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  1. PurpleSpiral

    Contagion Jam

    This is my quarantine track. It's basically a slow athmosperic jam, nothing else. Let me know if you dig it.
  2. PurpleSpiral

    Jamming over some Pink Floyd / Marooned style backing track

    This is my first attempt at recording a private jam session of mine. I know I made lots small errors, but I don't really care for now. I'll try to correct them next time. I thought that since I play almost every day at home I could record these and put them on youtube. What do you think?
  3. PurpleSpiral

    Wet Rabbit - Kill The Robots, Pt.2

    Guitar Rig (recording): Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster (stock) -> Pigtronix Philosopher King -> OCD v1.3 -> Moog Phaser -> Radial DI (Y splitter to sound card) -> M-Audio Fast Track Ultra -> Sonar X3e Guitar Effects on track: Positive Grid Bias Amp -> Waves H-delay -> Valhalla Room Synthesizers...
  4. PurpleSpiral

    Wet Rabbit - Kill The Robots, Pt.2

    That's mine. Tell me if you like it.
  5. PurpleSpiral

    Wet Rabbit - Of Clocks and Clouds

    Wet Rabbit - Of Clocks and Clouds I've just released my debut album 'Of Clocks and Clouds'. I call my music 'electronic progressive rock' but you can judge the genre yourself. It's a concept album. The concept builds on Karl Popper's essay with the same title, and it is centered around the...
  6. PurpleSpiral

    Pigtronix Philosophers Tone

    My setting are: Sustain - All the way up Blend - 8:30ish for a transparent sound, 9:00 for a bit more washed out fat compression Treble - Around 11 o'clock, but I use a strat with bright pickups It seems to me that the reasonable Blend settings are in the 8:00-10:00 range with the sustain...
  7. PurpleSpiral

    the best hyped TGP pedal that turned out to be a dud for you?

    Zendrive Lovepedal Kanji Eternity I've found these pedals simply bad. But the most horrible pedal I've had was the Lovepedal Kanji Distortion. The red one. No question about it. It's a failure. Even my Zoom 1010 was better than that.
  8. PurpleSpiral

    Pigtronix Philosophers Tone

    I think the only difference is that you're adding the compressed signal to dry and not the other way round. Since the compressed signal is louder by default you need to turn up the mix knob only a tiny bit.
  9. PurpleSpiral

    Pigtronix Philosophers Tone

    I've used many compressors (Keeley 4knob and a Diamond) in the past but finally settled on a Philosopher King. For a long time I'd been waiting for a pedal that could really sustain my clean notes and not just advertise itself as a "sustainer" which compressors usually aren't. So it might be...
  10. PurpleSpiral

    Queen :Live Monteal 1981 Palladia

    Queen weren't even at their peak in 1981. In 1986 their Magic Tour was even better. Check out Live at Wembley or Hungarian Rhapsody from that era. I think people from the other side of the world can't even imagine how big of an attraction Queen was throughout Europe in 1986. People think...
  11. PurpleSpiral

    Trippy-ist song to listen to on headphones...

    Besides the obvious choices here are some of my favourites: Pink Floyd - Marooned Tori Amos - The Waitress live version (circa '98-'00 with Matt Chamberlain on drums) Mike Oldfield - The Songs of Distant Earth Gabor Szabo - Country Illusion
  12. PurpleSpiral

    What's your main Overdrive pedal?

    In my search for the perfect Gilmourish tone I've found the OCD v3, HP mode, drive at 8:00, volume slightly above unity gain stacked after a Pigtronix Philosopher King (sustain at max, mix at 8:30, volume at unity). It's the perfect Gilmourish tone with a Strat. Tried the following...
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