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    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    Well this is the danger when a company mixes the person(ality) and the business. There are people here that mailed in pedals to be repaired and have been ghosted and they absolutely should have an answer or be returned regardless of personal woes. You can’t have it both ways.
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    Same riff, 4 different distortion boxes. You be the judge.

    I also liked 2 the least and wasn’t surprised it was the ZW! My favorite od pedal is the mxr gtod which is the same as the ZW on a different internal dip switch setting. I tried it on the ZW side and did not like at all. If you take yours apart and drop the board you’ll see the switch at top...
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    Vertex Ultraphonix Review

    Had no idea sweetwater sold vertex. Repulsive response-will never buy from them again.
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    New reverb pedal: $1000
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    Could it be that our generation of guitar gods are the pedal makers?

    Makes total sense. The Alpha Drive era is basically our bowery/cbgbs in the late 70s. Thanks Ken!
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    Which Overdrive Pedal Have You Stuck With The Longest And Why?

    I have an Arion Tubulator (ts variant but better) that I got for $10 in 1999 or so. Gigged, toured & recorded with it in my old band until 2005. Still have it. Replaced with an mxr gt-od around 2008 & still use that. Love it-slightly thicker od tone.
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    Used pedal velcro etiquette

    Timely thread for me. I just purchased an 80s boss bf-2 flanger for cheap on ebay. One picture and no description. It arrived with huge strip of velcro on back and when removed it peeled the green boss label. I ended up soaking the velcro in hot water and was able to separate the boss label. A pain.
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    Germanium Overdrive pedals?

    Maxon D&S 2: EHX xo germanium drive: Keeley Red Dirt:
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    Amazon D'Addario fake string epidemic

    Contact them-they are great. I got burned on fake D'a strings on ebay & amazon. Reported sellers & got my money back. Only buy from authorized dealers going forward. Saving a few bucks on ebay/amazon only gets you fakes.
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    Vertex Dynamic Distortion

    Is Reverb a journalistic news source? No, you are a e-commerce company promoting a known admitted scam artist. Shameful.
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    Vertex Dynamic Distortion

    I did the exact same. Can't help but notice what day of the week it was sent out on too. So sleazy.
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    Skreddy Mayo 2007

    One just like that sold for $375 on ebay last month.
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    Best cheap budget pedal board for Floyd/Gilmour sound ?

    Keep it simple. Since you're on a budget I'd stay with ehx. Memory boy or toy analog delay and a big muff. Strat or tele into a tube amp with those is all you need imo.
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    Just gor the Cry Baby Mini Wah

    Nice! I love mine as well & have been using 5 years now. A real sleeper I don't hear much about.
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    Just gor the Cry Baby Mini Wah

    Great demo Tristan! Is that a gt-od you are using as well?
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    What is your "on all the time light gain" pedal?

    Mxr gt-od on 100% of the time into a old deluxe reverb or 5e3 clone. Gain level varies depending in guitar and how loud I'm playing. Love that pedal and been using 5 years like that.
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    So I Hate To Be That Guy (T1M Beef)

    You do know that they have no real 'official' power right? They are basically an 80s version of yelp.
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    Strymon Deco. It's here guys!

    That is Roky Erickson & the 13th Floor Elevators! A bit different than most of their output. The tune is called May the circle remain unbroken.
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    Strymon Deco. It's here guys!

    luuE_k8EbIk Probably not the fidelity intended but sounds like it would work well for the elevator sound.
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    Boss RE-20 Space Echo Club

    I had one and loved it except for the size and didn't like the bypass. I wish they would make a single size sans tap. I moved on to a dmm xo which I love as well but it is different. I'll get another someday I'm sure.
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    The Vertex Axis = BBE Ben Wah - Bermuda Triangle Axis Wah Continued

    Fyi I would not engage mr slope & advise putting him on ignore. He went out of way to angrily troll (& get deleted) the previous vertex threads which got him banned for a week or 2. I think anyone can plainly see what kind of operation Vertex is-not worth getting sucked into the labrinth of...
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    To be fair Dana did disclose that he was a customer of Vertex and spent a lot of money with him. I understand his frustration & he has been respectful.
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    Political talk will get this thread locked-cut it out and edit your posts please.
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    I think BBE's response was perfectly clear that they have had zero association with him. Speculating otherwise only muddles the conversation-let's wait to let Mason dig himself deeper or confess to selling gooped BBE (and dunlop) wahs.
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    Exactly. I think it's pretty clear what transpired based on this post from him: Re: VERTEX - Small/Compact Travel Pedalboard by Desperado » Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:05 am andergtr wrote:cool stuff, mason. the BBE wah is killer. i have one and would put it...
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