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  1. Victor R

    Juan Nelson RIP

    Juan Nelson, bass player for Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, passed away on Wednesday. Juan was an amazing bass player with a big heart & groove. When he wasn't on the road, he played in my casino band for the last 4 years. Like a lot of people in his life, I'm shattered. Such a great guy...
  2. Victor R

    When Gigging Comes Back...

    ... we might have to wear masks for a while. I've had a steady casino gig for the last 18 years. Can't wait to get back, but until we have a vaccine, masks aren't such a bad idea. It's gonna suck to be a singer.
  3. Victor R

    Homeskoolin' with Tom Bukovac

    How many of you are following Tom Bukovac's new prodigious YouTube channel? He's put out a bunch of videos in the last three weeks. What a talent. I love it when he performs with his wife Sarah Buxton.
  4. Victor R

    Ningen Isu - Heartless Scat

    I've probably watched this video about 20 times. My mind is still blown. The band has been around 30 years. They're finally getting international attention with this video. I love them
  5. Victor R

    My Last Concert was... My Next Concert is...

    My last concert was: My next concert is: I like what I like #SupportLiveMusic
  6. Victor R

    My Hero - Buddy Miller Rig Rundown

    I met Buddy about 5 years ago in Nashville through a mutual friend. It was one of those rare times when meeting your hero exceeds your expectations. He was a sweetheart. And, more importantly, he jammed with Richard Thompson. It was a great night...
  7. Victor R

    The Shaggs - Reunited

    Just saw this YouTube (Thank you, Al Gorithm) The comment section, like the performance, is hysterical. BTW Era-appropriate guitars. Drumming too.
  8. Victor R

    I met Lemmy at...

    ... a strip club in Las Vegas. I bought him a shot of whiskey. We talked about 5 minutes. He was awesome. Where did you meet him?
  9. Victor R

    PECHANGA CASINO: 2nd Thursday of Every Month

    12 years running. Juan Nelson is subbing tomorrow night on bass. He's on a break between shows.
  10. Victor R

    Playing Modern R&B and Dance Music

    I thought I'd start this thread to talk about playing modern dance music. I play mostly casinos or corporate gigs. I just got an INCREDIBLE female lead singer. Having a blast playing Rhianna & Beyonce, Katy Perry & Sade. Who else is out there making the girls dance? What songs are killin' it...
  11. Victor R

    Pechanga Casino & Resort Gig

    2nd Thursday of every month. 12 years running. Stop by and say hello.
  12. Victor R

    Coachella Music Festival 14

    Who's going?
  13. Victor R

    Coachella 2013

    The lineup hasn't been announced yet. Should be any day now. Goldenvoice released this video yesterday to tide us over until then: EoljEqSbYRg Anyone else going?
  14. Victor R

    NYC's Kenny's Castaways is Closing!!

  15. Victor R

    Coachella 2012 Line Up

    The line up was announced today: Who's going?
  16. Victor R

    Merle & Kris

    Saw them last night at Pechanga. They're both getting up there but, crikey, do they have some amazing songs!! Going back tonight to see them again. mtQOY-0sViQ
  17. Victor R

    Scott Reeder Returns To Kyuss [Lives]

    I'm a huge Kyuss fan & a friend of Scott Reeder so it's been awesome to watch his triumphant return to Kyuss. It's only a four gig run but wow!!! The man is one of the most underrated bass players in metal. YJ5hCJvkEj8
  18. Victor R

    Steely Dan's 2011 Tour

    Anyone else catching them this summer? I'm seeing them on Saturday at the Greek. Can't wait. This is an amazing band. Keith Carlock might be the best drummer in the world.
  19. Victor R

    Coachella Music Festival 2011. Who's Going?

    I'll be there. Who else is going?
  20. Victor R

    The Sound Guy Gave Me In-Ear Monitors Last Night....

    ...and they sucked. It was like listening to the band through a telephone. :bonk I hated it. I get a monitor wedge next time.
  21. Victor R

    Cheap Tour Shirts?

    Who has the worst swag? I had a Grateful Dead shirt that lasted a couple of washes before it was thread bare.
  22. Victor R

    I Missed Jeff Beck For Gorillaz!!

    I wanted to leave Coachella early to see Jeff Beck at Pechanga but I was outvoted by 4 teenage Gorillaz fans. :mob I'm feeling regret & remorse. I WAS WEAK!! :bonk
  23. Victor R

    Them Crooked Vultures & Motor Ave BelAire Guitars

    Congrats to Mark Fuqua & Motor Ave Guitars. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  24. Victor R

    Coachella Music Festival 2010 Line-Up

    Can't wait. I'll be there... as usual. BTW Porcupine Tree on Saturday!! Friday, April 16th Aeroplane Alana Grace As Tall As Lions Baroness Benny Benassi Calle 13 Deadmau5 Deer Tick DJ Lance Rock Echo & the Bunnymen Erol...
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