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  1. Stephans

    Boss Necklace (fun)

    True bypass I guess....
  2. Stephans

    What happens with the zendrives, simbles etc.

    What happens with the zendrives, simbles and other D style pedals on the peoples boards? Was it just a hype, where are they? Is there a new kid on the block?
  3. Stephans

    My most ugly board works best...

    Because of my new amp, I redid my board. It turns out, less is better with this amp...:hide2
  4. Stephans

    Cable management

    any ideas, how to do this fast on a (dark) gig. 4 Cablemethod and footswitch. I made myself a "patchbox", this helped already...
  5. Stephans

    Boss 200 series, the new stomboxes? June 2019...
  6. Stephans

    Eventide modfacor still relevant?

    With the Boss MD500, Möbius and H9; is the Modfactor still relevant as all in one modulation factory? I mean, chorus for example was already great in 80's rack effects, right?
  7. Stephans

    Boss MT500 Metalzoan

    Just found this on the web :D
  8. Stephans

    Suhr Eclipse or OCD with Marshall Origin

    I have a Marshall Origin, wich is a very clean amp. I feed it with a Rat, but I like a litle more high gain, a little more oomph, and less nasal mids. Any recommandation? The OCD goes into almost every amp, while the Eclipse is made for the Suhr Bella. The Origin has the same Celestion V, as the...
  9. Stephans

    Boss DM2w gets detuned/modulated

    People please help me out, My DM2w starts random getting detuned/pitch/modulated sounds. I have 2 or 3 repeats, about 200ms. It never did this before, and it's very bad (found out yesterday on a gig....) In both modes (s and c). What could be the problem?
  10. Stephans

    Maxon OD820

    I want a beter TS808; True bypass Better led/light More open in tone Easier switch Usable as stand alone Is the Maxon OD820 the way yo go? Only con seems its size, I'm impressed with the CS550 chorus
  11. Stephans

    Bad buffer in MXR analog chorus

    Man, I hate the buffer in the MXR analog chorus. It kill dynamics, lost low end, mids have a blanket. Chorus is ok, not great. Anyone have the same experience? Bummer...
  12. Stephans

    New Boss MS3 pedal switcher

    The baby ES8 with effects (112 fx with mod, distortion etc)
  13. Stephans

    Volume pedal or boost pedal

    For more than 10 years I use a MXR Micro amp, but seeing so many volume pedals, I have to ask: why (or when) a volume pedal or boostpedal for solo's/more volume with clean guitar?
  14. Stephans

    New overdrives or Eq

    I bought a new amp (DV Mark Jazz12). Great cleans, weight a lot less than my Fender Bassman LTD, so far great. The new amp does have a lot of prencense between 500-800Hz, and my Maxons (OD9 and VOP9) do have this also. I tried my friends Xotic BB and it was exactly what I need. Another option...
  15. Stephans

    Fender Bassman to heavy

    So I have another hernia, and my live Bassman LTD amp is to heavy I don't need channelswitching, reverb or effectsloops. I play mostly a ES335 with pedals Any suggestions?
  16. Stephans

    What to stack in to a Simble overdrive

    I just purchased a Simble overdrive yesterday. It's great with my guitar and amp (ES335 and SF Princeton). However, I like to to have a lead sound for solo's (more gain). A TS808 or MI effects BluesPro (both TS based) won't get me there, it changed the Simble's sound to dramaticly (mid...
  17. Stephans

    My first bluessong "Get in to my car"

    I recorded a lot of music, but never before a bluestrack... Made at home with cubase, title "Get in to my car". I would like to make a album (with real drums, bass, keys) with just blues music in the future...
  18. Stephans

    More presence in TS808

    I would like to have more presence in my TS808 (unmodded Ibanez). Would it help to put a EP booster in front of it, or RC? Or is it better to get a EQ10 (MXR)? Dont want to have spike, just presence
  19. Stephans

    Fuzz and Lava cable WTF?

    I decided to put my MXR classic fuzz on the board. But it was thin sounding and there was almost no volume. In front of the amp it was perfect. So I swapped some cables off the board (Lava mini ultramaffics with switchcraft 229 plugs), with the old Fender CS cables, and the sound was back. Then...
  20. Stephans

    Fender Princeton vs. Princeton Reverb

    I have a 1975/6 Princeton reverb, and I realy love the amp. So I want a second SF Princeton, but only find non reverbs. Is there soundwise or in volume a difference (beside the reverb oc)?
  21. Stephans

    '76 princeton question

    I bought a Fender '76 princeton. Superdeal for € 300,-! Sound is amazing. Tubes are Original, and 1 is missing (rectifier). So yesterday I tried a few different 6V6 tubes (JJ), and because the bias is fixed, I tought it's plug and play. But, one set gives a huge noise, and the other set...
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