse Guitar Speakers WGS12-65B speaker. What speakers do...
  19. Rusty G.

    How do they do it?--Adele production question

    Check out the youtube link to Adele's Rumour Has It. . . I wasn't a big fan of her work at first, but it's grown on me lately. . .maybe 'cause my wife likes her music so much. First. . .how do they get the sound starting at :07 and...
  20. Rusty G.

    New Goldtop Nik Huber Krautster 2

    I received this Nik Huber Krauster 2 onThursday from Cliff at and wanted to post pics and an initial review. First, working with Cliff is so easy. You tell him what you're looking for and he either gets it for you or puts you on a list. Fantastic customer service and...
  21. Rusty G.

    I want new pickups for my Strat Ultra

    I've got a Strat Ultra. . .It's got a great neck and was the top of the line for Fender in its day. The fingerboard is made of ebony. The downside is that I don't really like the Lace Sensor pickups. They're OK, but don't really do anything for me. I'm looking for something more vintage...
  22. Rusty G.

    Check out David Gilmour's Recording Studio

    I thought you guys might enjoy this: According to David, they did the better part of two Pink Floyd albums on that boat!
  23. Rusty G.

    ProTools question. . .How to sequence triplets

    Maybe this is a silly question, but I'm using ProTools and want to step sequence some drum parts. I would like to be able to step sequence some triplets for the hi-hat, with regular four beats to a bar. Should I change the time signature to something like 12/4? And, thanks for the answers.
  24. Rusty G.

    Matchless Lightning

    I've just received new Matchless Lightning from last week. First up, here's a few pictures: Back of the amp: Close up of knobs: Getting ready to jam with Baker B3 Bombardier: Size comparison to my Matchless DC30: This is a great amp that I've been...
  25. Rusty G.

    Difference in Two Rock cabs?

    What is the difference in Two Rock cabinets? I'm considering getting a 2 X 12 for my Jet. I know, it might be overkill, but I like two 12 inch speakers. . .to me, it moves more air than one 12 inch speaker. Anyway, looking at the Two Rock site, the specs for a "standard" 2 X 12 are: 21.5"...
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