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  1. PurpleSpiral

    Contagion Jam

    This is my quarantine track. It's basically a slow athmosperic jam, nothing else. Let me know if you dig it.
  2. PurpleSpiral

    Jamming over some Pink Floyd / Marooned style backing track

    This is my first attempt at recording a private jam session of mine. I know I made lots small errors, but I don't really care for now. I'll try to correct them next time. I thought that since I play almost every day at home I could record these and put them on youtube. What do you think?
  3. PurpleSpiral

    Wet Rabbit - Kill The Robots, Pt.2

    That's mine. Tell me if you like it.
  4. PurpleSpiral

    Wet Rabbit - Of Clocks and Clouds

    Wet Rabbit - Of Clocks and Clouds I've just released my debut album 'Of Clocks and Clouds'. I call my music 'electronic progressive rock' but you can judge the genre yourself. It's a concept album. The concept builds on Karl Popper's essay with the same title, and it is centered around the...
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