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  1. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    I've mentioned this on a few threads but figured it needed its own. My mother passed away 2 years ago and I used part of the inheritance to commission a guitar from Chris Forshage. I already have a pair of Chris' headless Orion model but this time I was looking for something a bit special. We...
  2. uptheoctave

    Klon KTR status.

    I DID do a search- wondering what the current status is with Klon? Are they discontinued, or on hiatus? Any news in the last 3 months? (I've been absent). Thanks ppl.
  3. uptheoctave

    Cheap Dumble.

    I found one: LINKY
  4. uptheoctave

    Fake Suhr on UK Gumtree: Attention John Suhr

    I tried telling Suhr about this on their web form but it errored out. I know John watches the forum so hopefully he will see this. There is a fake Suhr floating around in the UK. It is currently being sold as a 'replica' but I have seen this exact guitar being attempted to be sold, in the...
  5. uptheoctave

    Anderson/Suhr neck finish & feel.

    Hi ppl, I posted this on HRI but maybe people here can help as well. I'm studying lutherie at the moment and wondering how Suhr and Anderson get that lovely satin feel to their neck. I don't want to pry into trade secrets (well, not much) but if this is something that anyone can englighten...
  6. uptheoctave

    Wood mount screws (Suhr)

    Hi all, I'm putting together a guitar for a friend and I've come up against a problem. The supplied screws for the neck and middle (Suhr ML's) are pickguard mounting screws. The guitar in question is a HSS Charvel without a pickguard. Looks like I need 4 3x20mm black wood screws that...
  7. uptheoctave

    New Mission Expression pedal behaving weirdly. Help pls.

    This is a copy of a post I made on the Fractal forum but there is more traffic here so hopefully someone can help me. I bought my second Mission expression pedal today and it is behaving a bit weirdly. I am trying to configure the switch for wah operation and using a mono cable into XS1...
  8. uptheoctave

    Tried a Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature 2 and was massively underwhelmed- help pls.

    Hi people, I tried a Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature 2 today and found it to be very disappointing. It belongs to a friend of mine- he has a matching cab and had spoken that he found it similarly disappointing. Spend a good 20 mins with it trying to find a decent tone- nothing really worked...
  9. uptheoctave

    NGD: Suhr Pro Modern

    I went and bought myself a Suhr. I had been looking for something shreddy with a floyd for a while (since I sold an Ibanez USA Custom and found myself without a floyd equipped guitar). It came down to a Tom Anderson classic with floyd or one of the Suhr Pro Moderns. In the end I couldn't...
  10. uptheoctave

    Plans for a Klein electric body

    Does anyone have a plan for a Klein electric body that I can use for my guitar project? I'm planning on building on with a Moses neck and I'd like to get it as accurate as I can. Alternatively does anyone in London have a Klein they would (for money, or at least a sizeable amount of alcohol)...
  11. uptheoctave

    Pedals similar to the Zendrive?

    Hi all, I already have a Zendrive for one of my boards. I'm looking at building another board and want a similar flavour. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. uptheoctave

    Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes Pad Thai.

    Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes Pad Thai. CeZlih4DDNg
  13. uptheoctave

    Hermida Tiki Drive?

    I've been using the Zendrive on my board with the Suhr Riot. In the last few weeks I've started to realise that the Riot is not the right pedal for this rig- it gets a little shrill with the EL84 loaded 65 Soho I use. I am looking to replace it with a different high gain pedal- was looking...
  14. uptheoctave

    What to pair with a Celestion Gold in a vertical 2x12

    Hi all, I am having a couple of vertical 2x12's built by Zilla cabs. My speaker of choice is a Celestion Gold and I am looking for a second speaker suggestion to pair with it (4x Golds is cost prohibitive) The rig is an Axe FX into a VHT 2:50:2 power amp. Tones are Bassman cleans...
  15. uptheoctave

    Buffer just to drive long cable runs

    I've changed my A rig around a bit and decided I wanted to use my old Crybaby rather than the Axe FX's wah wah- it just feels better to me. So this means I now I have a 12ft cable from guitar to wah and then a 20ft cable from wah to the front of the Axe FX. I am thinking of putting a buffer...
  16. uptheoctave

    Pedaltrain Pro vs Trailer Trash

    Hi all, I am building a bigger board for myself, going up from an old style PT2 without the under board clasps for the power supply to either a PT Pro or a Trailer Trash board. Looking for opinions on both, ideally from people who looked at both and then went one way or the other. I...
  17. uptheoctave

    Need a looper with the following features:

    Hi all, I have an Echoplex Digital Pro in my Axe FX rig and looking for a floor based looper that can do all of the following: Main thing is 1/2 speed & reverse from separate foot switches. 60+ seconds of recording time Looking for something that takes DC power or anything I can power with...
  18. uptheoctave

    My two new guitars...

    Yes, I've been out doing my bit to get the economy started again. First up is todays purchase. A 2002 Tom Anderson drop top. It is actually NEW though. Been sitting around a local shop since it was brought over and no-one could get past the purple. Some pics: Yesterdays...
  19. uptheoctave

    Help requested: value of '91 Ibanez Custom

    Hi ppl, I have been offered an interesting guitar in a trade deal. It is a 91 USA Custom Ibanez in snakeskin finish. Body - Basswood Fretboard - Maple Fret Wire - Jumbo Neck Type - Wizard Pickups - H: DiMarzio Super Distortion S: DiMarzio VS-1 Pics below. Can anyone give me an...
  20. uptheoctave

    Most portable Feiten friendly tuner

    Hi ppl, What is the most portable tuner that does Buzz Feiten? I need something for my gigbag that takes up the smallest amount of space. A clip on tuner would be ideal, although I don't hold out much hope for that. Thanks.
  21. uptheoctave

    The definitive list of Dumble type circuits

    I did a bit of a search and couldn't find this exact topic answered. After a few weeks with my Axe FX's Dumble models I've decided to indulge myself with another real amp based on this circuit. Of course a real Dumble is ludicrously out of my price range. Can we get a list together of...
  22. uptheoctave

    Suhr Blower switch wiring

    I am looking for a schematic to recreate a 'blower switch' that you see on Suhr/Anderson type guitars on my Warmoth strat. Putting the request out there to see if anyone can help me with the schematic. I'm using Suhr pickups (FL's and Aldrich bridge) with a 5 way, master volume and tone pots...
  23. uptheoctave

    Racktifier value?

    Hi ppl, I'm hoping someone can give me an idea of the value of my Dual Recto Rackmount. Mine is Rev G. Serial Number is R-011XXX. All stock except the series mod has been done. Has EL34's in it at the moment, located in the UK. Many thanks.
  24. uptheoctave

    Octave pedals

    Hi all, I am looking for a backup for my beloved Ibanez OT10 Octave pedal. I've tried the Boss ones and don't like them at all. I'm looking for something with a small footprint. Other than the smaller POG pedal does anyone else do a 9v dc powered octave pedal. Just straight octave, no...
  25. uptheoctave

    Cab for my '62 Bassman

    Hi ppl, I've had a '62 Bassman for years but bought it without the original cab. Other than ebay, CL and such is there a place I should be checking to get an original cab for it? What speakers tended to come with these cabs? If I can't find something authentic then I've thought I...
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