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  1. cbpickin

    What bridges the gap between a Strat and a Les Paul?

    After being a strat guy forever, I have moved firmly into the Tele camp over the last 5 years. I still have my LP's and strats, and still play them, but the voice of my playing has been developing more again on the tele. I grabbed an American 2011 Cabronita a couple years ago, and I think it...
  2. cbpickin

    Tweed champ problems

    I am glad to see you are getting some improvement, but I definitely prefer the 8" speaker in a Champ. I had a small builder build me a stock tweed Champ, and he swore the Jensen P8R was the best speaker for the amp. I asked about Webers or Tone Tubby, and he reassured me the Jensen was the...
  3. cbpickin

    What's you favorite amp for pushed clean tones?

    Pushed clean tones would have to go to either my tweed Super 5f4, or Super Reverb, but I am a Fender guy.
  4. cbpickin

    What fretboard radius do you prefer? Would like some input

    I learned on 7.25, but I know prefer 9.5 or 10 if we are talking Fender style guitars. It just feels right and easy to play chords and lead lines with no fight.
  5. cbpickin

    Your top 5 low/medium gain OD pedals

    1. Red Snapper 2. Smallsound/Bigsound Mini or Fuc£ OD 3. RAT 4. Kingtone Duellist 5. Barber Gain Changer
  6. cbpickin

    Tyson Tone pickups still in business??

    I was going to post this exact response. Wolfe's P90's are perfect. You can do different, but you can't do better.
  7. cbpickin

    Si Fuzz Face recommendations

    Great recommendations. The PoPo is a great fuzz! I have had all the Analogman transistors, except the BART, and they are all great sounding; but the Monsterpiece GE is my favorite FF period. It has some really nice adjustments with the bias knobs and bass switch, but the tone is just perfect...
  8. cbpickin

    WHY A FUZZ?!

    Fuzz is just so dynamic with so many tones to be had with a turn of the guitar volume. It is an addictive sound tool, and there are so many variations to enjoy.
  9. cbpickin

    Vick Audio....

    I have owned a ton of Muff pedals over the years, mostly the higher end builders, so I was skeptical when I ordered my '73 Ram's Head from Vick on Reverb. Well, it is easily as good as any clone out there. I was so impressed, that I also ordered an 1861 Civil War clone a few weeks later...
  10. cbpickin

    Show me your K-Line Truxton's!

    I love my Truxton!
  11. cbpickin

    Is K-line Springfield equivalent to a Fender Strat?

    I have two K Line strats and a Truxton. His tele pickups are amazing, and I prefer my Truxton to my Danocaster tele w/Budz pickups. My strats are from 2006 and have Lollars, but the fit and finish is far better than the Fender CS. I would take a K Line over Fender every time. My sonic blue...
  12. cbpickin

    How much love for Menatone pedals?

    I am a huge fan of the Red Snapper and have had it in all its iterations, and they were all stellar. I have had a couple of minor repairs over the years, and Brian has always been super responsive.
  13. cbpickin

    Guitar case holding strap: repair or remove? 11/27 UPDATE - FIXED!

    My first thought is about the hinge itself. Is it made to go to 180 degrees without any strain? I don't mean to state something obvious, but I would check that before taking it off.
  14. cbpickin

    Kauer Banshee Express finishes

    I have been looking at those. I almost got a KR1 a while back, and the Korona looks like the luxury model of those. Or, I want a Super Chief or a Starliner...
  15. cbpickin

    Your Favorite Tape Echo Simulation Pedal

    I have had the El Capistan a few times over the years, but I prefer the Skreddy Echo. My current favorite is the ML Jr Deluxe. The modulation is beautiful.
  16. cbpickin

    AD900 power

    I ran one off of my PP2+ for years, no problems with the inverted polarity cable and set the outlet for 12v
  17. cbpickin

    Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive

    Thanks guys. I am going to give one a try. I have had the Mini and Fuc£ a few times. I just picked up a cool F OD out of the emporium and a Lazy J Cruiser off of Reverb, which I have also owned several times. I guess I am back on the JFET overdrives kick again.
  18. cbpickin

    Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive

    I have yet to try the Barbershop, but the descriptions sound similar to the Smallsound/Bigsound Mini and F@#% OD. Has anyone had both?
  19. cbpickin

    What is your favorite one space delay pedal?

    Subdecay Echobox v2. It is an incredible delay with great modulation.
  20. cbpickin


    The RS and a Tubescreamer go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  21. cbpickin


    I just put mine back on the board too. I mainly use the TS side to push my Red Snapper. I was using the Maxon Apex808 for a while because it is also a great TS. The Duellist TS has a clarity to it that is just different from every other TS I have owned. It pairs up really nicely with the grit...
  22. cbpickin

    Has anybody bought gear from Coast Sonic Pedals before?

    I have lots of smooth, fast deals with them as well.
  23. cbpickin

    Having a hard time choosing a compressor

    My Analogman rev 5 with attack and mix knobs beat out the Cali76 and Diamond for me.
  24. cbpickin

    Show your Metro 24

    That looks like a fun board! What's in the upper right corner, an MKII fuzz?
  25. cbpickin

    RAT vs Rattler vs 1981 DRV

    Also, don't sleep on the FATRAT. It is a great RAT! I prefer all the stock settings, but the fat and mosfet options are cool.